Top 10 List of Richest Women in the World 2017

Women are working in all field of life with different position and different activities some of them generate a massive income from the work. Many people think that only men could be richest and billionaire on the earth but many women can make it possible to be billionaire, some of them had establish their own businesses and became richest some of them have their wealth inherited.

Businesswomen are serving as the chairperson, owner, founder, executive for a business organization, commercial and industrial activities done by these women for the purpose to boost the economy and personal welfare as well. Running the national and international level business is not an easy task for any woman but they work hard, give their hands to many activities, travel and done extra struggle for success because women are the symbol of hard work they could be more passionate and judgmental about their fields.

Here is the list of top 10 Richest Women in the world 2017.

10. Beate Heister (net worth $13.6B)

Germen billionaire Beate Heister is a daughter of Karl Albrecht who was the founder of discount supermarket chain Aldi with his brother Theo but currently she control and managed Germany second largest company Aldi Sued making her one of the richest businesswoman in the world with high net worth of 13.6 billion dollar. Thirty branches of this company opened with the name of Albrecht’s and generate a lot of money. Beate Heister never work for the company Sued she only sit with husband and children on its Advisory board she has six children.


9. Iris Fontbona (net worth $13.7B)

According to Forbes Iris Fontbona is richest businesswoman in the world with the net worth of 13.7 billion dollar she is widow of Andronico Luksic, he left all his business for Iris Fontbona and their children. She is richest women in Capital of Chile and fifth richest in Latin America her lot of earning comes from company Banco de Chile, UK listed copper mining company, Compania de Cerveserias Unidas and many other projects. Her massive investments are with central Bank of Chile, and Chile’s energy infrastructure. She is also owner of one of the largest mining operation Antofagasta PLC.


8. Abigail Johnson (net worth $14.4B)

Abigail Johnson is an American businesswoman declares as richest women in the world with the worth of $ 14.4 billion born in December 1961. She is chief executive officer of US company Fidelity investment which is founded by her grandfather in 1946 her family owner of 49% stake in this company and chairwoman of her sister company Fidelity International. At the end of 2016 she is selected for the chairman of company Fidelity investment and president and will remain CEO she has full control on company with all staff members and employees making her richest women in the world.


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7. Gina Rinehart (net worth $15B)

Gina Rinehart is a chairman of private company Hancock prospecting which company founded by her father Lang Hancock she is Australian richest women with the net worth of 15 billion dollar. Gina Rinehart reestablish her late father business with efficient way much larger her huge project of Roy hill, world class iron mine in Western Australia also well establish making her richest women in the world. She was born in Perth Western Australia she is only child of her parents. She also invests 245m in UK largest potash mine on the edge of North York Moors national park and invests in many other projects.


6. Laurene Powell Jobs (net worth $20B)

Laurene Powell Jobs is a founder of chair of the Emerson collective also co-founders which manage the social activities and president of board of college track that prepares disadvantages high school student for college this is no profit program. She loves to work for other needy people and her love care for humanity change the life of million people. She is executive businesswomen and also manages the Laurene Powell job trust. She is declaring as richest women in the world with the net worth of twenty billion dollar, she is widow of Steve job now live in California with her three children.


5. Susanne Klatten (net worth $20.4B)

Another world richest women is Susanne Klatten born in 26 April 1962 she is a daughter of Nazi German industrialist Herbert and she is declare as a richest women in Germany also 38th richest person in the world. She is familial 50% of the company which unbelievably generates money about 85% of its two billion plus annual sale from other country customers but she currently own 100% and serve as co-deputy chairperson of the supervisory board. Her father also leaves her 12.5 % stake of BMW and appointed as a supervisory board with her brother in 1997 her parents helped her to be richest women in the world with wealth of $20.4 Billion.


4. Maria Franca Fissolo (net worth $25.2B)

Maria Franca Fissolo is a now owner of Ferrero SPA Europe’s second largest multi billion dollars confectionary company and chief executive officer after death of her husband Michele Ferrero. She is Italian billionaire with the net worth of 25.2 billion dollar according to forbes and declare as a richest women in the world. She was born in 1941 live in Monaco and she has a two son Giovanni Ferrero and Pietro Ferrero. Her company is one of the best chocolate company also famous brands Nutella, Tic Tac, kinder eggs, Mon Cheri, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder joy and kinder chocolates.

3. Jacqueline Mars (net worth $27B)

World richest women Jacqueline Mars is daughter of American entrepreneur Forrest Mars born on 10 October 1939. Mars Inc start in 1911which is started by Jacqueline Mars grandfather from his kitchen and now Mars owned five billion dollar pet brand she joined her family business in 1982 and introduce many new food products and enhance the development of the company. She is a sister of world largest retailer Wal-Mart founder Jim Walton and declares as richest women in the world. She serves as a chairperson of six other organizations which include Smithsonian, Washington national Opera as a chairman.

2. Alice Walton (net worth $33.8B)

American heiress Alice Walton born on October 1949 she is a daughter of Wal Mart founder Sam Walton and Helen Walton in 2011 she opened the crystal bridge museum of American art in the family home town Bentonville she is ranked as a richest women in the world with net worth of 33.8 billion dollars. In 2012 her foundation denoted more than 432 million dollars for the sake of education, health care, fresh water, great quality of life and many other causes. She was the very first chairperson Arkansas council this organization play a very important role for the development Northwest Arkansas regional Airport.


1. Liliane Bettencourt (net worth $39.5B)

Liliane Bettencourt is a French heiress, businesswomen, socialite and principle shareholder of one of the largest cosmetic and beauty company L’ Oreal according to Forbes she one of the richest women in the history of world with the net worth of $39.5 billion dollars. She is role model for hard work and work discipline she is eighty years old but so active due to daily walk, and exercises. In 2012 she is resigned from L Oreal board but his grandson Jean Vector took her seat because she suffers from dementia but still richest women in Europe and in the whole world.

Just test table
Rank Name Net Worth
1 Liliane Bettencourt $39.5B
2 Alice Walton $33.8B
3 Jacqueline Mars $27B
4 Maria Franca Fissolo $25.2B
5 Susanne Klatten $20.4B
6 Laurene Powell Jobs $20B
7 Gina Rinehart $15B
8 Abighail Johnson $14.4B
9 Iris Fontbona $13.7B
10 Beate Hesiter $13.6B

15 Wild Inventions Coming Out In 2017

In his most recent speech to congress, President Trump said, “On our 100th anniversary, in 1876, citizens from across our Nation came to Philadelphia to celebrate America’s centennial. At that celebration, the country’s builders and artists and inventors showed off their wonderful creations. Alexander Graham Bell displayed his telephone for the first time. Remington unveiled the first typewriter. An early attempt was made at electric light. Thomas Edison showed an automatic telegraph and an electric pen. Imagine the wonders our country could know in America’s 250th year. Think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.”

Was he hinting at the fact that there will be masses of new technology released in 2017? A lot of people think so. However, crazy new inventions coming out this year is hardly a big secret, and tons of companies have announced that their game changing inventions are set to hit the market any day now. Technology has been advancing at an exponential rate, and the inventions of tomorrow are already here. But get ready to have your mind blown once again, because these new gadgets have the power to completely change the way you live your life.

It’s an exciting time, that’s for sure. Although there have been a lot of neat little gadgets released in recent decades, we still haven’t seen a game changer on the level of something like the Internet, or touch screens. Although the existing technology keeps improving, it’s not actually doing anything revolutionary. iPhones, for example, look pretty much the same as they ever did. However, this stagnation is bound to change soon, and all we can do is pray that it happens during our lifetimes. We’ve already seen a huge rise in technology, but as always, people are hungry for more. Will these wild new inventions satisfy your appetite?

15. The Google Hat


One of the coolest new inventions set to come out this year is the “Google Hat.” If you remember, a few years ago Google tried their hand at wearable devices with the infamous Google glasses. That was one of the biggest failures that Google ever experienced. Now they’re taking another swing at it, but this time they’re putting cameras on a hat instead of a pair of specs.

The hat features a camera that is able to take photos and record video, which is seamlessly integrated into a wearable baseball-style hat. It’s primarily designed as a way to share your experiences to social media, but the patent filed by Google also describes potential safety features: “The user can activate an emergency situation indicator and cause the wearable camera system to transmit a video feed to an appropriate emergency handling system, potentially deterring a dangerous person near the user.”

14. Mindflix

Mindflix: Viral Netflix hack the ultimate tool for binge-watch marathons

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re scrolling through Netflix that you can’t figure out what to watch? You have a vague idea of the movie you’re thinking about, but you can’t quite remember the name. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some kind of device that reads your mind and figures out which movie you want to watch? Well folks, that day has arrived. Netflix is working on a device that will “read your mind” to figure out the best movie suggestion.

It’s called “Mindflix,” and it could hit the shelves much sooner than you think. It’s basically a wearable headband-shaped device that connects and measures your brain frequencies. It can even let you control the Netflix browser without using your remote, just by concentrating and using your mind to select which movie you want to watch. This came to light when Netflix employees were encouraged to come up with new ideas in their “Hackathon” event.

13. Holograms

Hologram technology is becoming more and more of a reality as each day passes. We’ve already seen Tupac become “resurrected” in hologram form at a concert a few years ago. Since then, hologram technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon, physical screens are going to be a thing of the past. You’ll simply project your own holograms onto your skin, onto a wall, or into thin air, wherever you go.

One organization that claims to have reached “Star Wars levels” of hologram technology is the Australian National University. These guys say they have created holograms that are the highest quality ever seen. The holograms are created by millions of silicon pillars that project light which is completely transparent. The best part about this is that it’s completely miniaturized, meaning you don’t have to waste space on a giant television screen. This is going to be huge for space travel, where size and weight is limited.

12. Wireless Charging


Another huge development that looks set to hit the general public soon is wireless charging. There’s been many rumors that new smartphones will be able to charge wirelessly. But the crazy thing about this is that it really isn’t anything new. Nicola Tesla, the famed inventor who lived almost 100 years ago, invented wireless transfer of energy using Tesla coils. The problem with Tesla was that he had no business instincts, and didn’t even bother to sell his inventions. He wanted free energy for everyone, and that’s just not profitable for the big businesses.

Now, companies are starting to slowly roll out wireless energy transfer. Imagine a world without power cables, where your house gets all of its power through an antenna, just like WiFi. It’s actually the scientists at Walt Disney that have taken the spotlight in the world of wireless energy as of late. I didn’t even know Disney had scientists! They created an entire room which charges up to ten devices at any one time. Simply walk inside and your phone starts charging.

11. AirSelfie

All of you selfie addicts out there need to listen up and pay attention to this game changer. Dubbed the “AirSelfie,” this is actually a tiny drone which can hover around in front of you and take pictures of you and your friends. No more “squeezing in” to get in frame. No more selfies where you have to bend into the most ridiculous positions to make the picture work. And of course, your arm won’t be in the picture because you won’t actually be holding the camera in front of you!

This device was invented by an Italian named Edoardo Stroppiana, and comes equipped with a 5-megapixel camera that can also shoot 1080p video. It’s also loaded with a 4GB microSD card. And this thing doesn’t just hover in front of you, it can actually fly up to 65 feet high above you. It’s powered by 4 small but robust rotors, and it’s smaller than a smartphone. It has a flight time of three minutes, and comes with a power bank that recharges it in 30 minutes. It’s safe to grab it right out of the air, and it can land in the palm of your hand. It will be controlled by an app that let’s you control its flight, and when released in 2017 it will cost about $300.

Self-driving cars have been in development for some time now, but 2017 might be the year where we finally see them produced en masse and made available to the general public. Many new futuristic cars that are set to be released this year feature self-driving capability. The world famous entrepreneur Elon Musk is planning a whole new fleet of self-driving Tesla cars. Not only that, but he’s going to release a software update to all of the pre-existing cars out there that would allow them to self-drive as well. Before autonomous cars go mainstream though, a car must successfully demonstrate the ability to self-drive until the authorities are satisfied that it is indeed safe. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk plans to do.

Speaking about his self-driving cars, Elon Musk revealed, “Our goal is — I feel pretty good about this goal — is that we’ll be able to do a demonstration drive of full autonomy, all the way from L.A. to New York — so, basically, from a home in L.A. to, let’s say, dropping you off in Times Square, in New York, then having the car go and park itself by the end of next year — without the need for a single touch, including the charging.”

9. Futuristic Car Windows

The auto industry is set to get all kinds of improvements in 2017, and one area that’s really getting futuristic is the car windows. You may think that windows are pretty much the most boring part of a car, but once you hear what they’re planning to do to them, you’ll be blown away. First of all, they’re planning to integrate a “Heads Up Display” right into the windscreen itself. So you’ll be able to see your speed, GPS directions, and all kinds of other information laid onto the glass electronically, possibly using the aforementioned hologram technology.

But this technology isn’t just reserved for the drivers. Toyota and General Motors are both working on creating interactive windows for the passengers. What this means is that people will be able to take pictures and record video by touching the windows themselves. It’s also possible that passengers will be able to use windows to zoom in on objects of interest, or even send messages to other cars.

8. Electronic Paper

Another way future technology is completely changing the way we live our lives is through the invention of electronic paper. This has been something that’s been in the works for many years, but it’s continuously been plagued with problems and delays. However, 2017 looks like the year when we will finally see this amazing technology reach its full potential, and possibly even be released to the public.

Researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada have developed displays so small that they can be folded in many directions, and still project an image. We’re getting closer and closer to paper-thin electronic image displays, and it might be sooner rather than later that your scrapbooks are filled with real electronic paper, projecting not simple images but moving pictures and videos.

7. PowerRay Aquatic Drone

Another really cool gadget that’s going to be released in 2017 is PowerVision’s PowerRay Aquatic Drone. At first glance, it’s just another drone – except for the fact that it can go underwater. But it’s so much more than that. The PowerRay was actually designed specifically to aid in recreational fishing. It can scout ahead and find the area where the most fish are hiding out with powerful long range scanners, letting you know the best place to cast your line.

It can dive up to 98 feet underwater in freezing, salt, or fresh water. In addition, its scanners can detect fish an extra 130 feet below wherever the robot is. Basically no fish can escape this thing. It can even emit a blue light which supposedly lures fish in, and set baits for you. It’s also equipped with a 4K UHD camera, and if you’re not into fishing, you can easily use this drone to simply explore the mysterious ocean depths. You can control the drone directly, and even get a first-person view of the robot’s camera through an immersive VR feature

6. Boston Dynamic’s “Handle”


If you’ve been following Boston Dynamics at all, you know that they’re a company that’s become famous for creating some of the most insane robots ever. They’re so life-like that they’re almost nightmare-inducing. But they’ve come a long way since their initial project, the “Big Dog,” which was famous for its amazing sense of balance. Their newest robot is called “Handle,” and this one is beyond impressive. Is there anything this robot can’t do?

It looks like they took the concept of the Big Dog and just strapped wheels to its legs. This thing retains the amazing balance of its predecessors, but takes things ten steps further. Its arms enable it to perform other tasks, such as grabbing 100 pound packages with ease. It can also pull off some amazing jumps, getting such massive air that it competes with pro skateboarders. What is the actual purpose of this thing? Who knows. I think it was pretty much designed to simply be awesome. Others have said the robot could disarm bombs, or even serve as a weapon if it had a machine gun strapped to it. Scary.

5. iPhone 8

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fabled, the legendary, the one and only… iPhone 8. Rumors are running rampant about Apple’s newest piece of hardware, and some of these rumors are just insane. These include true wireless charging, which has already been mentioned in this list and will surely revolutionize the way we use our batteries. In order for wireless charging to work, the phone has to be constructed out of glass, so expect to see a lot of this material on the new iPhone 8. The phone was designed to look like a single piece of uninterrupted sleekness, so there will be no home button and it will also feature an edge-to-edge screen. It’s also expected to be water-resistant, more so than its predecessors.

But one of the craziest rumors of all when it comes to the iPhone 8 has to do with its new security feature – facial recognition. It is rumored that the iPhone 8 will scan your face in order to tell if it’s really you, and it will do this in a very advanced way. The laser technology it would use to accomplish is so advanced that it could even potentially scan your face and figure out how you are feeling based on subtle facial movements.

4. Life Extension Technology

If Trump was actually implying that he would release some “suppressed” technology, what would it be? Many people believe that if he was referring to something that had been hidden from the general public, it was probably life extension technologies. Immortality and perpetual youthfulness have been humanity’s obsessions since the dawn of time. From the mythical “fountain of youth” to today’s movies like Elysium, we have always dreamed about what it would be like to live forever. New technology is making this more and more of a reality. The problem is, only the incredibly wealthy can afford it. Peter A. Thiel, the founder of Paypal, has invested millions of dollars into research for life extension technologies, and he’s hardly the only one.

There are many examples of progress in this field, but the most relevant today are those in the field of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. These are basically microscopic robots that are injected or implanted into the body, and directed towards fighting things like cancer cells. One of the problems of this technology, however, is how to control these robots when they’re inside the body. Researchers at Philips Innovative Technologies in Hamburg, Germany may have found the answer. They discovered a way to use magnetic fields to remotely control even microscopic robots inside the body. By doing this, they could potentially direct the robots to only attack harmful cells, and reduce damage on the body.

3. 3D Printed Houses

Anyone who is relatively young right now knows that housing prices are at an all-time high. It’s a real struggle for some millennials these days to scrape the money together to purchase a house. There’s a reason they call these young adults the “rent generation.” But new technology might end up coming to the rescue of these kids striding into a brave new world. 3D printing technology has just come to the forefront of the tech world, and it’s been used in a variety of applications. Now, it’s been demonstrated that 3D printing can create a house in just 24 hours. The price tag? Only about $11,000.

Does this sound too good to be true? The catch is that the house was only 400 square feet in size. But that’s still a bargain, considering that this means the price of a square foot is just $25. You could easily make it bigger if you wanted to. In fact, the only downside to this is that it’s going to put a lot of construction companies out of business, seeing as all the hard work is now delegated to efficient, mobile 3D printers. The printers actually move around the house, building the entire structure in one solid piece, rather than the traditional method of assembling the house from thousands of different sections.

2. Hydrogen-Powered Cars

The third auto-related invention to make this list is perhaps the most impressive. This invention has to do with the engine and the fuel that it consumes, and it’s coming to an auto dealer near you. Hydrogen-powered cars have been a rumor for years, perhaps even decades, but now Toyota is leading the way with the first ever commercially available hydrogen-powered car, the Toyota Mirai. Ever since late 2016, this car was available worldwide, although people have been buying it in places like Japan since as far back as 2015.

The Mirai is classified as a FCV (fuel cell vehicle), and it uses a hydrogen fuel cell in tandem with an electric motor, much like a hybrid car but with no combustion engine. The hydrogen fuel cell emits only water from its exhaust, making this a truly green car with zero pollution. The car also comes equipped with several high-tech features, such as touch screens and a frontal radar system, making this a truly futuristic car. Other manufacturers such as Audi and Lexus have announced hydrogen-powered concept cars, but no one has come close to competing with Toyota.

1. SpaceX Dragon Version 2

Another part of Trump’s speech to congress mentioned “setting foot on distant worlds,” an obvious reference to space travel. The SpaceX Dragon Version 2 is really just one part of an ever-growing story that suggest humans are once again ready to conquer the stars. Elon Musk announced a few days ago that the Dragon will launch in 2017 and orbit the moon. And the best part? The Dragon will carry two paying customers. Elon Musk seems to be competing heavily with Boeing’s program, the CST-100 Starliner, which is a very similar spacecraft. Both the Dragon and the Starliner are designed for a very specific purpose – to transport crew to and from the International Space Station. For years now, NASA has found itself in the embarrassing position of having to ask Russia if their astronauts can hitch a ride on their Soyuz rockets. The United States is desperate to create their own rockets as soon as possible.


Capital comes from Latin word ‘caput’ which means head and it’s not that necessary capital always largest city of the country. Every country has capitals city it usually serve as a seat of government of the country, power in country, state, region, political unit. All important offices, high courts, political meeting all has done in capitals.

The entire capital cities of world are different according to religion culture, language, history, and other thing but mostly capital make for some main purposes like introduced for the official meeting with foreigners, political issues, country personal issues new development, growth of the country and other lot of thing related to country.

Some countries have more than one capital like South Africa and Bolivia. Where capitals famous for latest technology, education, commerce, strong economy, finance, health care, transportation system then some capital also famous for its natural beauty, lakes, museum, rivers, historical building and other things that make capital more charming and attractive for the people around the world.

So here is a list of top 10 most beautiful Capitals in the world 2017.

10. Moscow – (Russia)

Moscow has strong recognition all around the world due to its culture, politics, economic, strong technology and huge building. Moscow is the capital of Russia and also called seat of the power of Russia Government because Russian Parliament centers and federation council part of this most beautiful capital in the world. Moscow attracts the large number of visitors every year because of natural beauty, buildings specially Saint Basil Cathedral provides the stunning location and attract many visitors. Moscow is the largest city of Russia with 12 million populations. Moscow is most beautiful capital city as well as most expensive city in the world.


9. Ottawa- (Canada)

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and located on south bank of the Ottawa River. Ottawa is most beautiful and charming city because it’s so cultured, people are very friendly, historical places and so many other thing attract the visitors. Three main annual festival of Ottawa are very famous which is Canada day, Tulip festival and Winterlude. Education system of Ottawa is also very strong half of the population having graduate from universities and colleges. Ottawa has beautiful museums, shopping mall, natural geography, and national art gallery. Ottawa is most beautiful and attractive city for the foreigner visitors.


8. Budapest – (Hungary)

Budapest is most beautiful capital of hungry and largest city as well with the 1.7 million populations. Budapest visited by many visitors every year from all over the world because of most attractive and stunning city in the world. Budapest food, drinks, cultural festival, film festivals, summer festival are significant attraction for the visitors. State Opera house, restrained gaudiness of parliament building, Stephan’s Basilica, chain bridge, fisherman’s Bastion had great attention all over the world. Budapest people are very friendly with other atmosphere of this city also very healthy and pleasant.


7. Tokyo – (Japan)

Tokyo is the elegant capital of Japan also called Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo beautiful places are Tokyo tower, Harajuku culture, Senso ji temple, Meiji Shrine, national museum, Tokyo Impriel palace and Skytree that are very famous most visited places and eye catching locations. Tokyo Summerland is very famous place its outdoor area known as “ Adventure Lagoon” have really fun and beautiful park that is open only in summer. Proper beaching in Atami attractive, much beautiful beach of Tokyo, hot spring of Hack one also more beautiful place and so many other things that make the Tokyo world beautiful place and capital.


6. Rome – (Italy)

Rome is beautiful and charming capital of Italy, one of the largest city with the population of 2.9 million and Rome is oldest city in Europe. Rome is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world for its beauty, loyal people, weather, ancient history, and culture. Rome is most famous visitors place due to many beautiful places like Vaticam museums, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Roman forms, Piazza Navona, Circus Maximus and other many places that make that Rome more charming and attractive. In Rome if anyone wants to get lost in natural beauty must go to Vatican City garden this is most stunning place.


5. Paris – (France)

Paris is capital of France and famous throughout the world with the name of “city of light” also known as ‘city of monuments’ the beautiful monuments give the city outdoor museum. Paris has natural beauty and received great attention from the visitors all around the world. It’s a beautiful city due to blue coast, high mountain, long rivers, museums, historical places, famous Eiffel tower it’s never end to a lot of things that make the Paris outclass and eye-catching. Paris has beautiful natural garden like Luxembourg garden, Jardin des plants and Buttes- Chaumont and that things make it world charming, attractive city of world.


4. Washington – (United State)

Washington is the capital of superpower United State of America and its complete name is Washington, District of Columbia. This capital is famous for the natural beauty, historical places, latest technology, clean, museums and many others. Many people love to visit in Washington because it’s famous as a most beautiful capital for its lovely attractive location that make it pleasant place like Friday harbor, leaven worth, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, Prosser, Republic etc. LA front is also beautiful historic waterfront village with historic building, shops and art gallery it’s a beautiful place for the visitors. Washington is very famous and natural beauty capital.


3. Berlin – (Germany)

Berlin is a capital of largest city Germany as well as part of 16 State with 3.5 million populations. It declare beautiful capital in the world for its lovely parks, garden, rivers, lakes and deep forest also for famous culture, politics, art, creativity, media and science. Metropolis is a famous for the visitors place, Berlin also host many sports events. Oberbaum Bridge at sunrise is beautiful and precious in own right and appealing foreigners. Berlin assists as a continental hub for air and rail terrific and has a complex public transportation web.


2. Islamabad – (Pakistan)

Islamabad is capital city of Pakistan and most beautiful city in the world with 5 million populations. Islamabad is famous for the ‘Faisal mosque’ largest mosque in south Asia and fourth largest in the world. This capital city is also famous for its natural beauty park, forest, historical buildings and other charming places like Pakistan monuments, blue areas, RaSwal Lake. Margalla hills National Park has a stunning location for all the people. It’s divided into different sectors and zones, national assembly of Pakistan also in this capital. Islamabad means city of Islam and really peaceful city, it is highly developed and most beautiful Capital city of the world.


1. London – (England)

London is efficient, well planned, well ordered and most beautiful Capitals city, great place to spend time holidays and visit extra beautiful places and London park, museum, shops, tower bridge, great history , great food which is why many people visit to London and collect memorable moments. London is quite expensive but very pleasant and charming capital city of the world. Its capital of most famous city of  England, United Kingdom and London is leading world city in the commerce, education, entertainment, art, finance, fashion, latest technology, development, tourism and media. London is most visited and most beautiful Capital in the whole world.



No need to introduce Asian beauty because they describe themselves for their innocent beauty, attractiveness and gorgeous look and these nations popular due to beauty all around the world.

Pakistani women have wonderful and impressive personalities and work in every field of life. Pakistan industry is full of the beautiful and charming female actresses with lot of talent and skills and loved by many people all over the world. The entire actress famous for superb work in industry also famous for their beauty and eye catching looks.

Some new celebrities have gained fame in very short period of time like Mavra Hocane. The Pakistani actresses work as model, singer, commercial models, drama actress and film stars, some of them celebrities are highly paid and getting popularity day by day. Many beautiful Pakistani women work in showbiz but some of them are more beautiful and pretty Pakistani actresses with great fan following.

Here is the list of top 10 beautiful Pakistani actresses in 2017.

10. Ayesha khan

Ayesha Khan declares as most beautiful Pakistani drama and film actress born in 27 September 1982. Beautiful innocent Ayesha Khan start her career in 2000 in the drama “Tum yahe kehna” on PTV and then work continuously and become more popular in Pakistan industry. In 2010 she appears in five TV serial she also done many commercial. She is famous film actress and made debut in Warr, Jawani phir ni aani, and Abhi to main jawan hoon. The stunning actress considered as a most graceful and attractive lady who starred in Pakistani TV serials like mehman, socha na tha, zip bus chup raho and many others.


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9. Saba Qamar

One of the most famous and pretty Pakistani actress Saba Qamar born in 1984 start her career in 2004 with PTV home drama Main Aura hon. She lived in popular city Karachi and she is more famous due to her beauty and skills in showbiz industry also famous for funny acts. She works in many movies like Mohabat ki akhri kahani, Manto, and Lahore sa agy and gained lot of fame. No doubt she is stunning, gorgeous and amazing Pakistani actress model as well getting popularity day by day she has also got ideal height 5’7” with beautiful figure.


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8. Maya Ali

One of the highly paid talented and gorgeous Maya Ali starts her career as video jockey with SAMA TV, waqt news and Dunya news. Her real name was Maryam Tanveer Ali she is 27 year old and most favorite and beautiful Pakistani actress, she gain fame due to drama Diyar e dil, Shanakht, Aiknayi Cinderella, Mara naam Yousaf Ha and Mn Mayal in the lead role. She has great fan following on social media with cheerful personality she also signed film recently action comedy film opposite Ali Zafar “Teefa in Trouble” with the production of TBA.


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7. Ayesha Omar

Beautiful hot Ayesha Omar she had gained fame from Bulbulay as a Khobsorat in lead role. Multitalented Ayesha Khan work in Pakistan industry as a singer, actress and model but she start her career with modeling. In 2012 release her video Album “Khamoshian” and receive commercial success in Pakistan and win Lux Style award for best album, her music video “chalte chalte” also very famous and liked by many people. She has done many commercial on TV like ZONG, pentene, kurkury and many others. She is very attractive and declares as beautiful Pakistani actress for this present year.


6. Ayeza Khan

The stunning and most popular personality starts her career when she was only 16 year old on HUM TV as a model. Beautiful Pakistani television actress Ayeza Khan has been married with very famous TV actor Danish Taimoor in 2014 they worked together in many serials and now she is mother of pretty daughter Horain. She also won LUX style award for best drama actress by the emotional drama Pyarey Afzal and nominate for Mere Meherban. Ayeza Khan works as a brand ambassador for many products and earn lot of money.


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5. Mahnoor Baloch

Always look gorgeous Mahnoor Baloch was born in July 1970 in USA she has lot of skill works as actor, model, film Director as well. She start acting career in 1933 in drama Marvi which was directed by Sultana Siddiqui and start directing and producing Drama and play lead role as a actor. She want to become psychiatrist before start showbiz industry she has one daughter but is still so young and very attractive personality and received great attention from audience all the time now declare as beautiful actress of Pakistan. In 2011 she received award from LUX style award for best actress.


4. Sanam Baloch

Beautiful Sanam Baloch is TV drama actress and host born in Karachi she start her career with talk show as a anchor on channel KTN she start acting in 2010 in Drama Dastan and received award for best actress, also nominate for best actress for Roshan Sitara and Noor pur ki Rani. She is very famous for her stunning smile and declare beautiful Pakistani actress she has great fan following all the time. She got married with Abdullah Farhatullah he also hosts on Sama TV. She was hosted famous morning show MORNING WITH HUM on HUM TV but currently she is hosting morning show on ARY news.


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3. Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is beautiful Pakistani actress famous model and singer as well she is very talented popular all around the world. In 2008 she declare in UK’s Eastern eye Magazine as a top sexiest women in Asia and Pakistani Princess by the Magazine. She receives great response from song Billi in Lollywood comedy film “Na Maloom Afrad”. She plays a lead role in many Pakistani serial like Kabhi Kabhi, Kitne girhan baki hn, Mary Dildar, Mirat ul Aroos, Ishq mn tery and many other. She is brilliant lady and most beautiful Pakistani actress.


2. Mawra Hocane

One of the hottest and talented Mawra Hocane is Pakistani actress model born in September 1992 in Karachi then shifted to Islamabad with family and actress gained popularity in very short period of time. She starts in career at the age of 16 and start professional career as a VJ at ARY music. She is very talented, hard working and appears in many TV serials Aahista Aahista, Ik tamanna Lahasil seand many other hit serials. She made Bollywood debut in Sanam teri Qasam, and signed other film she likes Ranbeer Kapoor and want to work with him.


1. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is most beautiful Pakistani actress as well as very famous model born in 1984 she start her career in 2006 as VJ on MTV Pakistan. She is highest paid actress of lollywood and Pakistani serials. She has gained popularity due to drama humsafer that was super hit serial and received best actress award. In 2011 she starts her film career with BOL in the lead role opposite Atif Aslam and received another Lux Style award for best actress. Beautiful Pakistani actress also appears in Bollywood movie Raees with King Shahrukh khan which is recently released.



Hollywood is the place of most beautiful and attractive actors and as well as actresses of the world, Hollywood is producing highly talented actors and actresses every year. Some attractive women on this list are making the history hotter with their work. Some actresses enter into the minds of people with their beautiful physical appearance.

Some of them become famous because of their work and also because of their bold attitude. Some attract people with their God gifted beauty, while some others become the favorite of all just because of their sexy work in different romantic movies. Beyond beauty and sexy appeal, some achieve popularity with their unique acting skills.

Here are the Top 10 Most Famous Hollywood Actresses In The World 2017.

10: Cameron Diaz
Cameron Michelle Diaz is born on thirty of August in 1972 she is an American actress, as well as producer and former fashion model. Cameron starts her career as a fashion model at the age of 16, and did her contract with a modeling agency she was on the front cover of the July issue of Seventeen when Cameron Diaz was only of 17 years, she worked very hard in her career and she became the richest female celebrity in 2010 all her efforts made her famous on whole world as well. Cameron worked in many movies almost of every type, Cameron Diaz also received many awards in her career of different types she is very much famous because of all her efforts.



9: Mila Kunis
Milena Markovna is born on fourteen of August 1983 at the place of Chernivtsi Ukraine, her mother was a physics teacher name Elvira and her father was a mechanical engineer name Mark Kunis. Mila Kunis is well known because of her black flashing eyes now days she is much famous because of her style and as well as because of her beautiful eyes in her childhood she worked in many commercials and TV serials after that Mila started her career with the movie name Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was released in 2008 she also act in movie black swan and many more she is famous lady because of her beauty and talent.


8: Emma Stone
Emily Jean is born on Sixth of November in 1988 at Scottsdale Arizona, she is an American actress and also the highest paid actress in 2015. Stone started her acting career from her childhood Emma Stone is also known by some other names like Riley Stone and Emily Stone as well, when she started her career her first movie was Superbad which was released in 2007 that was the Comedy movie after that in 2008 she handled a supporting role in Ghosts of Girlfriend and The House Bunny she impressed everyone with her acting and she also collect Golden Globe award, Emma Stone worked in many hit movies in recent year also she done some awesome film, Stone is still busy in her upcoming projects.


7: Megan Fox
Megan Denise Fox is born on Sixteenth of May in 1986, Megan Fox is an American actress and also a model started her acting career earlier in her childhood with many simple roles in different drama serials, Megan also played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom in 2004, she entered in film industry with a role in the teen comedy Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen Transformer was her successful movie. Megan Denise is considered as the sex symbol of Modern females because of her appearance in many magazines. She faced many bad experiences in her life like her parents were separated at her younger age and Megan lived with her mother stepfather and sister. At the age of 5, she got the education for dance and acting. Megan Fox is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood film industry.


6: Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is born on Twenty Eight of April in 1981, she is an American actress and also a model she is also known as a businesswoman, Jessica is a successful lady as she won many awards of different types, started her TV career at the age of 13 only on same time she was appeared in movies. Jessica Alba is another successful actress of Hollywood, who done many roles as a model, businesswoman, and actress. Jessica Alba is much famous now in whole world because of her brilliant performance in movies and because of her sexy outlook and because of her beauty.



5: Melissa McCarthy
Melissa Mccarthy is born on twenty-sixth of August in 1970, Melissa is an American actress comedian she is also a writer and fashion designer. Now days Melissa is also a producer as well, Melissa started her career in 1990 Melissa is a heavyweight in Hollywood but Melissa proved that obesity is not a bad thing in making a successful career. She made a huge success in the film industry because of her talents Melissa also proved that anyone can become a leading lady if they have real talents. Without acting in any romantic or comedy film, she achieved a big place in Hollywood with her skills. She has really a great and famous career in Hollywood films.


4: Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is born on Eleventh of February in 1969 at Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston successfully done many roles of her acting career. Jennifer is a film producer and business woman her father and mother both were also actors. Jennifer is also known as one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood and she got popularity by acting in TV shows. Jennifer received many awards that include Screen Actor Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award and many more. She is in the list of the top 100 greatest female TV actresses in the US. Jennifer effortlessly handles roles in romantic and comedy movies. Horrible Bosses, Just Go with it, The Break-Up, Marley and Me, etc are some of her successful movies.


3: Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson is born on Twenty two of November in 1984. She is one of the most popular and beautiful actress of Hollywood. Scarlett is a multi talented personality. She is a great singer, model, and actress; she entered in the film industry at the age of ten. Her first movie was North. After that Scarlett appeared in several other films such as The Island, A Love Song for Bobby Long, Her, The Prestige, The Black Dahlia, and many more. She is a daughter of a producer. She is also known as one of the sexiest women in the world. She won the title sexiest woman for two times.


2: Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is born on four of June in 1975 is one of the most beautiful and sexiest actresses in the world. Angelina is also famous because of her humanitarian activities. She came out for experimenting with her future in the film industry. Her father supports her during that time when she was working hard for success. She worked for low budget during her early stages in acting. She is also very popular for her beauty and flexibility. She is the favorite actress for many producers due to her dignified dealings. She was a great success in films such as Cyborg 2 and Hackers. She also gets a critical appreciation as she worked in most films. She also collected many awards and nominations as well.


1: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is born on fifteen of August in 1990. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses. In Hollywood ranking the first place goes to none other than the beauty queen in the Hollywood name Jennifer Lawrence. She is the most famous Hollywood actress. She appeared at the first time before the public in her The Bill Engvall Show. Jennifer Lawrence also handled lead roles in many superhero films, independent dramas, romantic comedies and many others. She also got some prestigious awards and various nominations. This beautiful actress still busy in her upcoming project she is world famous actress now days.



To be an owner of most expensive mobile phone is everyone’s dream as it thought to be impression of your wealth, though also demonstrates how social or modern you are. Actually, expensive devices are affordable for wealthy people who don’t think by paying largest amounts, even those have costly phones, consider respectable.

Therefore, cell phones maker companies also respect their demands and work for designing mobile phones adding diamond and gold. If they place million dollars’ material in construction of these machineries, require heavy amounts. However, phones are top necessity for all as way of communication, while one other side, believes to be impression of your wealth. Phones makers always notice take care by designing this category, million dollars’ material should be placed as it attracts people.

10: Vertu Signature Diamond ($88,300)
British manufacturer and retailer of luxury, Vertu known for its stunning luxury mobile phone products, even has tagged its name among most expensive mobile phones just after its launching of Vertu Signature Diamond. The one of the most-attractive devices worldwide is composed of platinum, although reportedly designed by hands not use of machines was carried out during its out construction. Nonetheless, most-experienced designers beautified this device using 200 pieces of pretty fancy diamonds that honestly compares Signature Diamond’s price.


9: iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400)
iPhone Princess Plus seems to be device for choosy but wealthy person, as its makers used pure 18 karats of white gold to make it most alluring handy device for users. It is not only covered with pure gold, even beautified with a total number of 318 diamonds, out of which 138 are princess cut diamonds, while 180 brilliant cut diamonds placed on its body. That what believed to be real cause of being weighty. One of the most costly phones is enough to express amount of your wealth, hence every rich person love to have iPhone Princess Plus in their hands as well in pockets.


8: Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone ($300,000)
We have no issue of Black Diamond‘s existence among most expensive mobile phones worldwide as it deserves, in spite of having less fancy look. So question is that what things enhance it price?, Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone was designed only two diamonds but not more, one which discovered large, adjusted on back of the device, while second one comes on the stick up front. Jaren Goh brought the idea to create stylish one phone for Sony, though designers used polycarbonate mirror and an organic LED technology in this million dollar device reason why it feels good to use it.


7: Vertu Signature Cobra ($310,000)
The TFT, 16M colors phone is also referred to most costly phone as it was designed by a most-experienced French jeweler, Boucheron who utilized one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes, and 439 rubies in its developing. Vertu made public Signature Cobra in three different styles or designs as one comes with light golden color along with long-sized snake but prominent gold color, second have light green snake on side bar and third one attracted fans with small-sized snake on front with combination of light green and light grey. It isn’t a large-sized device but seems to be really beautiful when comes on hands.


6: Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($ 1 million)
What you think? What reasons behind its sixth rank among most expensive mobile phones? It actually composed of the bundle black diamonds those were fixed on its front along with the 200-year old African black-wood (considers one of the most expensive woods all over the world) that what utilized on back side. However, 180 grams of gold was used in making of that 12-mm thin framed luxurious device. Everyone admires Gresso’s construction of costly handsets but this time he helped company for adding the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot‘s name in top rankings. Because of addition thousands’ dollars articles, producers announced and fixed 1 000 000 US dollars to hand this phone.


5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)
Diamond Crypto Smartphone is actually a window based smart handset, was designed by the Peter Aloisson who has built its strong recognition as luxury accessories maker so his name is enough not anymore. It is believed to be one of the best creations of Aloisson as received unexpected but huge praise to around the world. Diamond Crypto is made of with 50 diamonds but 10 of which are the rare blue ones those were placed side bars of the handset, lured all wealthy people. Diamond Crypto Smartphone also keeps secure you to kidnapping and technological blackmail. With the exception of this, Crypto few sections were designed using rose gold as well.


4: GoldVish Le Million ($ 1.3 million)
GoldVish Le Million named one of the best selling cellular handsets in the word, was rolled out in 2006, also tagged its name among most expensive mobile phones. The ‘Le million’ is marvelous creation of well-known designer Emmanuel Gueit who has produced a number of luxury watches and jewelry. It was also called most deluxe and luxurious mobile phone, first time launched in Switzerland, even received an award by Guinness World Records as sold in the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, France in September 2006 in spite of having huge cost. It made of 18k white gold and 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds.


3: iPhone 3G King’s Button ($ 1.5 million)
It seems to be a dream to get highest rankings among most pricey handsets globally but iPhone 3G King’s Button as caught everyone’s attention with price of $ 1.5 million. Peter Aloisson from Austria, brought idea of also called King’s Button iPhone 3G creation. in terms of design, features 138 diamonds those were placed around front side of the phone. Most stunning white diamond of 6.6 carats dishes up the home screen button by evaluating it beauty. It is most eye-catching creation by Apple, while because of having huge cost normal person just desired to hand it.


2: iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15.3 Million)
When it comes to most expensive mobile phones, then eyes go towards highly ant-anticipated creation iPhone 5 Black Diamond, a alternative of the iPhone from Apple, the Supreme iPhone 3G. Cupertino, California based American multinational technology company priced the device at $15.3 Million.

Apple used gold, diamonds and several other classy stones which haven’t used before like this reason why it became most exclusive handsets ever. It supposed to be that designers have planned after grabbed key to attract every wealthy eye, the way they diamonds outer sides making it more influential device.


1: Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 Million)
One of the latest but most classy handsets in the world Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iphone 6 has topped amid most expensive mobile device as to have extra-ordinary manufacturing, well design, and a bundle of stunning features. Some of the competitors of the device got shocked when heard about its top rank but everyone agreed for top place. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond is composed of a single but large-sized 18 carat diamond that what makes everyone lover. The makers rolled out it with two colors as pink and blue too. It was also reported to be the fans didn’t care of its highest cost but they just bought it without thinking more.


Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World 2017
Rank Phone Name Price
1 Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 $95.5 Million
2 iPhone 5 Black Diamond $15.3 Million
3 iPhone 3G King’s Button $ 1.5 million
4 GoldVish Le Million $1.3 million
5 Diamond Crypto Smartphone $ 1.3 million
6 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot $ 1 million
7 Vertu Signature Cobra $310000
8 Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone $300000
9 iPhone Princess Plus $176400
10 Vertu Signature Diamond $88300


A watch is a small clock carried by a person it is a fashion accessory and for this purpose companies make expensive and beautiful watches. Watches appeared as early 14 century and Peter Henlen made the 1st pocket watch. At early stage the watches were mechanical driven by clockwork.

As technology developed with the passage of time mechanical were largely replaced by vibrating crystal quarts but some of watches use radio technology to correct the time and date. Firstly in 1970 electronic watches was developed. These were available in two categories one is analogue and other one is digital.

The history of analogue watch is old as compare to digital watch, with the increment in the technology digital become a symbol of style and fashion. As its 2017 world become a small village where everything is so connected rise of intelligent machines. Some of the great invention in watches as well now if you want to wear watch all your work your social media apps it’s all now in watches.

Luxury watches enhance the personality of person so here is the list of top 10 most expensive watches brands in the world 2017.

10: Rolex
It founded by Hans Wilsdorf in London and headquarter in Switzerland who manufactured this luxury watch with stainless steel, 14 or 18KT gold, yellow and pink gold, and platinum that’s why this is world expensive watch brand. Rolex also only watch manufacture brand that makes their own gold watches. Rolex world powerful global brand and single largest brand producing almost 2000 watches 24 per day. Rolex watch first dust and water proof, two time zone and it’s also first watch with a date on dial. Rolex labs are very amazing and unique but most interesting lab is the chemistry lab.




9: Ulysse Nardin
Ulysse Nardin most expensive watch brand in the world 2017 created in Switzerland in 1846 and became precious and excellence timepiece for the next century. In 1975 Ulysse Nardin win award for the beauty and innovative timepiece. It has a good feature like alarm; annul calendar, calendar and marine. Ulysee Nardin announces the 5-year warranty of this watch in January 2017 and partnership with America’s cup. This is word best brand because of chronometers design and get 18 international medals and above 4000 first prize.


8: Blancpain
Blancpain is the one of oldest watch making company in the world, in 1735 Jehan-Jacues start making watches in Villieret Switzerland. Blancpain produces only thirty watches per day each watch is made by only one watchmaker and it is most critical mechanical watches made ever with feature minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and tourbillion. Blancpain always introduced most beautiful, classical and fashioning reliable watches in the world today. Blancpain available only at the finest jewelers all over the world with different price.



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7: Girard-Perregaux
Girard-Perregaux is most expensive watch brand in the world. Founded in 1791 and also one of the oldest Swiss houses. It produces highly price watches for rich customers and maintains standard in marketplace as well queen Victoria was also customer of Girard-Perregaux. It introduce one of the most expensive and beautiful watch in 2014 Tri-Axial tourbillon with attractive feature of visible tourbillon with three separate axes. Girard-Perregaux pricey due to high quality constructions elements, strong effort to fulfill the clients demand.



6: Jaeger-LeCoultre
The company owned subsidiary of Swiss group since 2000. Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced watch and clock in Switzerland from first half of 19th century by Antoine LeCoultre in 1833. Due to partnership between LeCoultre and Jaeger company being officially started and renamed Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1837 and become most expensive brand in the world. Jaeger-LeCoultre expensive and most complicated with stunning models like reverse, master control, master compressor, Atmos, IDeALE, Amvox.



5: Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet founded in 1875 Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piegue headquarter in Switzerland . This company is famous due to luxury and stylish designs. In 1972 this company manufacture new luxury watch to be made of stainless steel is Octagonal Royal Oak it was one of the best watch in the history of watches brand. In 2006 Audemars Piguet presents platinum watch with limited edition of 20 watches. This is one of the most expensive brand in the world.



4: A.Lange & Sohne
Founded in 1845 by the Ferdinand Adolph Lange based in Glashuttle and best high quality brand. Cases of Lange watches made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Lange 1 is the great success of the company and made from a German silver with asymmetrically design hour, minute sub dial and small second sub dial. Almost all Lange watches bear the signature ‘Glashtuee I/ SA’, I/SA stand for in Saxony name of the city where this brand was manufactured.



3: Breguet
High quality watch maker is Abraham- Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775 this brand represent a cultural and historical heritage with great technology. Breguet win best watch for women in 2016 ‘Tahitian’ mother-of- pearl used in this watch and shows ultra modern look. Breguet also oldest watch making company it produces the first wrist watch in 1810. Today the price range of Breguet between $6000 and $400000.


2: Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin founded by Jean- Marc Vacheron in 1755 in Geneva Switzerland now a day’s companies produce 20000 watches in a year. In 1979 Vacheron Constantin produce killista that was one of the most expensive wrist watch its starting price was 5 million but at that time watch price is about 11 million. In 2015 26th anniversary year company released world most complicated and expensive mechanical watch company not announce the true prize of this luxury watch it took 8 years and three watchmakers to build.


1: Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe is most expensive watch brand in the world founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek Adrien Philippe headquarters in Plan-les-Ouates and Switzerland. Patek Philippe famous for the perpetual calendar, chronographs minute repeater in watch. Like other Swiss manufactures the company produce mechanical movements and quartz watches in the past and today as well. In 2010 company produce 40000 watches but in 2012 company produce 50000 watches. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication most complicated pocket watch took three year to design and five years to manufacture and introduced in 1933 with 24 functions.



Top 10 Most Expensive Watch Brands In The World 2017
Rank Brand name
1 Patek Philippe
2 Vacheron Constantin
3 Breguet
4 A.Lange & Sohne
5 Audemars Piguet
6 Jaeger-LeCoultre
7 Girard-Perregaux
8 Blancpain
9 Ulysse Nardin
10 Rolex

Top 10 List of Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies 2017

Bollywood is the second biggest film city mostly know as the house of bollywood film stars and also famous studios are been working here. Bollywood was a small Cinema and first film produced in 1913 when start journey. Bollywood mean Mumbai film industry initially they start in Hindi languages.

Every year a lot of new movies or series of Bollywood movies have been made and releases worldwide. The production houses invest so much money to add visual effects and screen play to come up with a film out of this world and generate huge amount. Bollywood is now itself a small planet on this earth. Every type of film has been made with latest Technology.

Bollywood industry is one of the largest film industry because they produces more than thousands movies in every year. 1940 to 1960 was the golden era for the Indian cinema.

So here we are going to take a tour on Top 10 List of Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies 2017.

10. M S Dhoni The Untold Story

M S Dhoni Indian biographical sport released from December 2016. This movie directed by Neeraj Panday with banner of Fox star Studio, inspired entertainment and Friday film works. It was produced by Arun panday. This film has grossed 215.48 crore at box office with total budget of 104 crore. The cast stars Sunhant Singh Rajpot, Disha Patani, Kiara Adwani and Anupam Khae. M S Dhoni is one of the most grossing movies in 2017 and written by the Neeraj Panday this movie based on test, ODI, T20 and Indian cricketer. This movie also produced in Hindi language, Tamil, Telugu and became a commercial success.


9. Rustom

Rustom is Indian Crime Thriller film produced by Neeraj Panday, Ishwar Kapoor and Shital Bhatia for Zee studios kriArj entertainment and cape of good film. This movie directed by Tinu Suresh Desai with cast stars of Akshay kumar, Esha Gupta Arjan Bajwa,Pavan Malhotra and Kumud Mishra. It was released in 2016 with worldwide gross of 216.35 crore had great success in film industry. This movie written by Vipul k Rawal and music composed by the Ankit Tiwari. Rustom is highest grossing bollywood movie in 2017.


8. Baaghi

Baaghi is one of the best martial arts film with highest grossing which is directed by Sabbir Khan and movie writer is Sanjeev Dutta. This movie produced by the Sajid Nadiadwala Baaghi released in 2016 it receives great response and film has grossed 1.20 billion at the box office but its total budget was 350 million. It consist stars Tiger Shroff, Shardda Kapoor, Sunil Grover and Sudheer Babu. This movie music composed by the Meet Bros, Amaal Malik first song was released on 18 March 2016 which is sung by Sharddha Kapoor. Baaghi is highest grossing bollywood movie in 2017.


7. Fan

Fan Indian movie based on fan labor, remix culture and physiological action film directed by the Manees Sharma and it’s released from 2016 with great success. This movie is written the Manees Sharma and Habib Faisal by with the banner of Yash Raj film. Fan produced by the Aditaya Chopra and Shah Rukh khan plays a lead role. Music composed by the very famous singer Vishal Shaker and songs of this movie also very hit. This movie grossed about 1.88 billion at the box office and this is one of the best super hit movie all around the world.


6. Shivaay

Shivaay highest grossing movies in the world and released from 2016. This is Indian action thriller drama film produced by the Ajay Devgan with the banner of Ajay Devgan Ffilm, Pen india limited and NH studios. Shivaay movie also directed by the Ajay Devgan and written by Sandeep Srivastava Robin Bhatt. It grossed about 146.29 crore but total budget was 85 crore it was great success of this movie. Ajay Devgan, Sayesha Saigal, Erika kaar, Abigail Eamas, Vir Das and Girish Karnadpaly a lead role in this movie. British band also part of movie Shivaay.Top-10-List-of-Highest-Grossing-Bollywood-Movies-2017-Shivaay

5. House full 3

House full 3 is Indian comedy movie and released in 2016 with the huge budget of 850 million it was received good response from audience a. Movie is written and directed by the same person Sajid Farhad and produced by the Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner of Nadiadwala grandson entertainment. Most famous star Akshy Kumar, Abhishak Bachan , Jacqueline Fernendez and Nargis Fakhri in the lead role. Music composed by the Sohil Sen, Mika Singh and Milind Gaba. Only in few days this movie total grossed 1.92 billion worldwide and this is actually highest grossing Indian movie all the time.


4. Sultan

Sultan movie released from 6 July 2016 and grossed about 589 crore in the worldwide box office. It was directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra. It was romantic sport drama film written by Ali Zafar abbas. Salman khan plays a lead role in this movie with Anushka Sharma and Randeep Hooda. It was one of the best hit Indian movie with excellent soundtracks and music composer was Julius Packiam songs of this movie also very hit. Sultan is highest grossing movie in 2017.


3. Ae dil hai Mushkil

Ae dil hai mushkil is a romantic drama film with highest grossing and was released in October 2016. It Indian drama film written by Karan Johar and this movie was produce by the Apoorva Meta. Director of this movie was also Karan Johar. This movie complete with 70 crore and movie generate 237.56 Crore worldwide. At the opening this movie earn 13.3 crore and 97 crore in first ten days this was big success for film maker. Soundtracks of this movie also very famous which was composed by the Pritam and received award, especially Channa maraya song of this movie had great success with award.


2. Airlift

Airlift is a historcal drama film which is directed by Raja Karishna Menon with the cast stars of Akshy Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in lead role. This movie released from last year 2016 with the production Cape of good film, Emmy entertainment and T series. Airlift complete with the total budget of thirty crore and generate 231.6 crore it was great success for bollywood. This movie photography start in 2005 with the producer of Nikhil Advani and Monisha Advani and written by the Raja Karishna Memon. Airlift has total four songs released on 24 December 2015 under T-series.Top-10-List-of-Highest-Grossing-Bollywood-Movies-2017-Airlift

1. Dangal

This movie breaks all record and first highest grossing in Bollywood 2017. Dangal movie complete with huge budget 70 crore and generate 741.08 crore this was great success for Indian industry. This movie directed by Nitesh Tiwari and produced by Aamir khan& Kiran Rao. Aamir khan and Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanaya Malhotra play a lead role in this highest grossing Bollywood movie. It is second movie of Aamir khan received many awards. It was biographical sport drama film under the banner of Walt Disney pictures and written by Nitesh Tiwari.


Top 10 Beautiful Bollywood Actresses In The World 2017

We are here talking about the Bollywood and if we look around the world of Bollywood we come to know about many things, there are many people in it. these people working hard to make world Happy including some talented actors which are working hardly in film industry its make them famous and their talent give them success with those actors there are gorgeous Actresses are working as well of Bollywood here below is a list of top ten beautiful Bollywood actresses of 2017.

if we look around us there are many beautiful actresses working in Bollywood every actress is talented and beautiful but we are talking about the top ten Bollywood actresses of 2017, the actresses of Bollywood some of them are also models as well. We are here also talking about some miss universe, miss world and also some miss Indians as well.

Let see the list of Top 10 Beautiful Bollywood Actresses In The World 2017.

10: Kriti Sanon

On the top of the list there is stunning beautiful outclass actress name Kriti Sanon she is one of the top most popular actress of Indian film industry she rocked in her movies which she done with Tiger as well as with other Indian actors, she was born on 27 July in 1990 in Delhi she was model first and then she made entrance in film industry, her first movie was a romantic movie name Heropanti in which she worked with Tiger it was a dam hit from both of these after that she work in the block boaster movie name Dilwale there is no doubt she is one of the talented and best known actresses of Bollywood world.


9: Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor one of the talented and famous actress of India these days she is also new beautiful star of Indian film industry she made everyone happy with her work in her films in which she play the leading role. She is the daughter of one of the famous and talented actor name Shakti kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor made her entrance in Indian film industry in 2010 her first film was Teen Patti, after that she signed the film name “teen drama love ka the end” and she became more famous with that she work hard in her film of 2012 name Aashiqui 2 in that film everyone get impressed with her work and with her beauty she looked more charming and beautiful in Aashiqui 2, now days she is also working for different brands she is also a very good dancer which is a plus point for her.


8: Anuksha Sharma

Here is the name of one more beautiful and outstanding Actress of Indian film industry, we are talking here about one is only Anuksha Sharma. She is one of the Hot and sexy lady of Indian film industry, she was born on first May 1988 in Ayodhya she started her career with modeling in 2007 later on she take her step forward in film industry with the movie of Yash Raj that film was a supper hit name ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ As of August 2016, Anuksha Sharma has completed work on her next production venture, Phillauri, a romantic featuring Anuksha Sharma with Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma. Anuksha Sharma is filming for Imtiaz Ali’s romance The Ring, which will mark her third collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan. In addition, Sharma has committed to appear in the comedy Kaneda, alongside Arjun Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh. Now days she is much touch with media because of her relationship stories with the famous cricketer Virat Kohli.


7: Jacqueline Fernandez

Here we go with one more name of top 10 beautiful Bollywood actresses list the name is Jacqueline Fernandez she is also one of the famous actresses of Bollywood she is charming talented actress, She is born on 11 August 1985 she born in Sri Lanka she is also a Sri Lankan actress and model as well, she was the miss universe of Sri Lanka in 2006, she is graduated student she is talented as well. She made her appearance to the Bollywood films with the Sujoy Ghosh,s fantasy drama Aladdin, she did the film murder in the year 2011 which was the hit film of her. She is a beautiful and hot sexy lady with awesome acting.


6: Kareena Kapoor

She is another talented and beautiful actress name Kareena Kapoor she is most famous actress of the Bollywood because of her awesome work for the Indian film industry she gave many supper hits. She got married in 2012 with Saif Ali Khan now her name was changed as Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is a Daughter of Randir Kapoor and Babita. Her sister is also an hot actress of Bollywood name Karisma Kapoor, Kareena kapoor khan is a talented actress now she is also a mother of a child and she is also coming back to film industry with new projects she is still looks beautiful as before and her fans waiting for her upcoming movies.


5: Sunny Leone

Now we are going to talk about one of the hottest and sexiest actress of Bollywood we are talking about Sunny Leone, She worked as a porn star in her earlier life now she made an entrance to the Indian film industry she is working beautifully in Bollywood and she will becoming famous a lot because of her brilliant talent shown in her movies in which she work as leading role actress, she was born on 13 may 1981 in Canada. She work greatly in Jism 2 movie in 2012 after that she work hard and become famous actress as she has now many fans all around the world and she is still working for Indian film industry.


4: Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is the most little age successful actress of Bollywood she work in many films and her all films was supper hit she is also a great dancer which is her plus point she is so cute and beautiful every time we look her face we look her smiling, she is the daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt she started her career in 1999 as a child role. She got famous after her film students of the year in that movie she was looking beautiful and charming a lot, her fan numbers on social media increasing rapidly, she was born 15 March 1993 in Mumbai India, she shows her talent in her movie Highway in which her work was awesome, there are some news about her relationship with Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhothra.


3: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra everyone is know this charming lady as she was working from a long time in Bollywood she is the most hot and most sexy lady in Indian film industry she done many romantic roles in many films and she done greatly she made everyone her fan with her brilliant work in movies, Priyanka Chopra made her way into the film industry in 2002. She was born in 18 July 1982 she was also honored with the titles of the world’s sexiest Asian woman as well as one of the most Fashionable Indian actress she was also collected the award of padma Shri award as well the fourth highest civilian award, by Indian Government.


2: Katrina Kaif

Gorgeous stunning Katrina Kaif she is the tallest and beautiful actress of Indian film Industry, there is allot of demand of Katrina Kaif as she has many hit films everyone wants to do work with Katrina Kaif as she is a talented actress, Salman khan was the man who introduce Katrina Kaif in Bollywood, he gave much attention to Katrina Kaif which made her successful in film industry in 2003 she started her film career her first film was a big flop, after that she came as supporting role with Salman khan in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? In 2005. She also remained touch with media because of her relationship with Salman Khan.


1: Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is an Indian Beautiful and talented actress, she work in many movies of Bollywood as the leading role she is one of the highest paid Indian actress of Bollywood in 2016, she was badminton good player as well before she came to film industry she gave good attention to badminton, she was born on fifth of the February 1986. Her father was also a badminton player and she get inspire from her father. She made her entrance in film industry with her first film name Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh Khan, after that she worked in her new film name Love Aj Kal in that movie she was looking more confident and gorgeous as well according to her acting and of her grace she is outstanding and we are going to give her number 10 in ranking of top 10 beautiful actresses of 2017.


Top 10 List Of Best Bollywood Comedy Movies In 2017

Bollywood produced many films every year with all categories and made great success all over the world. Indian industry is very famous and second biggest in the world they invest large amount of money and produced highly budget movies.
Indian cinema start from 1913 and first silent movie was Raja Harishchandra it produced by the Dadasaheb Phalke and cinema start journey very slow because made only 20 movies in first four years. 1920 to 1945 they produce many films and also introduced colored movies and receive good response.
Bollywood movies become more famous all around the world people always wait and watch hindi movies almost fourteen million people watch movies on daily bases. Indian stars are very famous and highly paid some superstars have their own production houses and they generated huge amount. bollywood funny movies are also very famous and received extra response from the audience that’s why bollywood produce many comedy movies per year.
Here the list of Top 10 best bollywood comedy movies in 2017.
10. Running Shaadi
Running Shaadi is hindi romantic comedy film which is directed by Amit Roy and produced by Shoojit Sircar. Rising sun film released this movie with the cast stars of Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu and Arsh Bajwa. This was released on 17 February 2017 with good music and had great commercial success because Shoojit Sircar film music always received good response and composed by the Abhishak-Akshay & Zeb. This movie is written by the Navjot Gulati and Amit Roy with unique and strong story line. Running Shaadi is top Bollywood comedy movie in 2017.
9. Ki & Ka
KI & KA is bollywood comedy and romantic drama film which is produced by R. Balki, R K Damani, Sunil Lulla and Rakesh directed by R. Balki under the production of Eros international and hope production. This movie was released on first April 2016 with the budget of 20 crore but this movie generates 100 crore at very first day earn about 7 crore and had great success. The star cast consist of this movie beautiful Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor and play lead role. Music composed by the IIaiyaraaja, meet bros and written by R.Balki and finished script in 2015 and this movie based on couple marriage.
8. Wah Taj
Wah Taj is comedy drama movie was released in September 2016 directed by Ajit Sinha and written by M. Salim with the production of Pen films and SpyderWave films. This movie produced by Pawan Sharma and Abhinav Verma with the stars cast of Sheryas Talpade, Manjari Fadnis, Hemant Pandey, Rajesh Sharma, Yusuf Hussain, Govind Sharma and Rajeev Varma and movie Iinitally starts in Agra and Bhopal. Music Wah Taj composed by Vipin Patwa, Jaidew kumar & Gaurav Dagaonkar. Sheryas Talpade, and Manjari Fadnis play a lead role in this movie.
7. Badrinath ki Dulhania
Badrinath ki dulhania is the next of Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania which was great success of both leading actors Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are coming up again with new concept and new sizzling chemistry. The film is directed by Shashank Khaitan he is also writer of this film and this movie going to release in March under the Dharma production banner. This movie produced by the Hiroo Johar, Karan Johar and Apoorva Mehta principle photography was start in May 2016. The soundtrack of this movie has been composed by Ammal Malik, Tanishak Bagchi and Akhil Sachdeva and full songs album was released 14 February 2016.
6. Coffee with D
Coffee with D Hindi comedy film was released on January 2017 which is directed by Vishal Mishra and produced by Vinod Ramani with the banner of Apex Entertainment. Music composed by band Superbia all lyrics written by Sameer with four different types of tracks, Coffee with D title song sung by Anu Malik romantic song of this movie ‘Tumhari Mohabbat’ Aakanksha Sharma and Shaan. Sunil Grover, Zakir Hussain, Anjani Sukhani, Rajesh Sharma and Dipannita Sharma play a lead role in Coffee with D. This movie faces difficulties after the production that’s why film release was postponed 6 January to 20 January 2017.
Top-10-List-Of-Best-Bollywood-Comedy-Movies-In-2017-Coffee-with-D5. Judwaa 2
Judwaa 2 new upcoming movie of Bollywood and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala with the Nadiadwala grandson entertainment. Its Hindi action-comedy film directed by David Dhawan he also produced the Judwaa part first. Star cast and leading roles of this comedy film consist of Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu this movie going to release in September 2017. Varun Dhawan plays a double role in this movie and very first time with Taapsee Pannu. The original Part of jadwaa was released in 1997 with stars of Salman Khan and Krishna Kapoor, Jadwaa 2 almost same story line of Jadwaa with some changes.
4. Gol Maal 4
Gol Maal 4 new upcoming action comedy Bollywood movie currently in production and going to release in October 2017 it’s a fourth part of Gol Maal directed by Rohit Shetty. The series of Gol Maal was released in 2006 2008 and 2010 respectivly and received great success from these series. This movie produced by Dhillin Mehta with the production of Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision LTD and stars cast consist of Ajay Devgan, Arshd Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor they play lead role in all the series. Music of Gol Maal 4 composed by the Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam and script writer is Rohit Shetty thisstory based on four friends.
3. House full 3
House full 3 is third installment in film house full series all parts of this movie get big success in film industry. House full 3 generate the 1.95 billion but this was complete with total budget of 850 million. Its bollywood funny film which is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala start photography from London and Dehli in October 2015.House full 3 was released in 3 June 2016 with the production of Nadiadwala grandson entertainment and distributed by Eros international. Soundtracks composed by Sohail Sen and Mika Singh first song of this movie was “Pyar ki” and released on April 2016.
2. Jolly LLB 2
Jolly LLB 2 Indian black comedy film which is written and directed by Subhash Kapoor with the cast stars of Akshy Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla, and Anu Kapoor in lead roles. Jolly LLB 2 approved by the CBFC without any cuts this movie was release on 10 February 2017 with great success and grossed about 194 crore it’s was third installment of Jolly LLB. This movie produced by Fox star studios with the banner of same production company and this film announced in July 2016. Music composed by the Meet bros, and Manj Musik and it has total 4 songs with one Qawaali song.
1. Hera Pheri 3
Hera pheri 3 hindi comedy films is next of the hera pheri production and series of hera-pheri and shooting start in 2014. It is produced by Feroz Nadiadwala under the banner of A.G film and Base industries group. This movie directed by Neeraj Vora with superstars of Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal Abhishak Bachan, and John Abrahum. This movie faces some problem during the production from stars of this movie but finally they produce and released in last year. All the part of hera-pheri produces with lot of fun and laugh. Akshy kumar is not working in Hera-pheri 3 but play lead role in last two series.

Top 10 List Of Upcoming Bollywood Movies In 2017

Bollywood is a 2nd biggest and famous industry in the film making world. The bollywood producers produce more than 1000 movie in every year no other industry produce that much movie per year. Indian cinema start from 1913 and first colored movie in 1937.
It has feature like angry parents, unlucky lovers, attachments, long lost relatives, sacrifice, and many other. bollywood movie must have good music in form of dance and songs numbers and strong script and watched by 14 million people per day. It is now a big business in India they produce big budget movies people of India wait for their favorite film stars upcoming movies.
Bollywood movies released from all over the world because cast star of Bollywood very famous and earn lot of money.
So here are the Top 10 Upcoming Bollywood Movies In 2017.

10. Trapped

Trapped is new bollywood upcoming movie which is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and produced by the Madhu Mantena, Vikas Bahl and Anurag Kashyup under banner named phantom production Reliance entertainment. Amit joshi and Hardic Mehta is a writer of movie trapped. In this movie Rajkummar Rao and Geetanjali Thapa play main role. In 26 October 2016 this film premier released at the Mumbai film festival and will be released on 17 march 2017. Music composed by the Alokananda Dasgupta and singer of this upcoming is Tejas Menon. Trapped is short story that raises the tension.

9. Phillauri

Phillauri is new bollywood upcoming movie written by the Anvita dutt which is a romantic comedy genre film. This film produced by the Anushka Sharma and kernesh Sharma and Anushka Sharma also part of this movie cast. This romantic comedy film directed by the Anshai lal under the banners of fox studios and clean slate films. This movie started from last year which is set in district of Punjab Phillauri town. The cast of this consist of Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh and Mahreen Pirzada. 19 April 2006 was the first day of this movie and it will be released on 31 March 2017.

8. Naam Shabana

Naam shabana is new upcoming action thriller movie produced by the Shital Bhatia and Neeraj panday with banner of plan C studios, kriarj entertainment and cape of good film, Neeraj panday also a film writer. Taapseee pannu paly main role in this movie and she is very excited because very first time she play title role. This movie is women oriented one and story around the struggle of girl. The main song of this movie sung by Shreya goshal and written by Manoj Muntashir sound track composed by the Rochik Kohli. Shivam Nair is a directed of this movie and Akshy kummar make a special appearance as a Ajay singh.

7. Jagga jasoos

Jagga jasoos also new bollywood upcoming movie which is directed and written by the Anurag bassu Produced of this movie is Siddhart Roy Kapur Ranbeer Kapur and Mahesh samat. RAnbeer kapur, Katrina kaif, Adah Sharma, and Syani gupta in lead roleand this film tells the story of teenage in detective in search of missing father. Jagga Jasoos have many songs and composed by the Pritam and this is musical adventure romantic movie. This movie was going to release in 2015 but due to some problem this will be released on 7 April 2017 and trailer was released in December 2016.

6. Sarkar 3

Sarkar 3 include in new upcoming movies trailer released in 1 march 2017 this movie based on political drama thriller and crime. This movie written and directed by Ram Gopal Warma as the first sarkar movie released in 2005 2nd in 2008 and sarkar 3 will be released on 7 April 2017. The film feature consists of Amitabh Bachan, Jackie shorff, Manoj bajpayee, Amit sadh, Ronit Roy and Yami Gauthm. Releasing Abhishak bachan and Aishwarya not part on this third instalment of sarkar. This movie produces by Rahul Mittra, Anand Pandit and weone.

5. Begum jaan

Begum jaan new Bollywood upcoming movie based on historical drama and bangali film Rajkahini 2005 which is directed by Srijit Mukherji. Music composer of this movie is Anu malik and very famous singer Asha Bhosle. The star cast of movie Begum jaan Naseer uddin Shah, Rajit kapoor, Poonam Rajput, Rajesh Sharma, Chunky pandey, Pallavi Sharda, Flora Saini, Ravija Chauhan, Sumit Nijhawan and play lead role Vidya Balan and play a role of Begum jaan. Movie produces by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. Releasind date of this movie 14 April 2017.

4. Noor

Noor new upcoming movie directed by Sunhil Sippy that feature of this movie Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill, Shibhani Sinha and Purab kohli. Producer of this movie is Bhushan Kumar and Krashin kumar with banner of T series Abundantia entertainment start from july 2016 and noor will be released on 21 april 2017. This movie based on Pakistani author Saba imtiaz’s novel Karachi you are killing me. Sonakshi Sinha going to play a lead role of Pakistani Journalist noor. Movie dialogue is written by Ishita Motira Udhwani.

3. Meri pyaari Bindu

Meri pyaari Bindu new upcoming bollywood movie written & directed by Akshy Roy and produced by Maneesh Sharma and Aditaya Chopra. The photography started from May 2016 in Kolkata and was wrapped in October 2016. Meri pyaari Bindu is musical romantic movie cast star Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana in lead role. Music composed by Vishar Shekhar and song sung by Shreya Goshal, Monali thakur and kumar sanu. Meri pyaari Bindu will be released on 12 may 2017.

2. Golmaal 4

Golmaal 4 is an upcoming comedy film which is produced by Ajey Devgan, Rohit Shetty, Siddhart Roy Kapur and Rohit Shetty also directed of this movie. Golmaal the film stars consist of Kareena kapur, Tusshar Kapoor, Ali zafar, Arshad Warsi, Tushar kapoor, Kunal Khemu. This fourth movie in golmaal series but currently in production and will be released on Diwali 2017. The script of the movie is written by Neeraj Vora and Sajid Farhad.

1. Tubelight

Tubelight new upcoming historical war drama film that’s shooting start in July 2016. This movie written and directed by same person Kabir khan and he is very most famous director in bollywood. Soundtrack will be composed only by Pritam. Tube light produced by super star Salman khan and Kabir khan with superb concept. Salman khan also plays a lead role in this movie and other cast star Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. This movie will be released 26 june 2017 it is also one of the action movie.

Top 10 Richest Football Players In The World 2017

Football game most famous and popular game among the people it’s a two teams game with eleven players more than 200 countries have football teams. Many genetic players make this game more interesting and popular players play this game and become milliners. Many footballs groups and club higher the famous players with huge salaries.

This game starts from 1863 in England by the football associations with the spherical ball. This game has lot of fan followers and loved by the countless people all over the world. Many players generate extra money from the football game they have annual salaries in millions mostly players are all in European countries like Spain, England, Argentine, Germany.

The players also generate money with other endorsements, they have done contract with brands, major companies, and so many other but interesting things is that some football players have their own brands like Massi, Cristiano Ronaldo and become richest football players in the world.

So here is the list of top 10 richest football players in the world 2017.

10. Frank Lampard (Net Worth: $60 Million)

Frank James Lampard is English former professional footballer and children writer who has estimated net worth of $60 million Dollar and ranked as a richest player in the world. He plays for the Chelsea as a midfielder player from 2008 and earn worth of 39.2 million this make him highly paid and richest. From Lucrative endorsement with Pepsi and Adidas companies he generate huge amount of money and become milliner. His 2013 earnings is round about 15.7 million dollar due to sponsorship of the other companies and he has a great fan followers all around the world.


9. Samuel Eto’o (Net Worth: $75 Million)

Samuel eto’o is Cameroonian professional football player who has net worth $75 million and play for the Turkish club Antalyaspor as a striker. He is most important African player all the time and won award for the African player of the year in 2003 2004 2005 and 2010. His annual income is round about 26 million dollar. In 2009 he starts playing and massive contract for the Barcelona and Internazionale Club in those years his income increase rapidly and become one of the richest football players in the world due to highest paid. His both brothers are footballer David and Etienne.


8. Ronaldinho (Net Worth: $90 Million)

Ronaldinho is richest player in the world professional Bazillion footballer plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and club ambassador as a midfielder or forward. In 2004 & 2005 he wins the FIFI world player in the world, Balloon d’Or and other many awards. He has net worth of $90 million recently he earns about 25 million Euros just in three years with AC Milan and annual salary is round about 10 million USD with Barcelona. He also earn lot of money with the contract of Pepsi and Nike companies that’s why he spend a luxury life his hoses are in Spain & Brazil which are beautiful and well decorated.


7. Raul (Net Worth: $93 Million)

Raul Gonzalez Blanco know as Raul is Spanish footballer plays as a striker he more important player in the history of real Madrid and Spanish player all the time. Currently he plays for the New York Cosmos with the net worth of 93 million US dollar he is very creative, hardworking player and well discipline player throughout the career. He plays 16 years for the real Madrid and generates a lot of money and top scorer with 323 goals before that time he played for the local youth team. In 2001 win the Balloon d’Or and same year ranked FIFI World player of the year he also richest football player in the world.


6. Wayne Rooney (Net Worth: $95 Million)

Wayne Royne is English professional midfielder player, captain of two team Manchester United and England National team. Before moving to Manchester transferred fee $25.6 million. His annual salary is round about 16 million with bonuses also wins awards for the best performances. He also sign the contract with others endorsements 2014 to 2019 for earning the money and become top richest players in the world. With the contract of some major brands he hikes the money during five year his net worth reach to $95 million. His income from Samsung and Harper Collins companies is 5 million dollar per year.


5. Kaka (Net Worth: $105 Million)

Kaka is professional football player who has net worth of $105 million and his real name is Ricardo lzecson dos Santos Leite Presently plays for Brazilian national team and AC Milan in Italy. His annually salary is $10 million and earns $5 million from endorsement Adidas, Wise up, Hyundai as well. He is midfielder attractive player and earns lot of money $65 million Euros from Real Madrid this make a richest football player of the world. He is also one of the highest paid athletes and interested to help for the poor people he donates some money for the needy people.


4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Net Worth: $140 Million)

Zalatan is professional player and captain Swedish national team he also plays for the French club Paris Saint-German and best footballer player as well as very rich player in the world due to highly pain he won 32 trophies in his career. He earned just in 2014 $40.4 million in 2012 make money with the contract of Paris saint German $23 million according to BBC. At the present his total worth is $140 million make him world richest football player he earns $84 million from Spain’s Barcelona but left after only one disappointing season he is most egoistic football player.


3. Neymar (Net Worth: 148$ Million)

Neymar is professional football player who plays as captain of Brazil national team and Spanish club FC Barcelona forward player. During 2011, 2012 he declared as a South American footballer of the year also wins the Balloon d’Or. Neymar also richest football player and highly paid his total net worth 105 million US dollar and salary round about 14 to 15 million dollar. He sign the contract with automobile giants Volkswagen, Spanish banking group now also introduced his own brand logo. His earning from endorsements about $25 million and make him more fertile football player in the world he denote 105 of income to church.


2. Lionel Messi (Net Worth: $350 Million)

Lionel Massi captain is of Argentina national football team and play for Spanish club and considered greatest player of the world. He is only one in football history who wins 5 balloon d’Or awards and three European Golden shoes. He is very famous and richest football player in the world with the net worth of $350 million because he highest paid athletes after Cristiano Ronaldo. Massi earn 40 million US dollar just in last year his other source of income from sub-brand of boots Adidas Massi and become first footballer who has own brand. He runs Leo Massi foundation is provides the health care and education for the children and fulfills other basic needs.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Net Worth $ 450)

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous football player who play for Spanish club real Madrid also for Portugal National team as a captain and always play well in the stadium and received four (Balloon d’Or) create history for European players. He is very expensive and richest football players in the world with the worth of 450 million US dollars he earns $180 million last year. In 2009 when he moved to Real Madrid from Manchester his total worth was $94 million. He also makes money by fashion boutiques first with the name of “CR7” and second include diamond studded belts, slinky outfit for women, and jeans with leather pockets.


Top 10 Richest Football Players In The World 2017
Rank Name Net Worth Million
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth $ 450 Million
2 Lionel Messi Net Worth: $350 Million
3 Neymar Net Worth: 148$ Million
4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth: $140 Million
5 Kaka Net Worth: $105 Million
6 Wayne Rooney Net Worth: $95 Million
7 Raul Net Worth: $93 Million
8 Ronaldinho Net Worth: $90 Million
9 Samuel Eto’o Net Worth: $75 Million
10 Frank Lampard Net Worth: $60 Million

Top 10 List Most Popular Political Parties In The World 2017

Politicians and political parties always perform a positive role in the growth as well as success of a country, there are different political parties in every country of the universe which include social, democratic, religious and liberal parties, political parties are representatives of all the citizens in any nation.
So a political party is political associations subscribe to a certain philosophy or formed around very special subjects with the aim to partake in power, usually by participating in elections, according of laws of every country, all parties of nation takes part in elections held in the country and party with leading seats considered as the leading or Governmental party so which party is popular in the country based on the membership.
So here is the list of top 10 most popular political parties in the world 2017.

10: Workers Party, Brazil

Worker’s party is one of the largest parties of the Brazil which was found in 1980, it was government party of the country from 2003 to 2016 because presidents was also chosen from this party, due to its such a long tenure, this party made its popularity not only in local areas but also of the other party of the world. According to reports Worker’s {arty of Brazil has more than 1,400,000 memberships of the people throughout the country but unfortunately party is not performed in the recent elections because party has not more 15 percent of seats in assembly of the state.

9: Bharatiya Janata Party, India

Bharatiya Janata Party is leading Governmental party of the country India; this is called as one of the two major parties in their country, according to reports, in 2017, BJP is the largest party of the nation in respect to membership in their country, currently party has large representation in State and national assemblies of India. As party is also biggest in the world in respect of primary membership in the whole world, this was formed in 1980 and in General elections of 1984, party was badly because got only seats in the whole country but after that party grew rapidly and now leader of this party is Narendra Modi who is also prime minister of the country.

8: United Russia, Russia

United Russia is ruling and leading party of Russia, according to the election in 2016, party proved itself as the largest party of the country because holds 343 out of 450 in the state Duma, party came into being in 2001 with the merger of two leading parties Fatherland – All Russia party and Unity Party. President of the country, Vladimir Putin is also leader of this party, party was declined in the previous some election of 2007 and 2011 but collected enormous victory in recent elections, United Russia has more than 2,073,772 members throughout their country by which they got more than 76 % votes in the election.

7: Indian National Congress, India

One of the oldest Political parties which still exist in the country India is Indian National Congress, this party is often called as only congress, this was formed in 1885 at the time of British Rule in India, now this is one of the two major parties of India, as after the independence of India in 1947, congress be the dominant party of the country and came in Government several times. Party has more than 20 million members around the country but in recent general election in 2014-15; party was unable to get not more than 6 % representation in Lok Sabha, principles of this party based upon the Gandhi’s social policy.

6: Christian Democratic Union of Germany, Germany

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany is another prominent and leading party in Germany, as this party is liberal, democratic but most important liberal conservative party of the country, so leader of this party is also chancellor of Germany named as Angela Merkel. CDU is also permanent member of EEP Group and European’s People party in European Parliament, this party has oldest history because this was formed in 1945, as talk about the popularity of this party then party has membership more than 446,859 in the whole country, party has more than 40 % of representation in assemblies.Top-10-List-Most-Popular-Political-Parties-In-The-World-2017-Christian-Democratic-Union-of-Germany

5: Conservative Party, United Kingdom

Conservative Party which is officially known as Conservative and Unionist Party of the United Kingdom, currently party is leading and governing because party has won majority of seats in House of Common in general election held in 2015, party is considered as the oldest of the world because this was formed in 1834 therefore this was called as the dominant party in the 19th century. Theresa May is now prime minister of the country with more than 8 thousands councilors, it has 149,800 memberships around the country, it has more than 50 % seat in house of common with about 50 % representation in all other assemblies.

4: Communist Party of China, China

Communist Party of China is not only popular party of China but also of the world, party is ruling and founding of the country, party was formed in 1921 but grew quickly after independence of China in 1949, according to reports, CPC is now largest party of country but second biggest in the world with respect to 88.796 million memberships. Now president of the country is also from this party, so in the era of this party, country has made large success in almost fields of life, in assemblies; party has about 70 % of seats, main reasons of popularity of this party is that party established their relation with other non-communist parties after 1980s.

3: Socialist Party, France

The largest party of French Centre left, Socialist Party; as party is democratic, social political in the country, along with other leading party, Republicans, these are called as the contemporary political parties in France, this was formed in 1905 but replaced with the name of this party in 1969. Socialist party is also member of the Socialist International, Progressive Alliance, and also Party of European Socialists, so according to membership of this party, it has about 40 % representation in the assemblies because it has more than 70,000 members, party gained power first time in 1980 in their country.

2: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan

The most prominent political party of Pakistan is none other than of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf which is now under the leadership of King Khan of Pakistan, Imran Khan; party was formed in 1996 by Imran Khan after his retirement from cricket, interesting to know that PTI got a single seat in 2002 election and also boycott the general election held in 2008, but party was second largest in the country in elections 2013 because he was able to get more than 7.5 million votes and also major representation in Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as party has always conflict with Government, PTI has more than 11 million members all around the world.

1: Democratic Party, United States

The Democratic Party is one of the two major modern political parties in the United States of America along with the Republican Party, as according to the history of world this is oldest active political party of the world because formed in 1828, country came in power several times as till able to maintain their Government because party has still some powerful politicians including Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama. According to reports, next Government will also be of this party, party has more than 45 % representation in senate, upper and lower houses of the country, despite of this; party has mayoralty of , party has more than 41,341,965 memberships all around the world.
Top 10 List Most Popular Political Parties In The World 2017
Rank Party name Country
1 Democratic Party United States
2 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Pakistan
3 Socialist Party France
4 Communist Party of China China
5 Conservative Party United Kingdom
6 Christian Democratic Union of Germany Germany
7 Indian National Congress India
8 United Russia Russia
9 Bharatiya Janata Party India
10 Worker’s Party Brazil

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2017

There are more than 200 countries all around the globe in which some countries have rich economy and other have very low income per capita therefore, countries can be configured poor and rich with its income per capita, purchasing power parity, literacy rate, employment rate and also software manufacturing rate.
If all of these figures are higher, then country is considered to be richest and if figures are below the line of economy control then country will be included in the list of poorest countries, so in this context, there are large numbers of countries which have very low income per capita even lower than $1000. So life style, food and condition of peoples of these countries are very miserable.
So here we have list of top 10 poorest countries in the world 2017.

10: Ethiopia

Another African country Ethiopia which is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it has border connected with Somalia, Kenya and other prominent countries, it is consist of large area which is 1,100,000 square kilometers and population is also is not far less than with respect to Area that is 100 million inhabitants therefore largest landlocked country and second in population after Nigeria in this Continent. Despite of rich in area and population but overall considered to be poorest country because it has income per capita less than $730 which is much developed from last year that was $505.

9: Guinea

The country of the west coast of Africa, Guinea which is officially known as Republic of Guinea but sometimes country called as French Guinea, this region is not such a short country but has total area 245,860 Square kilometers and has total population of 10.5 million, this country is prominently an Islamic country because it has more than 85 % of total population is Muslim. This country is rich in deposit of Gold and Diamonds but despite of this very poor in income per capita which is $558, after their independence from France, country is facing large problems of Finance therefore due to poverty death rate also increase.

8: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congo which is officially known as Democratic Republic of the Congo, country is located in Central Africa, it is only country that has most names because from 1908 to 1960, it was called as Belgian Congo and till 1997 named as Zaire, this country is second largest country of Africa in respect of area, fourth largest in population in this region therefore it has population more than 77 million. As interesting to know that, country is richest in natural resources but due to political instability, corruption and misuse of these resources below the poverty line because income per capita is much low that is $499.

7: Liberia

Country located on the coast of West Africa, Liberia that is officially known as Republic of Liberia, country is consist of total area 111,369 square kilometers with population 4,503,000 inhabitants, Liberia gained independence from United States of America in 1847. But after independence, country is not stable in every walk of life including income per capita $478 which is less than international poverty rate. According to reports, before the civil wars of this country, Liberia was such a developed country but these wars not only destroyed the economy of the country but also caused more 0.5 million deaths.

6: Niger

Landlocked country of the Western Africa, Niger is officially known as Republic of Niger, this country is named after the Niger River, Niger is largest country by area in West Africa with total area 1,270,000 square kilometers but more than 80 % area is totally consist of Sahara Deserts, despite of large area, it has also large population which is about 17,138,707 inhabitants. Country is so far called as the developing but it has much lower income per capita which is $420 therefore included in poorest countries, this country has also majority of Muslim community but income in not enough to fulfill even basic needs.

5: Central African Republic

Central African Republic is also landlocked country situated in Central Africa; this region is rich in many resources and minerals including gold, diamonds, crude oil, uranium, hydropower and lumber but despite of all these resources included in the poorest countries with miserable conditions of inhabitant. Country has total area about 620,000 square kilometers and population more than 4.7 million but far less income per capita that is $376, the Central African Republic Bush War has bulldozed the growth while also transferred enormous population in which most of people left on the streets because they have no house to live.

4: The Gambia

The Gambia is another small Islamic country which is known as Islamic Republic of Gambia, this country is also located in African continent but country is smallest mainland of this region, The Gambia is small in all respects including small area which is 10,689 square kilometers, small population just about 1.9 million and also very low income per capita that is $371. Income of people is totally depends upon fishing, farming and tourism. According to reports this country is also below the international poverty line, they use old techniques of farming and fishing therefore their income is not increasing as hard work.
Top-10-Poorest-Countries-In-The-World-2017-The-Gambia3: Madagascar
Madagascar is another one of the huge nation of Africa, country is officially known as Republic of Madagascar, island is known as fourth largest in the world, country gained independence in 1960 but country is officially governed by constitutional democracy since 1992. According to reports population of this country is just over 22 million but shocking to know that more than 90 % of the total population has $2 per day which is absolutely due to political instability, income per capita is about $368 that is totally depends upon the agriculture, so their living standard will absolutely increase with this income.

2: Burundi

Burundi is landlocked country that is officially known as Republic of Burundi, situated in East Africa but also considered as the part of Central Africa, about 200 years ago, country gained independence from United Kingdom but it was under the rule of Germany and Belgium so it gained independence from these countries permanently in 1962. But country is never woke up at the level of developed country because of weak infrastructure, poor education services, weak access to health, corruption and more important hunger because of very low income per capita that is $287 therefore more than 11,178,921 inhabitants are living the life much below international poverty level.

1: Malawi

Malawi is officially known as Republic of Malawi, a landlocked country located in Southeast Africa, Lake Malawi is most prominent in this country which separates this from Tanzania and Mozambique, region consist of 118,000 square kilometers with total population more than 16,777,547. This is one of the smallest countries of Africa because more than one third area is occupied by only Lake Malawi; country is also called as Warm Heart of Africa, country is also leading in the world which is poverty because income per capita of this country is $226 therefore people’s have very low life expectancy, there are seen some improvements but these are not enough for people.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017

Earth is just like heaven and everyone want to live in peaceful countries and cities. Every cities have their own administration, legal, history, utilities, housing etc. Every country has many cities with natural beauty, historical places, museums, park, rivers, lakes and lot of thing that make the countries more beautiful and attract the foreigners.
But now a day’s some cities has no justice, security, poor government system, that things creates lot of problems, crimes and unhappy life. Some famous and largest cities face criminal activities and people became low spirited, tensed and want to move in another peaceful cities where they spend a pleasant time. Violence increase day by day, murders rate also high now a day and make the cities more dangerous. Some beautiful and charming cities lost their beauties due to crimes as well as lose the visitors.
So here is the list of top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2017.
10: Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is a beautiful and most visited city of South Africa also famous city for its Harbors, cape point, and Table Mountain. As Cape Town is one of the best multicultural cities in the world but scorn of these its most dangerous city in the world due to robberies, muggings, murders etc. long street, center city, train areas and Bo-Kaap of cape town are more dangerous, common areas for crimes all the time. Drug activities and gang related violence are rapidly moving to drug trafficking, no police control on these type on gang because police officers are crooked.
9: Baghdad, Iraq
Baghdad is city of Iraq and second largest city of western Asia after Iran with the populations of more than eight million. As a UN inter Agency Information people of Baghdad are very poor that’s why kidnappings are rising day by day. They face a many problem and crimes are very common in Baghdad, Iraq like smuggling’s, murders, bombs blots, targeted killing and lot of other issue. Many people moved to another places because it’s so most dangerous city in the world. Iraqi politics are young and don’t know how to reduce the problem of this city, terrorism also major issue of Iraq that make this city so dangerous.
8: Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas is very important city of Venezuela but declare most dangerous city in the world. Governments authorities are corrupt enough, no police control on criminals, law of this city also very poor because many of crimes remain unpunished or unsolved. Caracas is culture of corruption, robbery, murders, kidnappings, theft, and lack of state authority. Drug trade also illegal and dangerous issue in this city they export large amount of drug in others cities like Colombia, united state and Europe with the help of upper authorities. Murder rate is increase every day because lack of police control and very dangerous for the visitors.
7: Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi is largest city of Pakistan and capital of Sindh province with the population of 23 million this city also called “city of lights”. Karachi is also most dangerous city of world because of target killings, corruption, ransom for kidnappings and lot of other reasons. Street crime also rises in Karachi city important thing is that children involve in this crime. Although crimes decrease and control by the Pakistan rangers as compare to previous years murder rate also decrease by rangers but still it declare as a dangerous city of Pakistan and in the world.
6: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guatemala is also known as Guate located in south central part of the country with high pollution also face a lot of issues. Guatemala City supply massive amount of drugs every year in other countries. Like many other countries or cities this city suffers with lot of crimes like murders, kidnapping, political issues and many others. Police not play a vital and not very effective so crimes are increasing many reports of crimes having no meaning. Guatemala also faces a pollution issue even healthy people face Asthma and cough. Guatemala is dangerous and unsafe city in the world.
5: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Ciudad Juarez is another dangerous city of Mexico it is only one country has two cities more dangerous in the world. From last twenty years crimes increase rapidly drugs also major business of this city like Acapulco. Many people especially women kidnapping rape are so common is the Ciudad Juarez that make this city more dangerous. Governments and police try to decrease the crimes rate from the city, crime reduction has prompt more business in the city but due to murders and drugs activities it’s still more dangerous and also reduces the visitors.
4: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
San Pedro Sula is located in northwest corner of the country in the Sulla Valley and capital of Honduras and famous for the beautiful but crimes lost this beauty and make it more dangerous city of the world. This city called murder capital of the world because murder rate is much higher as compare to other cities and countries. Crime level increase in this city from last three years, like corruption, robberies, home broken and thing stolen, dealing drug, theft and many other crimes. Untrained police officers with limited resources can’t control the crime and murder rate because of these reasons this city most dangerous in the world.
3: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil and 6th largest in America. It’s beautiful city for the visitors. But now declare most dangerous city of the world and face a lot of issues and crimes. Rio de Janeiro Brazil has high rates of violent crimes, like murders and robberies that make it so dangerous. Corruption is a serious problem and important part of the politic, violence gang also very dangerous they attack on official building and done illegal business like drug trafficking and many others make this city dangerous and unsafe in the world.
2: Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco is the largest in the state also has Mexico largest beach which is much beautiful and attractive and many other eye catching places as well as this city is so dangerous and violent in the world. One of the major hubs of drug cocaine heroin smuggling part of this city Acapulco and kidnapping is also local business for the local owners. Acapulco murders rate high in this city some visitors are also being targeted so that is most dangerous city is the world. Criminals mostly targeted the crowded places, hotels, resorts and kill the People visitors became less due to unsafe places and crimes.
1: Kabul, Afghanistan
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and it is largest city of eastern section some people know that Afghanistan was world peaceful city and most attractive for the visitors but problem start when Russian chum over took and today it become most dangerous city of the world no one want to go to Kabul Afghanistan. Taliban create many problems and have strong power which is involve in many criminal, illegal activities. Many soldiers of US are in Afghanistan that also makes this city more dangerous city in the world. Contract killing, money laundering, black marketing, corruption are major crime of the Kabul city.
Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017
Rank City Country
1 Kabul Afghanistan
2 Acapulco Mexico
3 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
4 San Pedro Sula Honduras
5 Ciudad Juarez Mexico
6 Guatemala City Guatemala
7 Karachi Pakistan
8 Caracas Venezuela
9 Baghdad Iraq
10 Cape Town South Africa

Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In The World 2017

Why intelligence agencies are so important for any nation? Every country needs agency because it performs massive role in peace of any land. Secret agencies or intelligence organizations are established to keep an eye at every side in country, to get information and to investigate all suspects. These institutes are really helpful for military, law enforcement, foreign policy objectives and national security, even it is their duty to support it special-forces all the time.
Intelligence groups are responsible to discover all covert activities, while cooperation with other organizations, collecting information, spying to know about any unexpected incident occurrence and some other come under the circle. Even nationals trust in their security hence they don’t feel fear of terrorism at all. So perfect intelligence known for his active services if they not do, their nation may have face a bundle of losses as unrest, violence or clashes.
Here comes Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2017
10: Mossad, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation – Israel
Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israel, was established on 13 December, 1949, at the recommendation of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, as the Central Institute for Coordination. Although, it was directed by Reuven Shiloah since its creation to 1949 to 1953, has responsibility to launch covert actions, acts against terrorism including bringing Jews to Israel from nations where official Aliyah agencies are banned or prohibited. Mossad also plays enormous role to protect Jewish communities, while considers one of the main groups in the Israeli Intelligence Community alongside Aman, a military intelligence and Shin Bet, a internal security.
9: MSS, Ministry of State Security – China
No one can object of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) China’s existence in top 10 best intelligence agencies in the world because they have all what should be in a complete intelligence institute. The security agency of the People’s Republic of China was created in 1983 as the result of the amalgamation of the CID. Chinese secret agency has shown his best carrying out operations against terrorism in the Greater China region as Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. The Ministry of State Security (MSS) was being directed by Ling Yun since its creation in June 1983, though left September 1985, while currently in leadership of Chen Wenqing since November 2016.
8: ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service – Australia
The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is the national foreign intelligence agency of Australia, was developed about 64-year ago on 13 May, 1952, while it headquartered in capital territory of country, Canberra. ASIS is also known as best secret intelligence force all over the world, has take responsibilities for intelligence collection out of the country as well as counter-intelligence and liaising along with foreign intelligence entities. It runs on approximately budget of A$468.5 million, although ASIS also compares to foreign agencies like the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).
7: DGSE, Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure – France
The General Directorate for External Security shortly DGSE, is France’s external intelligence agency, secures its presence among top 10 Best intelligence agencies in the world. DGSE was launched in April 2, 1982, though headquartered in 141 Boulevard Mortier, Paris XX, France. It also compares to the CIA of United States and M16 of United Kingdom, while works under instructions of the French Ministry of Defence as well operates along with its domestic counterpart, the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) and national security. France government at least spends US$731,807,192.50 on DGSE.
6: RAW, Research and Analysis Wing – India
The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India, headquartered in New Delhi, was created on 21 September 1968 after India faced intelligence failures of the Sino-Indian and India-Pakistan battles. Raw is being conducted by Rajinder Khanna from the Research and Analysis Service 1978-batch. It is responsible to monitor the political, military, economic and scientific developments, including moulding foreign public opinion and influence. Raw also plays massive roles in actions against anti-terrorism and some other cover operations.
5: BND, Bundesnachrichtendienst – Germany
The Federal Intelligence Service (BND comes from its German identity ‘Bundesnachrichtendienst’) is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany, is directly subordinates to the Chancellor’s Office. BND designed about 60 years ago, on 1 April 1956, headquartered in Pullach close to Munich and Berlin. The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany has its existence in list of top 10 best intelligence agencies in the world, though German regime spends about €615.6 million every year. It is responsible of information collection on a variety of areas like foreign non-state terrorism, weapons of mass destruction proliferation. BND also evaluates information of planned offense, illegal transfer of technology, weapons and drug smuggling, money laundering and illegal migration.
4: FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation – Russia
The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation known as the principal security organization of Russia and the major successor group to the USSR’s Committee of State Security (KGB). FSD has responsibilities such as counter-terrorism, surveillance, within country and border security. It also investigates serious crimes and federal law violations, hence believes top security forces in Russia. It headquartered in Lubyanka Square, centre of Moscow, although acclaimed for it’s a number of acts against anti-terrorism in homeland as well out the nation.
3: MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 – United Kingdom
The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) that officially known as MI6 (stands for Military Intelligence, Section 6), is the British intelligence agency, comes on top position among 10 best intelligence agencies in the world. British intelligence bound by the Intelligence Services Act 1994, even its identity wasn’t made public until 1994. UK based intelligence group is located at Vauxhall Cross on the South Bank of the River Thames since 1995. MI6 remained part of foreign counter-terrorism operations even still working along United States secret entity for removal of terrorism. It has yearly cost £2.6 billion, was known for its extra-ordinary jobs in country and outside.
2: CIA, Central Intelligence Agency – United States
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government who has shown his best efforts against terrorism in country and overseas like in Middle East. CIA has no comparison to other secret agencies because of its daring tasks as well impressive co-ordination along with top secret entities all over the world. It was formed 69 years ago, on 26 July, 1947, following approval for the National Security Act into law by Harry S. Truman. US administration started special focus on the CIA’s growth after unexpected the September 11 terrorist attacks that wrecked highly.
1: ISI, Inter-Service Intelligence – Pakistan
The Directorate General for Inter-Services, known as Intelligence Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) performs its responsibilities as critical national security and intelligence measurement to the Government of Pakistan. Due to its praiseworthy but daring acts against terrorism all around the world as well in own nations, attains top place among best intelligence agencies in the world. ISI was created by an Australian-born British Army general officer in 1948, who served Pakistani military from 1950 to 1959. ISI topped in list the top intelligence agency in the world in 2011, published by International Business Times United Kingdom.
Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In The World 2017
Rank Intelligence Agency Names Country
1 ISI – Inter-Service Intelligence  Pakistan
2 CIA-Central Intelligence Agency United States
3 M16-Military Intelligence Section 6 United Kingdom
4 FSB-Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation Russia
5 BND- Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany
6 RAW-Research and Analysis Wing India
7 DGSE- Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure France
8 ASIS- Australian Secret Intelligence Service Australia
9 MSS- Ministry of State Security China
10 Mossad-The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation Israel

Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2017

Who are most powerful politicians in the world? As we all know senior leaders of any nation perform crucial role in development, though some of those build strong rules to conduct powerful system. Every politician can’t be influential because some persons have the abilities as it isn’t easy job.
We have seen every senior leader on social media and on television channels what power they have which make them most powerful within the country. This time former president of United States Mr. Barak Obama is considered one of the most influential politicians who kept secure not only its homeland even helped other countries who have been facing tensions because of terrorism owing to their poor security systems. We have assembled top ten most powerful politicians in the world by considering their efficiencies even world powers have collaborated along with.

10. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Vana Rousseff is a Brazilian economist and politician who served Brazil as the 36th President from 2011 until her accusation and exclusion from office on 31 August 2016. She is considered one of the most dominant politicians worldwide as tackled tough duration at start of her career as elevating revolutionary improvise system. Even, Rousseff had to face prison behind the bars for months. After releasing from the jail Rousseff teamed up with 30-year collaborator Carlos Araujo to re-launch her career and played praiseworthy role as the President of Brazil since 1 January 2001.

9. Hillary Clinton

She is the 67th Secretary of United States from 2009 to 2013, has also served her nation as responsible Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, first Lady of the America from 1993 to 2001 and nominee for President of the United States 2016s election leading her own Democratic Party. A large number of people are along with Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton even during her election campaign, though got married with US President Bill Clinton in 1975. One of the most powerful Politicians in the world can estimate her powers by watching people support in 2016 president election as not any single person commented against her in negative way.

8. Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician who is currently serving his nation as Chancellor, while also leading her own party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).She is deemed to be one of the influential politicians all over the world is the former research scientist. Angela took his office in 2005 and since then, has been playing vital role to making Germany super nation. She stepped in politics in 1989 and honored to be first stateswoman in her nation. She was elected as first deputy spokesperson of East German Government in 1990. Being most experienced politician, also appointed the Minister for Women and Youth in the federal government under Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 1991.

7. David Cameron

David William Donald Cameron served the United Kingdom as the Prime Minister from May 2010 to July 2016. He is also among the most powerful Politicians in the world just because of his admirable performances during his ruling. Cameron has also shown his best as the Leader of the Conservative Party from December 2005 to July 2016. He known for his polite and friendly behavior nature as built pleasant ties with everyone making the United Kingdom highly regarded all around the world. He kept secure homeland using brilliant vision. British senior leaders also consider him the most wanted person just because of his ultimate success.

6. Narendra Modi

One of the most experienced Indian politicians Narendra Damodardas Modi secures his impressive rank among most powerful Politicians in the world. He is believed to be strong politician since took office as the 14th and current Prime Minister of India, in office since 26 May 2014. He was born on 17 September 1950 to a Gujarati family in Vadnagar, has vowed to make his homeland corruption free. He also approved a project for development of hydrogen bombs as well signed agreements those would be surely putting India’s name among well-developed nations in future. Modi also represented the race of Time person of the year award.

5. Donald Trump

The president of United States Donald Trump is the most powerful in the world as Donald Trump lashes out by creating a chaos of conflicting claims to distract attention away from real allegations. Donald trump is a master manipulator because he raised his political career by making false and damaging statements about Barak Obama. In 1970 when the justice department accused Trump for racially discriminatory rental policies he countersued the government for 100m dollars as a defensive attack. An extraordinary about trump it is how low he is willing to go he is one of the successful investors in Silicon Valley at his side.

4. Manuel Valls

Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti is a French politician who served homeland as the Prime Minister from 2014 until 2016 but as most powerful Politician in the world. He also acclaimed for his performances as the Minister of the Interior from 2012 to 2014. Manuel is one of the most talented and broad-minded politicians all over the world as launched venerable projects to make possible intense growth of France. When it comes to most sensible senior leaders of modern times, Manuel comes on top because considerable developments were carried out during ruling.

3. Vladimir Putin

He is not only one of the most powerful Politicians in the world, even one of the most confident, diligent and trustworthy persons globally, hence everyone salutes Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s supremacy as he deserves for this. Russian people really loves his policies to put his nation among well-organized nations, appointed him second and fourth president of motherland owing to his active duties for Russia’s better growth. Putin also remained Prime Minister for his nation from 1999 to 2000, and later on, his nation once again elected him for same post in 2008. He was the Chairman of the United Russia Party (ruling party) during his time as prime minister.

2. Imran Khan

It wouldn’t be wrong if it says that Pakistani politician Imran Khan is one of the dominant politicians in the world as he showed this by getting together a large number of people carrying out protest against the current ruling party PML (N) changing bad system in homeland. HE was most favorite of all during his cricket journey as served nation as strong captain and gave world cup to his people in 1992 world’s biggest cricket tournament. Khan has not only shown his admirable ideas and intentions for growth of Pakistan even changed its youth point of view for future of country.

1. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is also one of the most influential senior politicians, who has been appointed for high ranks in as President of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and the current General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. He signed praiseworthy projects for development of the nation, hence referred to as ‘Paramount Leader’ for homeland. Jinping formed lively and powerful ties with other nations. He is also deemed the central figure of the Republic’s fifth generation of leadership of people.
Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2017
Rank Name Country
1 Xi Jinping China
2 Imran Khan Pakistan
3 Vladimir Putin Russia
4 Manuel Valls French
5 Donald Trump USA
6 Narendra Modi India
7 David Cameron United Kingdom
8 Angela Merkel Germany
9 Hillary Clinton USA
10 Dilma Rousseff Brazil