Sheep Gives Birth To ‘Half-Human Half-Beast’ Demon

When you think of sheep, what comes to mind? Fluffy cute farm animals surrounded by their little lambs bouncing around the field, right?

A village in South Africa had quite a shock when a sheep gave birth this week to what is being described as a ‘half-human half-beast’ creature that was ‘sent by the devil.’

If you think that is an extreme description just check out the photos…

Many of the 4,000 villagers of Lady Frere, in the Eastern province of South Africa, were convinced that witchcraft and bestiality were involved in the birth of the creature.

As panic grew and grew, the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development were forced to send out experts to carry out some tests on the unfortunate creature.

Chief Director of Veterinary Services, Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi, confirmed that while the lamb may seem to be part human, it was not.

He said:

We can confirm this not a hoax photo but that the severely deformed lamb was born by a sheep in Lady Frere this week which at a glance resembles a human form.

It is not however human but a deformed stillborn lamb sired by a sheep and was subsequently infected by a Rift Valley Fever at an early stage of its pregnancy.

The deformed lamb exhibits signs that are consistent with an early foetal development that went wrong as a result of a viral infection and nothing more.

Dr Mwebi added it is likely that the lamb was conceived between late December 2016 and early January 2017.

During this period there was heavy rainfall which brought mosquitoes and midges which carry viruses that cause the Rift Valley Fever in sheep.

Dr Mwebi concluded:

It is fair to assume, therefore, that the sheep was infected by the RVF virus.

The resultant circulation of the virus in the blood found its way through the maternal blood into the uterus and the foetus, which was at a very critical stage of development.

The infected foetus then, as a result, failed to form properly, leading to the deformity that it became.

We call on the local community not to panic over this deformed lamb.

So it looks like the ‘supernatural’ panic is over but still…

Flight Attendant Tells Mom To Get Off Plane. When She Realizes Why…Stunning

Peggy Uhle was traveling from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio when the plane which had already begun building up speed to take off, suddenly turned around and approached back to the gate.

At this time, the flight attendant came up to Peggy and asked her to leave the plane.


At first, Peggy thought that she was some kind of mistake, but the flight attendant informed her she urgently had to call her husband.

The surprised woman dialed her husband and found out the shocking news that her son, who lived in Denver had been seriously injured and had lapsed into a coma. Peggy immediately began to figure out how she could get to Denver as quickly as possible. But the airport staffer told her they had already taken care of everything. He handed her a ticket to the nearest plane to Denver.

“The gate attendant already knew the situation and had booked me on a direct flight to Denver that was leaving in the next two hours,” Peggy said. “They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver. My luggage was delivered to where I was staying, and I even received a call from Southwest asking how my son was doing.”

Peggy’s son is still in serious but stable condition, and it is so great his mother can be with him!

17 Dangerous And Deadly Side of Australia

While the beauty of Australia is unmatched and the land is filled with many interesting things to see and experience, Australia does have a dark side that is quite dangerous and potentially deadly. From venomous and threatening animals to random weather events, Australia can be quite problematic, especially for tourists. Australia is potentially the craziest place on the planet and the pictures below serve as the proof.

1) Giant Snakes

What happens when snakes, more notably giant snakes, rule the land? You get Australia. Unable to contain the snake population, giant snakes essentially come and go as they please. In the picture above you can see a massive snake eating a wallaby.

2) Killer Spiders

If Australia’s massive snakes don’t get your attention, the spiders will. Home to a wide variety of spiders, both in size and bite potency, the best thing a resident can do is simply be familiar with the various type of spiders and understand the type of physical harm each spider can do. Many of Australia’s spiders are quite deadly.

3) Snakes In Your Toilet

Does it really get much more unsettling than the thought of a snake in your toilet? While this would be a rare occurrence in most parts of the world, the findings of snakes in toilets across Australia is so common that many public establishments have warning signs in bathrooms to be mindful of snakes. Again, it really doesn’t get more unsettling than being afraid to sit on the toilet because of snakes.

4) Flying Foxes

Fox can fly in Australia? Of course not, but bats the size of a fox certainly can. Oh no! It’s true. Australia has supersized bats that tend to live in tropical areas thus makings parts of Australia the ideal environment. Thankfully for humans (it’s about time they caught a break) these fox bats are only attracted to fruit and plant life. Although, try to convince a tourist of that fact…

5) Great Whites In The Surf

While massive sharks in the ocean is just as scary as anything else covered thus far in this material, sharks in Australia shouldn’t come as a surprise to residents or tourists alike. The great white, regarded as the deadliest shark in the world, resides in the waters off the coast of Australia. If swimming in the ocean is your cup of tea, the might want to reconsider if Australia’s on your mind.

6) Crocodiles

Very abundant in Australia, some of the biggest crocodiles on record live in this part of the globe. Salter water and fresh water crocodiles are the two main types in Australia. Given the choice, I think most people would gladly take their chances with a spider than to come face-to-face with one of these massive and deadly beasts.

7) Cows Fall Off Cliffs Onto Cars

razy that you can even be killed by a falling cow while in your vehicle. Citizens have been warned that if you’re driving and you see a sign similar to the one pictured above, you’re advised to use extreme caution. I’m not sure if the cows are walking off the cliffs by accident, slipping, or simply committing suicide due to all of the large snakes and spiders they’ve seen, but cows falling from the sky seems to be an issue in Australia.

8) Dust Storms

d your home destroyed by a dust storm? Some people in Australia have. Quite a problematic event, the thought of a massive wave of dirt and sand slamming into your neighborhood can be very scary. With essentially no way to prepare and no advanced warnings, dust storms are yet another reason why Australia is so crazy.

9) Killer Jelly Fish

ar, courtesy of the pictures showcased in this material, is that Australia can be quite a crazy place. If snakes, spiders, and kamikaze cows weren’t bad enough, Australia is also plagued by jelly fish. Many of which can be fatal to humans. It’s estimated that the Irukandji jellyfish, which is only the size of a thumbnail, sends roughly 50 to 100 people to the hospital every year. Watch where you step…

10) Paralysis Ticks

aralysis ticks can kill your pets. Most commonly found in areas of Australia where high levels are rain are prominent, paralysis ticks, scientifically known as Ixodes holocyclus, can be a cause of great concern.

11) Giant Earth Worms

t dangerous, it’s fair to say that most people would turn around and start moving as fast as their legs could carry them if they spotted an earth worm of three feet in length. Especially if you’re a tourist and aren’t sure just exactly what this slimy creature really is. Typically residing underground and brought to the surface during or after heavy rain, these giant earth worms are considered to be an endangered species.

12) Venomous centipedes that kill snakes

scolopendra gigantea, or simply as the giant centipede, this unusual creature is one of largest centipedes in Australia. It’s claim to fame? The giant centipede can eat mice and lizards. Not to be overshadowed, Australia is also home to venomous centipedes that are capable to killing snakes. How delightful…

13) Cassowaries

cousin of the ostrich, the crazy cassowary. Although smaller than a traditional ostrich, the cassowary is quite mean. With a diet consisting of fruits, seeds, and small animals such as frogs, fish, and mice, the cassowary has no desire to eat humans, but the cassowary will attack if it feels threatened. So, if you’re looking to meet a demonic ostrich, Australia is the place to find one. Snap a picture of a cassowary…and run!

14) Blue Ring Octopus

octopus that’s fatal to humans just so happens to live off the coast of Australia. Residing in tide pools and coral reefs, the blue ring octopus is docile by nature but will attack if threatened. The color changing of this particular creature, a distinct brown patch that becomes darker when agitated, serves as a sign to back away immediately.

15) Stonefish

d fatal to humans, the stonefish uses coral reefs as a form of camouflage to sneak up on prey and attack without warning. Because stonefish are so difficult to see, humans can easily step on these creatures thus injecting themselves with venom. Able to wash up on land (the beach) and live for up to 24 hours, stonefish warning signs are often posted around the beaches of Australia.

16) Hail Storms

r is quite common in most every part of the world, especially the United States, severe hail storms are nothing to mess with in Australia. Giant balls of ice, far worse than just a traditional hail storm, tend to steal the show during these particular outbreaks of severe weather. Property damage and even loss of life is possible simply due to the size and force of the hail. As noted in the image above, some hail stones can be as large as tennis balls.

17) Toxic Swimming Holes

ing to escape the beaches of Australia in an effort to get away from all of the different venomous creatures noted above, various swimming holes such as lakes and ponds can be just as problematic, perhaps even more so. Courtesy of toxic freshwater, which caters to and produces various forms of parasites and disease, taking a simple swim can be deadly. The most prominent disease found in toxic swimming holes is known as Amoebic Meningitis. The survival rate from this particular disease is less than three percent.

Inside Israel’s ONLY women’s prison. 20+ Photos

In Israel, there are around 25,000 men in prison. Some 14,000 of these are convicted on criminal charges. The rest are incarcerated on security-related charges – and are mostly Palestinian. In comparison, there are just 200 women in prison in the Holy Land. And they’re all in one place – Neve Tirza.

Situated in Ramla, not far from Tel Aviv, and first opened in 1968, Neve Tirza is a small, dilapidated and dangerously overcrowded place. The size of most of the cells is 13 square metres, including a toilet and shower. Each cell is home to around six women, who often share their sleeping space, either out of choice or necessity. The United Nations declares that a basic human right, regardless of the person’s status, is a minimum of eight square metres of living space. In Neve Tirza, each prisoner has around two square metres to call their own.

Israeli photographer Tomer Ifrah was sent to Neve Tirza, back in 2013, to take a portrait of a prisoner for an Israeli magazine. Seeing the potential for a larger project, he found the prison warden’s office, knocked on her door, and negotiated further access.

Ifrah saw something beyond the bars, rules, claustrophobia and institutionalism of the place. He sensed a photography series that might have the power to say something about the country of his birth. Over repeated visits, Ifrah has now taken more than 500 images from within the prison, as part of the joint Israeli/Palestinian photography project Frames Of Reality. The series, he says, details how Jewish and Muslim women, and indeed women from all over the world, have developed close and intimate relationships in such a stark place – often in the most extreme and traumatic of circumstances.

The women in Neve Tirza are not separated by beliefs or ethnicity. Jewish and Muslim women share cells, showers, food and beds, alongside women of all kinds of ethnic and national identities. “Women from all kinds of social, cultural or religious backgrounds live together in Neve Tirza,” Ifrah tells Refinery29. “Most of them are ethnic minorities and were not born on Israeli soil. Some come from Russia, Ethiopia, or South America.”

Many of the women in Neve Tirza are there on drugs charges, and are serving a second or third term. Mental illness is a serious problem, and the prison does not have the capacity, or maybe even the will, to treat the inmates as in any way afflicted. Issues here are compound and endemic. About 60% use prescribed psychiatric drugs. About 70% have served time here before, or will, statistically speaking, end up back here again. Many of the women here are mothers, but the prison doesn’t provide an adequate space for them to spend time with their kids when they visit. Many of the women have a background of sex work and, in many cases, are victims of sexual abuse and drug addiction, yet there’s little attempt to provide any sort of therapy for something that haunts people for life.

Ifrah doesn’t try and hide this in his photography. Many of his shots are narrow and close, often showing a single woman in isolation and lost in her own world, as if the camera wasn’t there, or was of little consequence to whatever was going on in her head. In some, the women lounge on their bed, or hang their arms through the bars of their cell, or crouch in a gesture of privacy as they listen to the voice of someone from the outside on the end of the phone. In others, Muslim women in veils silently read the Qur’an – their absorption a vision of power in itself.

Sometimes, Ifrah would take portraits that deeply engaged the prisoners – resulting in images that have the capacity to speak of hope, like the pregnant girl sat beside a bunch of flowers, or the woman who lies in the single patch of sun that shines on the yard, her eyes closed against the coils of barbed wire that hang just above her head. But in the intensity of their stare – and in this context of institutional confinement and decay – there’s a weary sadness to many of Ifrah’s portraits, a symbiosis between the women’s environment and the way they present themselves to the camera. It’s natural to focus on the small comforts they rely on – the cigarettes, their clothing, the tattoos and jewellery that elevate their singularity – and reflect on how paltry the comfort must be. You can’t help but wonder if they’re ever going to get out.

“Most were serving their second or third sentences,” Ifrah says. “They don’t have many options when they are released. That’s not just the case here in Israel. It’s a universal fact.”

Ifrah recounts how he became used to the sound of the insults hurled between prisoners, or the guards’ verbal violence, or the constant slamming of doors, the electric buzz as one is opened and closed again. But Ifrah wanted to capture the other side of the prison.

“If you stay close to someone for a long period of time, you often can’t help but develop a strong bond,” he says. “There is lots of love among the prisoners. They often care very deeply for each other. It feels like a very close family.”

It’s tempting to discuss Neve Tirza as a wider metaphor for the state of the State of Israel. But this prison is also indicative of a wider trend of female imprisonment throughout the world. With the exception of a handful of small, often autocratic regimes, in countries across the globe women generally constitute less than 10% of the entire prison population. In the vast majority of countries, that figure is closer to 5%. Apparently, because of their small and stable number over the years, female inmates suffer from a dual punishment – the forced marginalisation from society, and a total lack of regard when locked away.

Most modern prisons throughout the developed world have wings designed to cater for a specific type of prisoner, with specially trained guards and a basic understanding of how a prisoner might be impacted by seemingly obvious things – serious health issues, sustained drug abuse, the way the victims of crime can also perpetrate it.

If you’re below the age of 18 in the UK, for example, you’re sent to a juvenile prison. If you’re diagnosed with psychiatric issues, you‘re sent to a secure hospital. Or if your crime was motivated by drug abuse, you’re sent to a wing set up for those who are weaning themselves off drugs. This isn’t the case in Neve Tirza. A teenager serving her first sentence will find herself in a cell with hardened veterans of the system. Women who have spent a sustained period of their life on drugs are left to share cells with women who have never touched the stuff.

Vered Lee, a reporter for Haaretz, reminds us that the inmates of Neve Tirza are often victims themselves, from childhood onwards. Yet many of their crimes are heinous, unforgivable, and worthy of punishment.

“About five years ago, I interviewed a 32-year-old inmate at Neve Tirza who had been sentenced to a 25-year prison term for murder and robbery,” Lee writes. “At the age of 13, she began using drugs, and by the time of her arrest she was addicted. In prison she stopped using drugs for the first time in her life. She reflected the victimisation profile of the prisoners: a past as a girl without a childhood, a teenager who was exploited by men, the mother of a child given up for adoption.

Slowly but surely, I realised that the fragile woman sitting opposite me had knocked on the door of an elderly woman, who trustingly opened it. She and her partner entered the apartment, beat the old woman cruelly, robbed her and stabbed her more than 30 times all over her body, killing her.”

Through Tomer’s lens, we see the impact of such imprisonment, a loop of violence, victimisation, and imprisonment, both in a cage in Israel, in Israel itself, and in the world at large.

3rd International Yoga Day Is Being Celebrated from South Africa to ‘Great Wall of China’

3rd International Yoga Day Is Being Celebrated from South Africa to ‘Great Wall of China’

The third International Yoga Day is all set to take place today for which many foreigners from different countries have arrived a day before International Yoga Day at Parmanand Ashram at Khandwa Road, Indore.  On June 21st, the International Yoga Day is all set to take place and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be leading the celebrations.  The Yoga Day will see 55, 000 enthusiasts performing asanas in Lucknow.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and managing director of Patanjali Ayurved, Acharya Balkrishna will also took part during the Yoga workshop in Ahmedabad on June 20, a day before the International Yoga Day.  A senior official from AYUSH ministry said “about 5, 000 events will be held across the country to mark International Day for Yoga (IDY).”


image source

The biggest gathering ever will take place today at Lucknow’s Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan in India where Modi and over 55, 000 others will perform yoga asanas in various yogic postures.  For the first time, many events were planned in each district in the country.  Other than the special events organized by the individuals, many state governments and institutions will also be conducting their own programmes.

image source

3rd International Yoga Day takes place on a high note

Ahead of International Yoga day in Ahmedabad, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has performed yoga in a four-day long camp.  The PM’s Award for Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga at the national and international level will be presented today to individuals and organizations.

Eight events have been planned in the national capital Delhi and the main event will be held at Connaught Place.  The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is also organizing events at Connaught Place today at three gardens like Lodhi Garden, Nehru Park, Talkatora Garden and Children’s Park at India Gate.  On the eve of International Yoga Day, about 150 yoga enthusiasts practiced various poses of India’s ancient physical discipline at China’s Great Wall.

image source

Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh also took part in the yoga day event and practiced the yoga postures for a while.  The event was organized jointly by Embassy of India, Beijing Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Yogi Yoga, a popular yoga school.

Talking about the significance of the Yoga Day, Singh talked about the goodness of yoga and quoted PM Narendra Modi as saying that yoga was Indian civilizations’ gift to the world.

15 Hilariously Epic Fails From People Who Had Only One Job

15 Hilariously Epic Fails From People Who Had Only One Job

Sometimes, however hard people try to do their best, something just goes wrong.

Today Creative Idea 365 gives you a whole set of such wonderful examples of epic and hilarious cases.

The end of the line.

A water park in your backyard.

What kind of art is this?

A door to a parallel world.

Here’s where my brain went “boom.”

An extreme slide.

Lions seem to be doomed.

Well, at least there’s a roof.

So what are their names again?

Just a near miss. That’s all.

When you’re still in doubt.

A medieval moat in a modern yard. Anything to make everyone’s life better.

You shall not pass!

Something’s fishy here.

Make yourself comfortable.

Preview photo credit redditpredictor

15 Hilariously Epic Fails From People Who Had Only One Job

12 Crazy Mysteries of Our Planet We’ve Yet to Unravel

We’ve explored our planet core to surface and seem to be ready for space, yet Earth isn’t at all done surprising us.

Cretive Idea 365 shares with you 12 facts about our world that we don’t have an explanation for.

We’ve never reached the mantle

Seismologists think the inner core of our planet is solid, while the outer one is liquid and molten. Next is the mantle upon which the crust is gliding. However, we still have no idea what it consists of because we’ve never reached it: its depth is from 30 to 2,900 km, and the deepest well mankind has dug so far is the Kola borehole in Russia, which is just 12.3 km deep.

Fact: sciencelinequora

The poles can change

Earth’s magnetic poles can move and even change direction altogether, and scientists found out that it’s happened many times. The latest switch happened 10 million years ago and will probably occur again, but no one knows why.

Fact: scientificamerican

We used to have two moons

Astronomers say Earth had two satellites about 4.6M years ago. The second one was about 1,200 km across and went around the same orbit the Moon does until they collided. Such a cataclysm may explain why the two sides of the Moon are so different.

Fact: Naturespace


By the way, few know that there are earthquakes on the Moon too. Unlike our ones, though, they’re not quite as powerful and occur very rarely. There’s a version that they happen because of the tidal forces of the Sun and Earth, as well as falling meteorites.

Fact: nasanature

Earth spins really fast

Earth is spinning at 1,600 km/h, and its movement around the Sun is even faster at 108,000 km/h. We, though, can only feel the movement when its speed changes. Because of the constant speed and the force of gravity, we don’t feel it at all.

Fact: nasa

Time is “growing”

620M years ago, a day on Earth lasted 21.9 hours. Earth is gradually slowing down, but it happens at a rate of about 70 msec per 100 years, so it would take 100M years for a day to last 24 hours.

Fact: nasaspaceaim

Strange gravity

Our planet isn’t a sphere, so there are high- and low-gravity areas on it. One such anomaly is Hudson Bay in Canada. Scientists found out that weak gravity there is due to the low density of Earth because of rapid glacier meltdown.

Fact: science

The hottest and coldest points on Earth

The hottest place on the planet is in ’Aziziya, Libya, with temperatures of up to +58°С. The coldest one is the Antarctic, where it goes down to −73°С. But the lowest observed temperature was registered at the Russian Vostok Station on July 21, 1983 (-89.2°С).

Fact: govnworeport

The planet is severely polluted

This is not really news. However, astronauts say that in 1978, the view of Earth was rather different from what we see now. With lots of space debris and waste, our blue-green-white planet is becoming brown-gray-black.

Fact: chicagotribune

Earth consists of iron, oxygen, and silicon

If we separated the constituents of our planet, it would look like this: 32.1% iron, 30.1% oxygen, 15.1% silicon, and 13.9% magnesium. Most of the iron (about 90%) is considered to be contained in the core, while the crust contains the most oxygen (47%).

Fact: sciencing

Earth used to be purple

Ancient plants used retinal instead of chlorophyll to absorb light, which made them reflect back red and blue, not green, giving purple as a result. Incidentally, certain bacteria still use retinal.

Fact: livescience

A hidden ocean

Scientists found a huge water pool deep below Earth’s surface at 410-660 km. It’s 2.7 billion years old and has been found thanks to ringwoodite contained in the mantle. The water is under immense pressure, and its volume is enough to fill all Earth’s oceans three times over. This gave birth to a theory that the oceans appeared because of an underground ocean explosion.

Fact: theguardian

The Richest Kids In The World

Almost all of the rich kids have rich parents, or are in entertainment industry. However, there are few entrepreneurs.

A Top 10 richest kids in the world

10. Jaylen Bledsoe ($3.5 Million)

The first entrepreneur is Jaylen Bledsoe, who started Bledsoe Technologies when he was only 13 years old. He became a millionaire within just two years of launching his company. Bledsoe Technologies specializes in both information technology and graphic design, and expanded quickly with over 100 people hired in the first 24 months.

9. Rico Rodriguez ($4 Million)

Rico Rodriguez started acting at a very young age, but he only played minor roles until he landed a gig on a TV show that would end up becoming a smash hit, “Modern Family”. The sitcom has been a huge success for ABC, and Rico is a big part of that success as he gives “Modern Family” an even broader appeal.

8. Elle Fanning ($5 Million)

Elle Fanning is the younger sister of fellow actress Dakota Fanning, who has appeared in many major films over her long career. Elle started her acting career as a toddler when she played the role of the younger version of her sister in “I Am Sam”. Throughout her childhood, Elle got loss work than her sister, but she’s still had a lot of success.

7. Jaden Smith ($8 Million)

Jaden Smith is both a child actor and a child of millionaires. He is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden is only 1 7 years old, but he’s been in the film industry for a decade now. He got his start in “The Pursuit of Happyness” alongside his father. Jaden has also gotten into the music industry, mostly in rap.

6. Abigail Breslin ($12 Million)

Breslin started out making commercials and landed her first big role in the film “Signs” with Mel Gibson. Breslin has landed steady work ever since and has appeared in hit movies such as “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Zombieland”. Her talent in “Little Miss Sunshine” even earned her an Academy Award nomination.

5. Valentina Paloma Pinault ($12 Million)

Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of the famous actress, Salma Hayek, and corporate executive, Francois Henri Pinault. While Valentina’s net worth is only listed at $12 million, she is in line to inherit a lot more than that from her wealthy parents. There is no known trust fund for Valentina, so her only known asset is a $12 million home that was placed in her name. If that seems like a big deal for a 8 year old, just wait until you learn about what her parents are worth.

4. Nick D’aloisio ($30 Million)

The other entrepreneur on our list is Nick D’aloisio, who checks in with a net worth of $30 million. D’aloisio is one of the youngest self-made millionaires of all time. In 2012, D’aloisio created Summly, an app that summarizes news articles and condenses them down into much smaller reads. With the app, users can easily stay up-to-date with current news and events.

Apple named Summly the best app of 2012, which boosted even more revenue with eyes turning to D’aloisio for his incredible invention. D’aloisio later sold the app to Yahoo! for $30 million to focus on completing his schooling. You can now find the millionaire at King’s College in the United Kingdom where he continues to work for Yahoo! as a manager. We presume that Yahoo! will offer D’aloisio a much larger role within the company after he graduates.

3. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead ($59 Million)

Dannielynn is the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, who had $10 million in net worth when she passed away. As the heiress to her mother’s wealth, Dannielynn received all of it, and was able to get nearly $49 million more in another lawsuit on her mother’s behalf.

2. Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt ($67.5 Million)

Knox and Vivienne are the twins of Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The couple has adopted quite a few children over the years, but Knox and Vivienne are rumored to have the biggest financial futures out of all of their siblings. With parents who are among the highest earners in the money-packed entertainment industry, the

1. Prince George Alexander Louis ($1 Billion)

Prince George Alexander Louis is only two years old and he’s already a billionaire. That’s because George Alexander is the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. George Alexander is third in line to the throne in the United Kingdom, and being a royal obviously has its perks.

The Crown Estate is set in place for those who are in line to the throne and that alone will give Prince George Alexander more than $5 billion in property assets. He will also receive $400 million per year in other assets to make sure that he is well taken care of over the course of his life. There will be a lot of pressure on the billionaire baby as he grows up in front of the public’s eye, so we’ll see if he handles it as well as his father did.

Porn without Sex: Hilarious Images from the Opening Scenes of Adult Movies

Pornography films are notorious for their predictable opening scenes, composed of a few awkward and cheesy moments that establish a backstory for a naughty encounter.

Setting the stage for on-screen sex, these absurd performances go largely forgotten, but what would they look like pulled from their salacious context?


Issue #008 of Useful Photography magazine, published by KesselsKramer Publishing, is devoted entirely to found photographs depicting the introductory minutes of adult films and magazines. Ejected from the situations for which they were originally intended, these images operate as a strange archive of erotic fantasy and pretense.

Collected in a single volume, the fictitious scenes appear painfully stilted, composed of a series of contrived gestures and blundering pauses. The individual men and women become caricatures of their sex, preposterous manifestations of collective desires.

Check out the list of highest paid small screen actors

Check out the list of highest paid small screen actors

In the article, you will come to know about the highest paid celebs of the small screen. As you all know that all Bollywood biggies are getting higher pays for their hard work and the television actors are not an exception. The small screen actors are also getting good payouts and you will be amazed after checking out the list.

  1. Kapil Sharma –

Comedian Kapil has been has been topping the list with a hefty sum of 80 lacs. As per reports, Sharma is receiving a gigantic Rs. 110 crore for his new year-long spell with Sony Entertainment television. The Kapil Sharma Show has turned the key TRP originator and the comedian simply gets Rs 65-80 lakh per episode.

image source

  1. Sunil Grover –

Sunil has become a household name after his characters like Gutthi, Dr. Gulati, and Rinku Bhabhi got praised by audiences. The big part of the success of Kapil’s comedy show goes to Grover. The actor gets between Rs 10-12 lakh per episode for his special appearance in the show.

image source

  1. Mishal Raheja –

Mishal Rahega, who dooned the role of Datta Bhau in Laagi Tujhse Lagan, has become the third highest paid actor of the small screen. He is getting around 1.6 lacs per episode.

image source

  1. Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor –

The two popular TV actors Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor, who are also working in Bollywood films, are getting a whopping sum of around 1.25 lakhs per episode. Both Ronit and Ram are said to be Ekta Kapoor’s most favorite stars. Ronit and Ram are said to be selective about picking characters.

image source

  1. Hina Khan, Karan Patel –

Two popular television faces including Hina and Karan are getting around 1 to 1.25 lacs per episode and both the actors have shown their best in the shows they are working in. Hina took the same sum for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai whilst Karan bags the similar amount for his most popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

image source

  1. Divyanka Tripathi, Mohit Raina, Drashti Dhami –

Popular beauties comprising Divyanka Tripathi, Mohit Raina, Drashti Dhami are getting 1 lakh per episode. Divyanka gets Rs 1 lakh for popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, whilst Mohit charged the similar amount for Chakravartin Ashoka Samra. Drashti is also getting Rs 1 lakh for her novel TV show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil.

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The other TV celebs like Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Sakshi Tanwar gets 90,000 and 80,000 per episode respectively.

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Jet Airways has got a new scheme for the passengers: baby born on jet airways can travel for free for whole lifetime

Jet Airways has got a new scheme for the passengers: baby born on jet airways can travel for free for whole lifetime

It happened that an expectant mother went into premature delivery when the jet airway flight took off from Dammam to Kochi and the crew occupied the flight to Mumbai in that emergency situation.

A baby boy was born on Sunday 35,000 feet above ocean level on a Jet Airways plane from Saudi Arabia to India, has gotten a free lifetime go from the carrier as his first birthday celebration present.

jet 2


Fly Airways flight 9W 569 took off from Dammam for Kochi at 2.55 am on Sunday and when an eager mother voyaging locally available went into untimely delivery the crew proclaimed a therapeutic crisis and redirected the flight to Mumbai.

While the Boeing 737 with 162 travelers on board was still over the Arabian Sea, the lodge group asked for on people in general declaration framework for a specialist to approach. Be that as it may, since there was none a female medical caretaker making a trip to Kerala, named Wilson, volunteered to assist convey the kid alongside the aircraft staff. After the plane arrived in Mumbai, both the mother and the child were hurried to a doctor’s facility and were said to be doing great, as indicated by the aircraft.

jet 3

“Being the first baby to be born in-flight for the airline, Jet Airways is pleased to offer the newly-born a free lifetime pass for all his travel on Jet Airways,” the airline said in a statement.

The plane later continued its forward voyage to Kochi and reached its destination at 12.45 pm following a deferral of an hour and a half.

Is This The Ultimate And Most Dangerous Infinity Pool In The World?

The Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya is a waterfall located in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A famous feature is a naturally formed pool known as the Devil’s Pool, near the edge of the falls, accessed via Livingstone Island in Zambia.

When the river flow is at a certain level, usually during the months of September to December, a rock barrier forms a pool with little current; some people swim in the pool.

Occasional deaths have been reported when people slip over the edge of the rock barrier

“Devil’s Pool. One of biggest islands on the crest of the Falls is Livingstone Island, where the explorer David Livingstone first saw the falls in Zambia (he was the one who named the falls after Queen Victoria).”

“After our morning hike in Victoria Falls National Park on the Zimbabwe side, we crossed the border to the Zambia side to take a trip out to Livingstone Island and swim in the Devil’s Pool, a pool formed by a natural rock outcropping at the very edge of the falls. It was freaking amazing!”

“We had to give up an aerial view of the falls for this, but it was worth it. How often do you get to jump into a waterfall (well ok, a pool in a waterfall), and then hang out right at the edge of it? If you ever go during low water season to Vic Falls, I highly recommend doing this, as long as you are comfortable with swimming.”


highest followed Twitter Handle : Watch the List with Katy Perry at top

10 highest followed Twitter Handle : Watch the List with Katy Perry at top

Pop-sensation Katy Perry on Friday made Twitter history by turning the first person to gather 100 million followers on the Twitter, the micro blogging site.

The pop star who began her Twitter journey in 2009, has been exceptionally active since her first tweet of the Berlin visit. What’s more, now, the “Witness” singer can connect with her 100 million  followers with only 140 characters in seconds.

Katy Perry is now the reigning queen of Twitter who has been joined by celebrities like Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Barack Obama and likewise.×

We have brought here the top 10 most-sought after Twitter accounts. This includes- five ladies, three men and two brands as per their followers numbers. Here’s who tweets the most, who takes after the most records, and their first tweets.

1.Katy Perry

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Handle: @katyperry

Adherents: 100 million

Taking after: 205

Tweets: 8,540

In the first place tweet:

Just got into Berlin… feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside… and P.S. I TWITTTTER! GAH. Such a follower!

Just got into Berlin… feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside… also, P.S. I TWITTTTER! GAH. Such a devotee!

2.Justin Bieber

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Handle: @justinbieber

Adherents: 96,726,295

Taking after: 303,669

Tweets: 30,663

In the first place tweet:

Look at my single “ONE TIME” on my myspace and spread the news for me. Much appreciated

3.Barack Obama

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Handle: @BarackObama

Devotees: 90,846,550

Taking after: 629,496

Tweets: 15,451

To start with Tweet:

Thinking we’re only one signature away from ending the war in Iraq.
Learn more at

Supposing we’re just a single mark far from terminating the war in Iraq.

4.Taylor Swift

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Handle: @taylorswift13

Adherents: 85,097,270

Taking after: 245

Tweets: 4,161

In the first place Tweet:

apologizing to an exceptionally penniless feline for being gone so long.


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Handle: @rihanna

Supporters: 74,095,413

Taking after: 1,132

Tweets: 9,918

To start with Tweet:

The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09

6.Ellen DeGeneres

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Handle: @TheEllenShow

Supporters: 69,965,963

Taking after: 36,101

Tweets: 14,453

To start with Tweet:

Tis my first twitt-er. Or tweet? Twit? Or tweet?
“Twit or tweet everybody.” Is this anything?

Tis my first twitt-er. Or, on the other hand tweet? Twit? Or, on the other hand tweet?

“Twit or tweet everyone.” Is this anything? YouTube

7.Handle: @YouTube

Taking after: 68,713,304

Supporters: 1,001

Tweets: 20,030

To begin with tweet:

About 2m individuals look at Usain Bolt festivity parody video:

8.Woman Gaga

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Handle: @ladygaga

Supporters: 66,975,949

Taking after: 129,368

Tweets: 8,333

To begin with tweet:

op rehearsing for my video just dance and am now at wmc to perform at the Armani and nervous records party. But I am no nervous record! …

operation practicing for my video simply move and am presently at wmc to perform at the Armani and apprehensive records party. However, I am no apprehensive record! …

8:26 AM – 27 Mar 2008

9.Justin Timberlake

Handle: @jtimberlake

Devotees: 61,502,180

Taking after: 239

Tweets: 3,617

To start with Tweet:

Tennman Records released its first single today, Esmee Denters’ “Outta Here”. What do you think?

Tennman Records discharged its initially single today, Esmee Denters’ “Outta Here”. What do you think?


Handle: @Twitter

Devotees: 60,997,324

Taking after: 165

Tweets: 5,268

Initially Tweet:

working on iphones via ‘hahlo’ and ‘pocket tweets’ – fun!

chipping away at iphones by means of “hahlo” and ‘pocket tweets’ – fun!

Top 10 Theories Of Why We Dream

Dreaming, much like binge-watching Netflix, is one of those things we all do, but no one seems to understand why. We don’t dream every time we sleep, and when we do, it’s usually of some random scenario that makes no sense. We sometimes wake up with a vague recollection of a dream, but we typically can’t piece together anything concrete. This tends to be why it’s hard to study dreams, since they’re inconsistent, random, and easily forgotten (except for those pesky nightmares you’ve been getting since you were eight). Psychologists tend to agree that dreaming serves no direct physical function. However, some researchers believe that we dream for a reason and that it serves some sort of emotional, or primary, function.

These types of psychologists tend to study not only the causes of dreams but also their meanings. They delve into what dreaming can do for our bodies and our brains, such as if they can indicate how we view the world or process information. Others research the history of dreaming and whether only some of our evolutionary ancestors could dream, giving them some sort of selective advantage from those who couldn’t.

Let’s explore the top ten reasons that could explain why we dream.

10.They Consolidate Memories

Numerous studies have found that dreams help us store information. When we dream, it allows our brain to move information into long-term memory storage.[1] Neuroscientists have found that during the day, memories are stored in the hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with long-term memory. While we sleep, memories are transferred from the hippocampus to the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that processes new information and is known for cognition and knowledge.

Sleep allows our brain time to transfer memories to different parts of the brain so that they can be recorded and sometimes even restored. Studies have also found that before memories are transferred to the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus seems to replay our day, sometimes in reverse!

9.They’re Therapeutic

We’ve all experienced a dream that seems all too familiar, and we’ve all gone to bed after watching a scary movie and had a nightmare starring a mysterious, dark figure that eerily resembles the monster from the movie. Dreams help us deal with strong emotions, like fright, sadness, and love. Psychologists believe that dreams act to strip away emotions from events.[2]By stripping away these emotions and separating them from events, we are better able to process the emotions, since our brain is able to make connections between feelings and past experiences. Researchers have found that these connections are different from the ones our brain would have made had it been fully awake.

These different connections allow for the development of new perspectives by viewing situations in different ways and possibly aid in working through a tough situation by looking at it from another point of view. Some researchers believe that this might be a way to get to the root of one’s anger, sadness, fear, or happiness, while others believe it is a safe space in which humans can solve their deepest problems and explore their most haunting insecurities.

8.They Prevent Anxiety

A 2009 study conducted on depressed and anxious patients found an interesting correlation between dreaming and cognitive distortions.[3] Five researchers studied two groups of college students: The first group consisted of 35 healthy students, and the second group of 20 depressed and anxious students. These students were awakened ten minutes into a rapid eye movement (REM) sleep episode and then ten minutes into a non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep episode. After these periods of sleep, the students completed memory recall, mood, and self-appraisal tests.

The researchers found that the students with depression and anxiety had dreams with themes of aggression and self-victimization more often than the healthy patients. REM sleep may help depressed and anxious patients deal with and work through their emotions regarding self-worth, sadness, and anger.

7.They Lead To Overall Well-Being

A study found that patients who were not allowed to sleep faced some severe consequences.[4] Like the students in the study mentioned previously, these patients were woken up right when they were entering REM sleep. Researchers found that when the participants weren’t allowed to dream, they experienced increased tension, difficulty concentrating, lack of coordination, and slight weight gain. They also had a tendency to hallucinate.

Granted, some of these side effects could be due to an overall lack of sleep and not a lack of dreaming. However, numerous studies have proven that most of these side effects arise from a lack of REM sleep specifically, and we only dream during REM sleep.

6.Not Dreaming May Signal Psychiatric Disorders

Chronic sleep problems affect between 50 and 80 percent of patients who have diagnosable psychiatric disorders, while only around ten percent of the general US population suffers from a sleep disorder. Researchers at Harvard University conducted a study in 2009 that found a link between dreaming and common psychiatric disorders, like bipolar disorder.[5] They found that for both children and adults, sleep problems may raise the risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.

Interrupted REM sleep affects levels of neurotransmitters and stress hormones. This impairs emotional regulation and affects the way we think. Continued hormone imbalances and affected neurotransmitters are what may lead to psychiatric disorders. Although these findings are rather scary, this research has a practical application, since treating a sleep disorder may alleviate an underlying or concurrent mental disorder or prevent one from occurring.

5.Information Processing Theory

One particular study found that while in REM sleep, we process new concepts and link them to preexisting knowledge or distant but related concepts.[6] They found that dreaming arises when we become aware of these links, which are usually fragmented sounds or images coupled with motor activity. Our brain interprets these fragments and tries to create a narrative to connect them. These researchers found that this tends to be why our dreams are so bizarre, confusing, and creative.

The creativity that arises in dreams is all due to information that has been previously stored in our brains. When we attempt to link new information to extant knowledge, we interpret it in new ways that allow us to understand how the world works. They also found that dreaming makes us more aware of how we act in the world.

4.Psychoanalytic Theory Of Dreams

Photo credit: Max Halberstadt

We can’t make a list about dreams without mentioning Freud, can we? Although many claims made by popular psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud have been disproved over the years, they remain an interesting topic of discussion and have made their way into mainstream literature and music. Freud specialized in the meaning of dreams, in deriving unconscious thoughts and desires from the types of dreams we have. He believed that we’re driven by aggressive and sexual instincts, which are repressed by our conscious and revealed by our unconscious through our dreams.

Freud believed that our dreams express unacceptable feelings, like sexual attraction to our own parents. He defined dreams as having manifest (remembered) content and latent (hidden) content.[7] It was in this latent content that Freud “found” the meaning of dreams.

3.Activation-Synthesis Model

The activation-synthesis model, first introduced in 1977, explores how our brain creates dreams from signals.[8] However, instead of using our experiences and memories as the trigger, this theory holds that dreams arise from biological responses to the activation of some parts of the limbic system, like the amygdala.

When these areas “light up” while we sleep, our brain synthesizes and interprets this information in the form of dreams. Thus, dreams are a mere consequence of basic biological functioning. The authors of this theory, however, do not believe that dreams are meaningless. They believe this interpretation of biological signals (aka dreams) leads to something essential: new ideas.

2.Adaptive Theory

This theory has two parts: one dealing with threats and another dealing with lack of sleep. Psychologists believe that sleep allows animals to stay out of harm’s way. For example, when an animal sleeps, it usually retires to a safe location. Scientists believe that a period of rest prevents animals from getting hurt due to their own mistakes, essentially preserving their life. This behavioral strategy, which has been perpetuated due to natural selection, is what we now consider sleep.

The part of this theory that deals with dreams is the one that describes what happens with a lack of REM sleep. Researchers have found that when a person is not allowed to enter the REM sleep stage one night, they spend more time than usual in that stage the following night.[9] This is called REM rebound. Such a biological response can only indicate that REM is essential for proper functioning and that animals who did not engage in it (or did so for too short of a time period) were slowly weeded out by evolution. Natural selection has programmed us to sleep and dream as a way to adapt to our surroundings and stay out of harm’s way.

1.Threat Stimulation Theory

The threat stimulation theory of why we dream states that dreams allow us to prepare for threats or danger. Finnish researchers at the University of Turku found that threat simulations during dreams allow a person to rehearse the required cognitive mechanisms for proper threat perception and avoidance, leading to increased reproductive success.[10] They studied this claim by investigating the dreams of children in both threatening and nonthreatening households.

They found that those living in an environment where their physical well-being is constantly threatened tended to have wild dreams and a great threat simulation system, whereas those living in a safe household had a weakly activated system and much calmer dreams, free of threat cues.

They followed this study with another one done on traumatized and non-traumatized children. Their results concurred with those obtained from the previous study. They found that traumatized children tended to have a significantly greater number of dreams and that their dreams were plagued with threats and violence. On the other hand, the mentally healthy children had dreams that were less severe in nature than those of the traumatized children, and they dreamed much less frequently.

23 High-Paying Career Alternatives That You Don’t Need A Bachelor’s Degree For

In today’s world many areas of employment are opening up which were unheard of before. There are respectable jobs that are eliminating the need of going for a three or four year bachelor degree course. Instead you can gain skills pertaining particularly to your area of interest and this also enables you an earlier start than your peers.

Here’s a few.

1. Ethical Hacker

You can enroll into a course right after completing your 10th. Pays between 1.5-20+lakhs.

You just need to be interested in computer operations to be an ethical hacker! There are institutes offering courses on this which will issue you a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification. You can pursue this course right after completing your 10th examinations. What’s more? The salary ranges from anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 20+lakhs!

Source: NullByte

2. Photographer

You can take up a course after 10+2 and begin interning. Starting salary is around 3LPA.

What if you could make a living out of your passion for photography? Apparently, you can do by getting a diploma/certificate course in photography right after completing high school. You can begin by being a staff/ freelance photographer. Though it takes time to be a high-paid photographer, the starting salary is quite good at an average of 3LPA.

Source: entrepreneur

3. Politician

No minimum educational qualification required. Salary and allowances are quite good.

You need to be a 25+ Indian citizen and good networking skills to be a politician in India. No minimum educational qualification has been established yet, but talks are happening around the subject. However, if you want to enter the system and bring about some change, here’s your chance. The salaries vary from 1lakh to 12LPA plus other allowances.

Source: NarendraModi

4. Writer

Formal/informal training after 10+2. Need to practice a lot. Average starting salaries are 2.4LPA.

Well, to become a writer you need to write. A lot! Mandatory educational qualification is only till 10+2, you can get into formal or informal training after that. So, read a lot and keep writing if you aspire to be a successful writer someday. Average starting salaries are 2.4LPA, it increases as your quality of writing improves.

Source: lucidbooks

5. Modelling/Acting

No minimum educational qualification required. You can take up a course. Pay varies.

These careers are all about your confidence, looks and how you carry yourself. If you think you can pull it through you can join a diploma course in modelling/acting and make a career out of it. The pay-scale is varied depending upon the quality of your work and connections.

Source: Zastavki

6. Personal Trainer

Course can be taken after 10+2. Pay could increase upto 80-90k per month eventually.

You need to have passed your 10+2 examinations, after which you can enroll into a 3-15 month course depending upon your preferences. There’s a high demand for personal trainers in India due to the rising health consciousness. Thus, it can prove to be a highly beneficial career. Even if you start at 10k per month, it can go upto 80-90k per month!

Source: Venngage

7. Dance Instructor

Initial training is needed. Minimum qualification needed is 10+2. Pay increases over time.

It is ideal to train under someone who is highly proficient in the art. There are academies all over India offering courses in dancing, the minimum qualification needed is 10+2. After the course intially you can intern under someone and thereafter go on to open your own academy. Income increases over time.

Source: lassiwithlavina

8. Real Estate Agent

Must be 19 years of age. License needs to be acquired. Pay varies.

It requires minimum of 18-19 years of age varying across states. Pre-license education hours have to be completed after which you should pass the real estate license examination of the concerned state. This job is also widely based on networking skills and having a knowledge of the internet is of profound help.

Source: thesocialmediahat

9. Purchasing Agent

You can start after 10+2. Need to know the laws. Pay depends upon industry.

There are various types of trades you can engage in, both within the country and outside. You need to procure a license for importing/exporting goods. It’s a huge industry with a lot of scope and the pay will depend upon the kind of division you associate yourself with. You can start after 10+2.

Source: wisegeek

10. Registered Nurse

Minimum age limit is 17 years. Certificate programs offered after 10+2. Average salary 2.3LPA

You have to pass a certificate program offered by a number of institutes across India. The minimum age limit is 17 years of age and you should have cleared your 12th examinations from Arts or Science department. Average salary of a registered nurse is 2.3LPA

Source: indiatimes

11. Graphic Designer

Diploma courses after 10+2. Average beginning salary is 2.5LPA.

After completing your 10+2 you can pursue a career in graphic designing by joining a 1 year or 2 year diploma course based on your preference. Creativity is very important factor for a career in design. A fresher in graphic designing can earn more than 2.5LPA

Source: TheLeadTree

12. Make-up artists

No minimum educational qualification required. Average pay starts at 15k per month, increases later.

Educational qualification is not a necessary criteria to be a make-up artist.  However, there are institutes that offer diploma/certificate courses that you can opt for. The integral skills required are stamina, patience and an eye for detail. Even for a newbie, the pay starts from 15k per month which can go up to 15k per day in the film industry!

Source: bridalgal

13. Creative Home Decor

No minimum educational qualification required. Need creativity and connectivity.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for hand-made products for home decoration. The number of things that can be made covers a broad spectrum, thus there is wide choice based on your preference. You can associate with companies that sell hand-made products or you can sell them independently over the internet.

Source: refreshrestyle

14. Web Developer/ Designer

You can take up a diploma course after 10+2. Salary ranges from 1.5-6LPA.

A bachelor’s degree is not the only way you can become a web developer. If you are passionate enough and can learn quickly, you can enroll yourself into a diploma course. As experience strongly matters in this field, this enables you a head-start. The salary can be anywhere around 1.5lakhs- 6lakhs depending on your experience.

Source: Devlounge

15. Game Designer

Certificate and Diploma courses after 10+2. Can earn between 30-70k per month.

This is a budding industry in India, one which you can join right after 10+2. There are many certificates and diploma programs being offered by various institutions. You have to begin as a trainee who is paid  around Rs 7000 to 10,000 per month. After attaining some hands-on experience, you can easily earn between Rs 30,000 to Rs.70,000 per month.

Source: isart

16. Professional YouTuber 

No minimum educational qualification required. Pay starts after a certain number of subscribers.

This is one of the most interesting career prospects that you can venture into. There is no age bar or educational requirement. The channel can be about anything that interests you and with which you think you can attract viewers. YouTube starts paying only after you reach a minimum number of subscribers and  thus you have to make sure that you come up with interesting content often.

Source: CNN

17. Professional Blogger

No minimum educational qualification required. Can earn through advertisements.

Just like with a YouTube channel, you can blog about anything you want. Once your blog gets popular enough, you can earn money through a variety of sources which include engaging with your readers in providing services or through advertisement. You can check out the success stories of famous bloggers in India.

Source: marieclaire

18. Cabin Crew Member

Diploma courses after 10+2. Starting salaries are from 3.6LPA.

You can choose the length of the course you want to opt for, it ranges from 1-3 years. A diploma program is enough to start a career in this field. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication. Your earnings can start from 3.6 lakh and even higher depending upon the airline you are associated with.

Source: DNA

19. Commercial Pilot

Training after 10+2 in Science Stream. Salary ranges from 1.5-5 lakhs per month.

If you have passed your 10+2 with science and have aspirations of being a pilot, you can obtain a Student Pilot License (SPL) by registering at a flying club which is recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India. After which you have to acquire the Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL) through training. Salary ranges from 1.5-5 lakhs per month!

Source: EagleFlightTraining

20. Radio/Video Jockey

No minimum educational qualification required. Pay varies.

Typically a high school certificate is enough to pursue a career in this field. You should have the ability to entertain the audience, being witty is a bonus. The beginning salary could be low but it increases with experience in the field.

Source: hindustantimes

21. Stock Market professionals

Minimum age limit is 21 years. Can start working after 10+2 after registering with SEBI.

You need to have a detailed knowledge and a genuine interest of how the market works to be a successful professional. The minimum age limit is 21 years but a 10+2 qualification is enough. You must also register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The basic salary is low, but bonus is a large part of the income which depends upon performance.

Source: coolbusinessideas

22. Tourism Professionals

Certificate and Diploma courses after 10+2. Pay depends upon career option.

You can do a diploma or a certificate course in different branches of tourism depending upon your interest. Tourism is a growing industry in India and the job prospects are quite high. Moreover such a profession allows you to travel across the globe! There are different career prospects as being a travel consultant or running a travel agency.

Source: vulcanpost

23. Fashion/Interior Designing

Diploma courses after 10+2. Freshers start from 30k per month.

Diploma courses in designing can be pursued right after high school. You have to have a creative bent of mind and an ability to understand the client’s needs. Career prospects are better if you complete your diploma from a renowned institute. Typically a fresher in the field earns around 30k per month.

Source: careerplot

Thus in today’s world it’s really not necessary to follow the rat race and pursue what everyone else is pursuing. You can give your career a different turn by following your passion and engaging in any of these fields.

How To Earn Free Money From ‘Google’ By Answering Quick Surveys

Do you know how Google makes money? Google gives us Internet-related services and products. But is makes money from every one of us by analyzing our Internet activities and displaying adverts, cloud computing, software, hardware and so on. But many of us don’t know that we can make money from Google as well and it’s very easy. Turn the tables on Google and get the Alphabet company to pay you to use your phone instead.


Earn Money From Google By Answering Quick Surveys

If you want to earn some extra money in the form of Google Play Credit, Google will give you some in exchange for answering a few occasional survey questions. It’s nice to be able to get something out of Google and you can do this with the Google Opinion Rewards app for Android. This app will ask you to answer simple and quick surveys (not more than 5 questions and you shouldn’t have to give in any of your personal details). Then, you will be rewarded with Google credits.

Now you can purchase apps, music, movies and games from the Google play store. People in Spain and Germany can also purchase books and magazines. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”

Google Opinion Rewards App:

When the app is first running, you will be asked several questions designed to test your general knowledge and make sure the app is working OK. It takes only a minute to answer them all and then you are set to answer surveys. These surveys include everything from opinion surveys to hotel and product reviews to location-based merchant satisfaction surveys, and all of them come from Google Surveys users.

Set up Google opinion Rewards app

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the surveys do expire after some time. This app in your phone does nothing most of the time, but every now and then it displays a notification that there is a survey it would like you to complete. It must be done within a certain time period, i.e. in the next 24 hours. As long as you check your phone once a day, you won’t miss the surveys.

Google Survey Questions

You can also create a survey and then set up custom audience panels to target Google Opinion Rewards users you’d like to reach. The rewards you get won’t pay your bills or anything, but each survey rewards anywhere from ten cents to a dollar. Though it looks so less, it can be helpful for buying a couple games and getting free movie rentals from the Google Play Store. Google Play credit even works on in-app purchases, in which you can buy Pokeballs or comic books.

How To Use The App:

When you get the notification, tap on it. Most surveys begin with an explanation of how this specific data is used. Tap “OK, got it.” Then you will see a set of questions and these question differ from one survey to another. Once you’ve finished answering all your questions, you’ll see how much credit you receive as a reward.

Google Opinion Rewards

According to the product manager at Google for the app, the best way to get more surveys is to answer honestly and respond to surveys quickly. If you want to make extra certain that you don’t miss a survey, you can enable a notification sound. To turn on the notifications, go to Settings and enable the “Notification sounds” toggle.

Turn ON notifications bar

Google Opinion Rewards Notifications

If you want to keep your data as private as possible, this app isn’t for you. Google will use this data to customize ads for you, on top of third-party marketing companies using it for analyzing your shopping habits. As long as you’re comfortable with that, enjoy your free money. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know how your data will be used, you can read Google’s FAQ on the subject uses here.

This is all about to earn money from Google by answering quick surveys. If you have any queries regarding the above method or app, let us know in the below comments.

Meet Rishi Shah, An Indian-American Entrepreneur Who Is Now A Self-Made Billionaire

Indian-American Entrepreneur Rishi Shah Becomes A Billionaire

American author Napoleon Hill once said, “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it” and entrepreneur Rishi Shah’s success story turns out to be the classic example that establishes the same. 31-year-old, Indian-American businessman Rishi Shah, left college 10 years ago to chase his entrepreneurial ambitions. Today he has become the founder of a healthcare tech company which is now valued at US $5.6 billion. Shah started Outcome Heath, a Chicago based company, in 2006.

He grew up in Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb and was born to a doctor who emigrated from India. He went to Northwestern University as a transfer student and it was there that he met his business partner and current President of Outcome, Shradha Agarwal. After working together for a campus magazine, they went a step ahead and found a company called Context Media in 2008. The company would sell its video monitor services to physicians and hospitals without any investment from other sources.

Indian-American Entrepreneur Rishi Shah Becomes A Billionaire© Twitter/rishi shah

Talking about his healthcare startup, Shah said in an interview that he was inspired by his sister who has type 1 diabetes. He said, “If she gets on an insulin pump and she is able to achieve better blood sugar control and she is checking her blood sugar more effectively, the device manufacturer wins, the insulin manufacturer wins, the blood glucometer wins, the doctor wins, but the payor wins most of all. And she wins personally.” And that’s how eventually he got the idea of a company that provides content to doctor’s offices.

However, his journey wasn’t a rosy one. Shah had his own fair share of struggles. On one hand, where some doctors didn’t realize the worth of digital education, others who understood it wanted see revenue to comfort their skeptical minds regarding this novice concept. “We had to build a profitable business, or at least a break-even business, from scratch,” Shah said while stating that there was no margin of error for them. Last week, Outcome Health earned the honour of being the newest unicorn company, and is already valued in the top 30 in the list of nearly 200 non-public companies worth $1 billion.

Indian-American Entrepreneur Rishi Shah Becomes A Billionaire  © Twitter

Reportedly, the company took in more than $130 million in revenue last year with an operating profit margin of approximately 40%. Today, this healthcare company assists both doctors and patients by providing touch screen monitors to hospitals around the country. Further, they install large, interactive video boards that allow physicians to explain a patient’s current health care problems and requirements in a better way, with the help of video, graphics and interactive visuals.

This startup is beneficial in many ways. First, people won’t have to wait in long queues or crowded rooms. They can save time in explaining and understanding a problem and utilize the remaining time to discuss other important things that often tends to get skipped during any session. Furthermore, the company provides free services to medical providers and makes most of their money from drug makers, health care marketers, insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Indian-American Entrepreneur Rishi Shah Becomes A Billionaire  © Twitter

Well, this startup is definitely one of the most brilliant ideas and has the potential to transform the global health sector. The success story of its proud owner, Rishi Shah, is proof that this concept is heading towards the right direction. While Shah has become tech’s newest billionaire, his partner Shradha Agarwal isn’t far behind.

Source: The Times Of India

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Aamir’s Dangal became the 5th highest earning Non-English Movie: Another Milestone achieved

Aamir’s Dangal became the 5th highest earning Non-English Movie: Another Milestone achieved

This week Dangal, a family drama acquired just another milestone to its kitty. The breakthrough achievement has been accomplished by only four different motion pictures ever. It joined China’s “The Mermaid” and “Monster Hunt”, France’s “The Intouchables”, and Japan’s “Your Name” to end up noticeably just the fifth non-English film in silver screen history to cross the grandiose $300 million overall film industry check.

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By Sunday only, Dangal had rung up $301 million (Rs. 1,930 crores) in worldwide dramatic ticket deals.

These four other non-English films in history who have earned more than $300 million around the world have earnings as $533 million and $386 million by the two Movies from China ” The Mermaid’ and ‘Monster Hunt’ respectively. The second on the list is France’s ‘The Intouchables’ which has earned $427 million whereas the fourth one earned $354 million is Japan’s ‘Your Name’.

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The Nitesh Tiwari-directorial has authoritatively outperformed the $300 million check this week to end up noticeably just the fifth non-English motion picture in history to do as such.

There are 400 films in the $300 million film industry club—about every one of them American—Dangal’s achievements are regardless unmistakable and exceptional.

Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” has now accomplished another and enormous point of reference which has just been come to by four different motion pictures ever!

As per a report from Forbes, worldwide ticket deals for the games biopic now remain at $301 million, with $179.8 million originating from China and $84.4 million from India.

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There are five key reasons why Dangal is such an enormous hit in China. With at any rate another $10 million – $15 million in ticket deals likely in China, and Japan, Korea, and various different domains still unexploited, Dangal may possibly make up for lost time with the fourth greatest non-English earning film, Your Name.

The flick, a sensational retelling of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat’s life, is the first and final Indian film with an abroad gross surpassing $100 million.

Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” has now accomplished another and tremendous point of reference which has just been come to by four different motion pictures ever!

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The Nitesh Tiwari-directorial has authoritatively outperformed the $300 million stamp this week to end up noticeably just the fifth non-English motion picture in history to do as such.

The Movie saw the screen in India at Christmas last year and continued to break records in India as well as overseas. This is not the first time that Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist has delivered such high.

Bizarre Ways Of How You Would Be Inviting Ghosts At Home


Demons and spirits are something that can scare even a strong person; however, there are those as well who do not wish to believe in them.

Being around negative energy is something that can attract devils and spirits around you.

The devils and spirits are believed to be all around us, where they are trying to accomplish some of their unfulfilled task or they are here to take revenge from someone.

might be doing unknowingly that can attract and invite ghosts into our houses. Check out the reasons, as it can simply spook you out!


Obsession With Death

The word ‘Death’ scares us all. This is something that we all never want to think about. It’s terrifying than anything else in this world, as it attracts negative energy. Any person who is obsessed with death tends to attract negative energy and demons around him.

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Being Depressed

If we have been under depression, we tend to think that our life is miserable. We lose motivation, and even lose happiness and we tend to develop a weak aura about ourselves.

The more we are this way, the more we attract negativity around us, which includes the demons. So, the next time you feel depressed about yourself, remember you are inviting ghosts.


Drug Abuse

Being under drug use not only ruins your life and health; but it has way more impact on you. Any person who uses drugs on a regular basis is said to open himself up to demonic attachment.

It is believed that drugs tend to deplete our physical, mental, and spiritual energies, as it leaves you weak enough to allow the lower level entities to feed on your energy.


Performing Black Magic

Performing black magic is nothing but diving your head into the world of black magic, as it is one of the sure-shot portals that can invite demonic spirits into our world. With this practice, one can definitely connect to the spirits due to their negative energy.


Dabbling In The Occult

This generally starts like a fun game to scare friends, but playing an Ouija board may call demons into your world. It is also believed that dabbling in the occult without protecting oneself or knowing what one is doing will attract a demon easily. Hence, this game should be avoided.


Some Of The Other Reasons Why Demons Could Enter Your Home Is Due To…

We all have seen in many movies that the reason behind the haunted house is the death of a person. Any form of violent death, which would have occurred in a particular place will generate enough negative energy around.


Multiple Deaths

If a place has seen a number of deaths, then there is a sure reason for great amount of negative energy to be present. Such a place would definitely call demonic powers into our world and can even become home for them.


Black Magic

Any place that has been used for black magic rituals of any kind is said to be an open door for negative beings to come through and potentially linger the place. It is believed that if a group of people participated in these rituals, then the magnet for demonic powers is immense and presence of demons in these particular places is true.


Recurrent Negativity

The place where people with negative energy live can attract ghosts and spirits. If the negativity is strong enough and lasts long enough, it is believed that it can generate enough energy to draw the attention of negative entities.

So, we hope you would note these points and avoid thinking or doing any of these.

19 People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

This world is not free of wonders.

That’s the same to human beings living around us.

Today we are going to meet some amazing and actually unbelievable people.





Grand Canyon

This lady has some rather large assets! And they look pretty natural to us. While she may not have the carrying a lot of extra weight, she seems to be enjoying her time in the sun. Who doesn’t love a day at the beach?

Big Beshine

Enter Beshine! The lady who packs a real punch. Doesn’t her back hurt from all of that? Beshine has become an Internet sensation, and for good reason. Kudos to this lady for doing, or shall we saw owning, what she loves

Beach Balls

According to the very few facts we can find out about this lady, those huge weights she’s carrying around are completely natural. Not like some of the others you’ll see in this list. She still seems to have a smile on her face, despite carrying out two giant beach balls.

The Woman With The Widest Hips

Mikel Ruffinelli became known as the woman with the widest hips in the world, measuring an extraordinary 2.4 meters in circumference! Despite her weighing a total of 420 pounds, Ruffinelli’s waist is only 40 inches wide – a very small size considering the width of her hips. The mother of four was nowhere near as big as she was before pregnancy; her body has a remarkable ability to expand after giving birth.

One Giant Foot

Woah! This lady is actually a giant foot! Okay, no, you’ve got us there. This photo was actually taken using a clever camera trick of moving very fast as the picture is taken. We’ve never met a real giant foot, complete with face.

Mega Melons

We’re not sure who this woman is and if her assets are real. She probably has some serious back pain all of the time.

Long Legged Lady

This woman is absolutely huge! We’re used to seeing men that are really tall, but Elisany da Cruz Silva is one of the biggest women we’ve ever seen. She is thought to be 6 foot and 8 inches tall, which is bigger than most men.

My Size Barbie- Valeria Lukyanova

Barbie is a girl’s favorite toy. However, it seems like this lady did not outgrow her Barbie obsession. In order to be the human Barbie, she had to undergo breast implants and follow strict special diets and daily gym sessions.

Most Tattooed Woman- Julia Gnuse

It is quite rare for women to get tatted but Julia loves tattoos and that is very obvious with just one look at her. In fact, 96% of her skin has been tatted. At first, she used tattoo to cover up her medical skin condition but she was not able to stop herself since then.

The Hairless Model

Once a top model, Gail Porter began slowly losing her hair at the young age of twenty-five. Instead of covering up her struggle with wigs and hair implants, Porter decided to be honest with her fans about her devastating disease called alopecia.

Steroid Women

Men are not the only ones who love steroids. There are also many women who use the same body enhancers in order to achieve the body that they wish to achieve. However, their bodies look a bit scary. Their pictures are great examples why people should choose to stick to whey protein instead.

Plastic Nightmare- Jocelyn Wildstein

Jocelyn Wildstein is one good example that plastic surgery can ruin you. Sadly, the story behind her plastic surgery obsession is a sad one. She decided to make herself look like a cat in an effort to reconnect to her husband who she found in bed with a 19-year-old woman. Sadly, all her efforts are in vain as they divorced in 1999.

Corset Training

From the largest breasts in the world to the tiniest waist. This German lady has taken corset training to a whole new level, in order to have the smallest waist in the world. We bet she found the belly button challenge super easy.

Longest Dreads -Asha Mandela

Long hair is quite difficult maintain but taking care of the longest dreadlocks is almost impossible. However, Asha Mandela proved to us that it can be done. She has been taking care of her hair for over a few decades. Her dreadlocks is over 19 feet long.

Two Heads

We are all aware of the fact that there are identical twins and some parents would even love to have twins. However, we would not think that there are real life two headed person. We may not believe it but there are a few instances of women giving birth to people with two heads.

Top 10 Times People Have Been Killed By Clothing

From green dresses dyed with arsenic to mercury-laced top hats, history is full of fashion trends that resulted in more extreme ends than just your average fashion faux pas.People have repeatedly sacrificed safety for fashion, so clothing-related deaths are nothing new.

However, some deaths involving clothing have been so strange, unusual, or rare that they stand out within our collective memory.

10 Flammable Bathrobe

On a chilly February morning in 2009, 81-year-old Evelyn Rogoff had a hankering for green tea. Little did she know that she would never get a chance to drink it. As she reached across the stove, the chenille bathrobe she was wearing grazed the electric burner and caught fire. Because of the flammability of the garment, Evelyn rapidly became engulfed in flames. Her husband Murray quickly intervened and tried to put out the fire, but his clothes caught alight, too. Their daughter entered the home to find both her parents ablaze and doused them with water to extinguish the kitchen inferno before rushing them both to the hospital.Evelyn spent six weeks at the University of California San Diego Burn Center before succumbing to her injuries. She had suffered third-degree burns over 30 percent of her body. Even more tragically, Murray passed away from a heart attack several months later. There has since been a recall on the deadly garment by the manufacturer, Blair Corporation. The company’s bathrobes have been blamed for nine deaths nationally.

9 High-Heel Stumblei

In 2012, a neighbor was shocked to find a young woman unresponsive in the stairwell of his Lower East Side walk-up in Manhattan. At first it appeared that she had just fallen over and urinated on herself, but after rolling her over, he found her face covered in blood and a large gash on her neck. When first responders arrived, they identified the young woman as Carlisle Brigham, who had been staying with a friend who lived in the apartment. Initially, police thought she had been slashed due to the gash on her neck and the large amount of blood.A subsequent autopsy revealed that her death was accidental rather than a homicide. It was believed to have been instigated by her high-heeled shoes. The combination of very high heels and a slippery marble staircase proved fatal. She apparently tripped and fell down the steep flight of stairs, shattering her chin and opening the wound on her neck in the process. The medical examiner ruled that her death was consistent with a fall down the stairs.

8 Assassinated By Brassiere

As hard as it may be to believe, this happened in 2015. Christina Bond, aged 55, was carrying her handgun in a bra holster. There are a variety of options for women’s concealed carry that have become popular in recent years, including purse and bra holsters. This particular holster attaches to the front of the bra, concealing the gun between the breasts via a strap that attaches to the clamshell holster itself.Bond was having trouble with her bra holster. As she was trying to adjust it to improve the fit, she somehow got the gun turned around toward her face as she was looking down at it. The gun discharged, shooting her in the eye. She was airlifted to Kalamazoo Hospital, where she died the following day. Experts believe that she must have either dislodged the gun from the clamshell or somehow got her finger near the trigger while adjusting in order for this event to have even been possible.

7 Fiery Crinolines

Crinolines were all the rage in the 19th and early 20th centuries. An alternative to wearing thick petticoats, crinolines were an almost cage-like garment that helped keep the giant skirts of the period in their intended shape. Besides being responsible for flipping awkwardly when ladies did not sit with the utmost care, crinolines were responsible for an estimated 3,000 deaths during the height of their popularity.Crinolines were notorious for becoming caught in the spokes of carriage wheels, with women having been reportedly dragged through the streets. Crinolines were also suspected of having been used to conceal pregnancy, thus enabling women to dispose of a baby that was unwanted or born out of wedlock without arousing suspicion. But perhaps the most dangerous aspect of crinolines was their extreme flammability—in a time when fires in the kitchen and the parlor were common. Just one of the many women burned alive when their crinoline caught fire was 16-year-old Emma Musson, who was burned to death when a coal from the kitchen fireplace rolled onto her dress. She was consumed in the ensuing blaze. Unfortunately, deaths like this were happenstance in the mid–late 19th century.

6 Crushed By A Mountain Of Clothing

In what can only be described as a case of hoarding gone wrong, three family members in Alicante, Spain, were crushed to death when the first floor of their home collapsed due to the massive weight of a large amount of clothing in 2009. A man, his wife, and their 12-year-old daughter died in the accident.According to news reports, the couple suffered from Diogenes Syndrome, which led to the mounds of clothing. The family’s older daughter survived. She had been asleep in an upstairs bedroom when the accident occurred. After waking up and discovering that the floor had collapsed under the clothes, she saw her sister’s arm sticking out from the pile and alerted authorities.

5 Buried By Fans’ Clothes

Pulling another example from history, the first legislator of ancient Greece, Draco, is almost as well-known for his odd death as he is for his accomplishments. Draco was the first person to create and establish written law that was enforced by a court, rather than oral law and fights to the death, which is all that had existed up until that time. Draco is perhaps most remembered for the notorious harshness of the laws he created, which advocated death for many petty crimes. The severity of Draco’s legislation inspired the term “draconian,” which is used to this day to describe any rule or law which is unusually harsh or sadistic.In addition to being known as the original lawmaker and for his harsh punishments, Draco’s death was peculiar and regularly appears on lists of unusual deaths. As the story goes, Draco was visiting the island of Aegina and was being honored at a theater for his accomplishments in Athens. In honoring him, a large crowd began to throw multiple hats, cloaks, and shirts upon his head. This was a customary way to show gratitude or appreciation during that time period. Ultimately, the mass of clothing and hats thrown upon him was enough to suffocate him to death.

4 Wedding Dress 

Maria Pantzapolous only wanted to take some fun photos of herself taking part in the “trash the dress” fad that has become popular on the Internet. This trend has brides “trashing” their expensive wedding dresses, often hoping to achieve the look of a high-fashion photo shoot. Popular means of dress-trashing include swimming or wading in water. Pantzapolous had hoped to achieve a similar result when she waded into the water at Rawdon Falls in Quebec in August 2012.Unaware of the deceptively strong current at Rawdon Falls, Pantzapolous asked her photographer to take pictures of her as she swam in the dress. The dress quickly became very heavy as the multiple layers absorbed water, and she became overwhelmed by the weight of it. Suddenly, the current started dragging the tiny woman further downstream. Attempts by her photographer to save her were futile, as the water began to pull him under as well. She eventually stopped fighting the current. Her body was found downstream two hours later.

3 Hung By Scarf

Isadora Duncan was a famous dancer and choreographer around the turn of the 20th century. She is also one of the most well-known examples of people dying for fashion. Duncan was known for many things in her lifetime, including being hailed as the “mother of modern dance.” Her freethinking and disdain for puritanical values was cause for public fascination, as was her personal life, which was filled with tragedy. In addition to dance, Duncan was notorious for her feminist and Communist views. She was also openly atheist and bisexual and liberally consumed alcohol.While riding in a car with a friend in 1927, the long scarf Duncan was wearing became entangled in the wheel of the car and pulled her from the vehicle, breaking her neck. This was not the first death by scarf, but it is certainly the most famous.[8] Taking all the other fascinating parts of her life into consideration, she is perhaps known best for her tragic death. The way Duncan died became so associated with her that in subsequent years, individuals succumbing to injury or death in a similar manner have been diagnosed with “long-scarf syndrome,” also referred to as “Isadora Duncan syndrome.”

2 Combustible Nightgown

In what has often been considered a possible case of spontaneous human combustion, the death of Mary Reeser not only reminds us to be careful while smoking indoors but also that sedatives and cigarettes don’t mix. Little of her body was found because it was virtually cremated in her living room, although little else burned.On a summer evening in July 1951, Mary Reeser of St. Petersburg, Florida, took two Seconal (a heavy sedative) before retiring to her armchair for the evening. She then lit a cigarette. While heavily sedated, her acetone nightgown and robe caught fire. All that was found were one of her feet, a piece of her skull, and the springs of her chair. Though many still suspect that she may have spontaneously combusted, it is generally accepted that her nightgown caught fire and that her body fat ignited, causing her to be destroyed almost immediately. This massive heat began to rise, which is a possible explanation for how a stack of newspapers near the body remained intact. Even half a century later, questions remain about the case.

1 Strangled By LaundryClothes Horse

In perhaps one of the strangest cases in recent years, a man was strangled to death by his clothes horse. Brian Depledge, father of two, was found dead in his home in 2011. It appears he tripped over a footstool and fell backward, and his head and neck became trapped between the rungs of the clothes horse, which collapsed on top of him. Authorities have stated that he appears to have struggled to free himself, which only caused the clothes horse to clamp down harder around his neck. In addition, the clothes on the uppermost rungs were still wet, which added extra weight to his head and neck.The coroner, who stated that someone is more likely to be struck by a meteorite than to experience such a freak death, verified that Depledge had fluid in his lungs consistent with death by asphyxiation.Talk about a killer wardrobe!

Source: listverse

Soviet Jet Train Able To Reach 160MPH Was Supposed To Change The Future

It would be wrong to say that only bad things came out of the Cold War because that would discount all of the amazing advancements that happened during that time. Some of those we see implemented into our everyday lives today, yet some, like this turbojet train, have been left out to gather rust.

It was built in the 1970s Soviet Union to cut down travel times and showcase the incredible power of the jet engine. A locomotive with two giant engines strapped on its roof could reach speeds higher than most trains today – up to 160mph (~260 km/h). Sounds awesome, right? It was, except for the fact that those engines were consuming incredible amounts of fuel. Enough so it would scrap the whole project and leave this fully functional prototype to rot.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the first turbojet train in the world. In 1966, New Yorker Don Wetzel has finished developing the M-497 Black Beetle, a jet train which reached the speed of 183 mph (~295 km/h) during its test run on existing tracks between Butler, Indiana and Stryker, Ohio. Since then, no train has ever went faster on the USA soil.

Will Iceland Pay You $2000 A Month If You Marry An Icelandic Woman?

In late June of 2016, rumors began circulating that Iceland would pay immigrants $5,000 a month if they married Icelandic women. But why would the Icelandic government do that? Was it because there’s some sort of shortage of men in this region?

According to the story going around, that’s exactly why Iceland was offering this monthly salary that most of us low to middle income earner citizens would love to earn. But while the article on social media caused a great deal of bewilderment, it left many wondering, was this for real or was it all just a bad joke?

Would Iceland pay $5,000 per month to immigrants who marry Icelandic women?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether this makes any sense at all. But for most people who are desperately trying to make ends meet, it didn’t matter.

Soon after the claim went viral on social networks, men around the world went crazy.

The Danish embassy started getting a number of applications in Egypt from potential suitors, eager to marry these Icelandic women in exchange for some cold hard cash.

The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also inundated with a bunch of requests as well.

Men from all over seemed pretty anxious to take up this seemingly generous offer from the Icelandic authorities, leaving the ministry in shock.

After the rumors went viral online, Icelandic women everywhere started being pestered.

Guys who were total strangers began to proposition them romantically, almost to the point of stalking through social media, and at first, they didn’t understand why.

It turns out that the entire thing was a hoax, according to Snopes.

The online hoax appears to have started on June 2016 because of an entry in a North African blog called “The Spirit Whispers”, which made those bogus claims.

The blog entry started out with the headline “breaking news”.

But while the English grammar was barely legible, the blog mentioned one thing that rarely needs any type of translation.

A juicy financial compensation of $5,000 a month was what the blog claimed.

The offer was available to any immigrant males, preferably of North African origin, who would be willing to marry Icelandic women.

Most of the information on the blog was largely incoherent.

It started off by mentioning Iceland’s defeat of England in the European soccer championships in 2016. Then it explained that the low number of men in Iceland has forced the country’s government to seek out potential suitors from abroad for the women in their country.

The blog was extremely enticing to North African men.

They had practically packed their bags to go marry a local girl in Iceland in exchange for some seriously awesome financial compensation.

This forced the government to shut the rumors down as soon as possible.

“On behalf of all Icelandic women, this is not true and no thanks!” Well, damn it! Here you guys were already packing your bags, and the Icelandic government had to go and spoil it for you.

This isn’t the first time that “The Spirit Whispers” has tried to pull this hoax off.

Back in 2015, they tried convincing women to come to the UAE and marry Emirati men, claiming that the region didn’t have a large enough female population to keep the man-made island afloat. To sweeten the deal, the hoax claimed that they would pay $3,000 a month for each woman who marries an Emirati.

The government of Iceland came forward and shot down those rumors.

“Information about government grants for immigrants who marry Icelandic women is NOT true,” they said.

For the record, the Icelandic government also assures the world that men in their country are safe.

There is no shortage of men in their country, despite the blog’s claims that that there were only 985 men for every 1,000 women in the capital city of Reykjavik.

The Iceland Review also debunked the rumors before they got out of hand.

“Whoever the people are who run this website, they waste no time checking their facts, and more obviously, not their spelling either. The story is written in broken English.”

The News Maritime website also jumped in to give the Icelandic government a hand.

“We are sorry to spoil your dreams, but all this is a hoax that is being spread over the internet. So don’t get fooled,” they added.

There’s more men than women in Iceland according to the latest population data.

In general, there are 1,007 men for every 1,000 women, and in the countryside, the ratio is 1,129 men for every 1,000 women.

Life can be so cruel, especially when someone bursts your bubble this way.

You can’t help but wonder if there’s even a purpose in life after thinking you were going to marry the woman of your dreams in Iceland, and then, pop, your dreams vanish into thin air.

This might have seemed like the ideal solution for people wanting to flee their own countries.

Not only would they get a beautiful life, but they’d also get to leave behind any deplorable political issues, war, and possibly poverty, hunger, and famine. But sadly, there’s no such thing as a free meal ticket.

So why did the North African website try pulling off this hoax in the first place?

They probably did this to get more traffic to their website. Even though the news eventually proved to be false, it was spammed around on social media for quite a bit.

Anyone with half a brain would realize that this offer was pure bull.

But then again, $5,000 is no short amount, and many people around the world are either greedy or in desperate need of some cold hard cash to get out of a bad situation.

At the bottom of the article on the website, people were asked to leave a comment.

Naturally, the story became the most popular on the website, and there were numerous comments and offers, proving to the world that there are some desperate men out there.

Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs claims that they’ve had to respond to several inquiries.

About 30 to 40 inquiries were received regarding immigrants who wanted to more an Icelandic woman, and all of them wound up receiving a disappointing response from the government.

Marry for money? It sounds ridiculous. Like something from the past.

But in some places, it’s still a sad reality, especially with the use of the internet. But that’s where higher moral standards come in, and people seriously need to realize that marrying for money is wrong and pathetic.

Unlike this hoax, there are some scams that are designed to rip people off.

You might even get a few responses from people that will lie to you and proclaim their undying love. Then, as soon as you leave your country, they will suck your wallets dry like leeches and then leave you for someone else.

So if you’re planning on marrying an Icelander, good for you.

There are a lot of beautiful people in Iceland, but you should do so without expecting a cash payout, because the outcome will not work in your favor.

Source: lifebuzz