Teacher Sacked After Bosses Find Out About Her Second Job

A Christian kindergarten school teacher was fired for refusing to give up her side job as a $2,500-a-time porn star.

Nina Skye, 21, declared ‘I love teaching, I love sex’ before a showdown with shocked bosses who confronted her over appearances in films with titles including Amateur Allure and Swallow Salon.

The auburn-haired beauty, who romps with men and women in the videos, said she was a ‘really good teacher’ and did not see why her hobby should bar her from the classroom.

But senior teachers at the unidentified pre-school thought differently, and said her profession went against the religious values they espoused.

Having sex was her dream job, Ms Skye said, and she was very reluctant to leave the industry.

She told Fox: ‘It goes against their views of fornication, like sex before marriage and that’s what I’m doing.

‘They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I wouldn’t do that.

‘They were really trying to pull me away from staying in the industry. They just really wanted me out. They offered help and advice, but I don’t really want out.’

Ms Skye said she liked having an open-minded outlook, adding: ‘I love teaching and sex. If I can get away with doing both, then I will.

‘It’s easy money. For my very first scene, I just did a regular boy on girl and I got paid $2,500 on the spot.

‘I never had that much money, ever, just handed to me in my life.

‘There’s a really big stigma associated with it, and how our society views it.

‘But that’s not how I am. I’m really open-minded. Super open-minded and not judgmental.’

25 Most Emotional Moments Of Parents In The Animal Kingdom

The love of a parent knows no bounds – and the same holds true for our animal friends.





It’s beautiful to see animals with their babies. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Now I must go hug my kitty. Share these amazing stories with all your animal-lover friends!

Kim Kardashian Just Bought A Piece Of Fashion History

And the price tag was pretty hefty

If you had enough spare cash to buy something that was owned by one of the most stylish women of all time, you’d just get it, wouldn’t you?

Kim Kardashian certainly agrees, because she just went and bought Jackie Kennedy’s watch.

According to TMZ, Kanye’s wife secretly bid on the Cartier watch at a Christie’s auction, and won it for a cool $379,500.

The watch is extra special because Jackie owned it when she was First Lady, as it’s engraved with the date February 23, 1963.

It was a gift from her brother-in-law Prince Stanislaw ‘Stas’ Radziwill.

Obviously, it’s very chic and understated, much like everything else Jackie wore. It’s a simple gold square face, with Roman number dials.

So definitely not the usual bling you’d expect to see Kim K wear, but who can blame her for wanting such a timeless (get it?) piece?

The 30 Most Scandalous Naked Dresses in History

Double-sided tape is the unsung hero of Hollywood.

Turns out, skin has been in for a long time. Beginning with icons like Marilyn Monroe (Happy Birthday, Mr. President!) and Caroll Baker, the naked dress was born. More “naked” than “dress,” the trend is all about strategically placed mesh and going commando. Yep, when the point of a gown is to show off the derrière, underwear is pretty moot. So scandalous!

10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women. Who is the most beautiful woman in your country?

We come across countless quotes saying that beauty lies within a person, it lies in the eyes of person looking at beauty. it is actually in the soul and so on. Yet we insist that beautiful are things that seem appealing to the eyes. Here is a list of top 10 countries in the world which are said to have the most beautiful women. Let’s take a look:

These are 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

10. Philippines

Liza Soberano – The Philippines Beauty.

The Philippines people are well known for their good attitude and sweetness but there is another side to this country. It has the most wins in the “Big Four International Beauty Pageants”.

9. Britain

Helen Flanagan – The most beautiful British woman.

British women of today are a mix of different cultures which is why they come in various skin tones and looks. They are educated, well mannered and to top it all- beautiful.

8. United States of America/Canada

Eugenie Bouchard – Hottest Canadian Tennis Player.

American women are fun, independent and they know how to take care of themselves. Out on the streets of Miami, NY and Los Angeles you will see many beautiful women who know how to care for themselves because of the advancements in science and technology. We will take Canadian and American women on the same level.

7. Netherlands (Dutch Women)

Doutzen Kroes – The Most Beautiful Dutch Woman.

With an average height of 5’7” and blonde hair, Dutch woman deserve to be at the 7th place in the list of countries with the most beautiful women of the world. .

6. Italy

Most Beautiful Italian Model Cristina Chiabotto.

When you talk about classy beauties, you talk about Italian women who are up to date in fashion, style and makeup. Mostly brown-eyed, they know how to carry themselves.

5. Venezuela

Norelys Rodriguez – The Venezuelan Beauty.

Ladies from this country have the most crowns from international beauty contests and their tall, slim bodies always make it to the top contestants each year.

4. Russia

Hottest Russian Model Irina Shayk.

Have you seen the Attorney General of Russia? That should give you an idea of the beauty in the country. Russian women possess a mix of western and eastern features in the form of high cheekbones, broad and tall bodies with blonde hair.

3. Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman Ani Lorak.

While Ukraine and Russia are essentially the same, we see that women of Ukraine are prettier than those from Russia. (Our bigger vote is still for their Attorney General though!)

2. Brazil

Adriana Lima – The Most Beautiful Brazilian women.

Brazilian women are known for their interest in socialization and tradition. Knowing how to carry themselves, they play a major role in the festivals that place in the country each year. The country holds the finest women of the world.

1. Turkey

Meryem Uzerli – The Sexiest Turkish Woman.

Turkey makes the top of our list when it comes to beautiful women and why shouldn’t it? They are photogenic with beautiful figures and carry themselves around with a grandeur that can only be linked to the kings and queens of the Turkish history.

From: wonderslist

The 20 Hottest Female Athletes Of 2017

It isn’t very hard to figure out why so many top athletes are hot. Obviously, they’re in peak physical condition, and because of that, they have amazing bodies. But even though these things are undeniably true, there are still a lot of chicks that play sports that aren’t that amazing looking. This is in large part because when pretty girls are growing up, they’re steered away from sports. Most hot chicks want to be actresses or models, or maybe even ballerinas; not too many of them want to be the catcher on the high school softball team.

So when there’s a woman who’s both gorgeous and athletically gifted, people tend to take notice. We sure did, which is why we put together what we consider to be the hottest 20 females competing in sports right now. Some of them are women that you’ve heard of before, while others are probably going to be new to you. One thing for sure, though, is you’re going to like all of them. When it comes to super hot women who are also into sports, how could you possibly go wrong?

Here are those we consider to be the 20 hottest athletes of 2017.

20. Blair O’Neal

Blair is a model and golfer. Take a wild guess at which one she’s better at? She never accomplished a whole lot as a golfer and has even given it up from time to time to focus on modeling, but still, when you hear of her, it’s always a being a golfer as well as a model. And why is that? Well, it’s for the same reason that you’re reading this article: female athletes are hot. Most of them on this list are here mostly because they’re totally awesome athletes who just happen to be super hot. Some of them are here because they’re super hot and just happen to be athletes. Blair is one of those.

19. Alex Morgan

No surprises here. I’m sure that you knew Alex Morgan was going to be on this list. Whether it be in her current role as a pro soccer player or in the role that made her famous as a gold medalist on the Olympic soccer team, there has never been any argument about the fact that Alex Morgan is incredibly hot. She truly is that very rare chick, the one that women truly want to be like and men really want to be in bed with. Even though it seems like she’s been around for a very long time, she’s still only 27 years old, so she’ll be making lists such as these for years to come.

18. Eugenie Bouchard

Next on this list of incredibly hot women who happen to be athletes (or is it the other way around) is Eugenie Bouchard. She’s a professional tennis player from Canada and is currently ranked number 53 in the world. I’m sure Eugenie is proud of that. I mean, being one of the top 60 female tennis players is definitely a good thing, no doubt about it. You know, what’s even cooler than that, though, is being ranked in TheRichest’s top 20 hottest female athletes. I’m sure that we made her day. Don’t worry so much about tennis, Eugenie. You’re hot.

17. Maria Kirilenko

Maria is a tennis player from Russia. At her highest, she was ranked the number 10 female tennis player in the world, but that was way back in 2013. I imagine that she’s been getting a little bit depressed as of late, not being ranked as high as she was back then. If that’s the case, I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled with being ranked in the top 20 hottest female athletes by The Richest. I mean, come on, let’s be honest: what’s more prestigious? Being one of the best female tennis players in the world or being smoking hot? I know the answer to that, but it might not be the same answer Maria would give.

16. Malia Manuel

Malia is a surfer and that is probably all that needs to be said. In all reality, probably the 20 hottest female athletes in the world are all surfers. They’re all tan, all in incredible shape, and also so many of them are hot blondes. Malia isn’t a blonde, but she makes this list anyway. She’s super hot and it’s in a way that isn’t intimidating. You know why? Because she’s also super cool, which is another thing that all female surfers are. When a chick is super good-looking, totally cool, and has an incredible body, what does that usually mean? Yep, they won’t date you.

15. Anastasia Ashley

Here’s another surfer for your viewing pleasure. Anastasia Ashley is just drop dead gorgeous and, of course, has an amazing body besides. As I’ve stated elsewhere in this article, pretty much all female surfers are totally hot. It’s like if you’re a woman and you aren’t hot, they won’t even let you on a surfboard. I don’t know… maybe that isn’t how it actually works, but it sure seems that way. At this point, Anastasia might be doing a little bit more modeling than surfing, but can you blame her? In theory, modeling pays more, and you don’t even have to get wet.

14. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille is from Canada and is the winner of the 2014 CrossFit Games. She’s an accomplished weightlifter, and I know that for some of you, that’s a little off-putting. I say if that’s true, then it’s only because you guys are just total wimps. Come on, Camille is just beautiful. This is the glory of the body that women have who do CrossFit. They don’t have that traditional female weightlifter body; they have curves where curves should be, and they’re soft in places where a woman should be soft. Camille is an absolute stunner with an amazing body, which is why she makes this list.

13. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sierra is a rock climber and a totally hot one at that. I imagine that the skills needed by a rock climber are similar to ones that might be beneficial in the bedroom, but I digress. This chick is just absolutely and undeniably beautiful. She’s been competing since she was just 14 years old. Now at 23, she’s recently graduated from college and is doing the rock-climbing thing full time. Personally, I don’t even know what that means. Can women actually make a living competing at rock climbing? It’s hard to know, but I imagine if anyone could, it would be Sierra.

12. Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant is actually kind of confusing. Women this hot are not supposed to get into the ring and get punched in the face. They’re also not supposed to get in the ring and punch other women in the face. Most female MMA fighters who are considered hot really aren’t. They’re just hot for women who get punched in the face a lot. Paige is entirely different. She’s just smoking hot pretty much however you look at it. Why she originally got into fighting is beyond me, but she did, which gives a lot of guys something to look at while watching MMA and gives me another hot chick to put on this list.

11. Julia Mancuso

Julia Mancuso is a skier who won an Olympic Gold Medal. She also has had a whole lot of other accomplishments in her career. You know what though? I’m not going to mention any of them. I highly doubt that in an article about the hottest female athletes in 2017 that you’re particularly interested in all the highlights of Julia’s career: where she went to school, where she grew up, if she has a dog, and if so what her dog’s name is. No, you’re probably most interested in what her body looks like, which you can see in the above photo. You’re most welcome. Any time.

10. Anna Sidorova

Anna is a curler from Russia. Curling is that super odd sport that one only sees every four years in the Olympics, and even then, you only watch it just because the whole thing is so totally bizarre. What’s even more bizarre is that a woman as hot as Anna not only participates in it but is also extremely good at it. Anna has an incredible body, and her face is nothing to ignore either. We would like to say that she’s the hottest female curler in the entire world, but to be honest, we don’t know a whole lot about it, and also, curlers are kind of scary, and we don’t want to make any of them mad.

9. Kiira Korpi

Kiira is a figure skater from Finland. Figure skating is one sport that’s always been known for having hot chicks in it. For the most part, girls are drawn to gymnastics or figure skating when they’re young — you know, because girls are kind of silly. Kiira had a very productive career and is now skating professionally and has given up the world of amateur skating. This is a good thing as there are only a certain number of hot women in the world that are in public eye, and we have to all do our best to make sure they all stay there for as long as possible.

8. Hope Solo

Hope Solo has been overshadowed a bit by Alex Morgan and how hot a lot of people think Alex is, but for my money, Hope is just as hot as Alex and maybe even more so. It kind of depends on what one finds attractive in a woman. She’s had a very long and successful career, which may be coming to an end, but for my money, she’ll continue to play for a few more years. I, for one, truly hope so. Even though Hope is now 35 years old, she still looks pretty amazing, and it would truly be a shame if she stopped chasing balls around while wearing skimpy outfits.

7. Carmen Jorda

When it comes to race car drivers, everyone always wants to talk about how hot Danica Patrick is. Well, she’s hot; there’s no doubt about that, but she’s not nearly as hot as Carmen Jorda is. Carmen is from Spain, and there’s even been some talk about how she got her role on certain teams as a marketing gimmick and is being carried because she’s so hot. All I have to say to that is, who cares? I want to see hot women, and I know a lot of other guys do, too. As far as I’m concerned, if all sports were just the NBA and then a bunch of super hot chicks running around, I would be fine.

6. Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is a hurdler from Australia who became a bit of a sensation because of her ridiculously adorable pre-race warmup dance. If you haven’t seen it, I would suggest that you google it right now. It lets you see everything that’s right with the world, and you’ll immediately fall in love with Michelle, probably to the point that you’ll break up with your girlfriend because she just doesn’t approach life with the same sort of attitude that Michelle does. Or maybe you’ll just want to break up with your girlfriend because Michelle is so much hotter than she is.

5. Skylar Diggins

From Notre Dame College, Skylar is a professional basketball player in the WNBA. She’s truly gorgeous and really epitomizes what this whole list is all about. She’s hot, for sure, but it’s also apparent how cool she is and how much she likes her sport. For her, and probably all of the other women on this list, the sport comes first, and whatever she can get out of the fact that she’s smoking hot is secondary. And let’s face it: how could you not like a chick as gorgeous as Skylar who’s also really good at basketball? Maybe she would even let you win every once in a while.

4. Christmas Abbott

Christmas is a CrossFit athlete who’s covered in tattoos and is heavily muscled and still looks incredibly good. I sure wouldn’t mind if I woke up on Christmas morning and found her wrapped up under my tree. Did that sound wrong? I hope not, as obviously, she could totally beat me up. The thing about CrossFit, as I’ve said before, is that all of these women are in amazing shape and completely toned, but there’s still a connection to the female body. It isn’t just a lot of chicks trying to look like men. And if there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Christmas is gorgeous.

3. Maria Elisa Antonelli

Maria is a beach volleyball player from Brazil. Beach volleyball is the only other sport other than surfing where it seems like every single woman that participates is incredibly hot, and I do mean all of them, no exceptions. Have you ever seen the Brazilian volleyball team? I probably don’t even need to tell you this, but every single one of them is amazing-looking. I could’ve picked any one of them for this list, but I chose Maria. I hope that doesn’t cause her any problems with all of the other women on the team. I would hate to even think what that would look like in the locker room. Actually, thinking about that’s kind of fun.

2. Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke is a very successful pole vaulter who’s also just incredible looking. If you google her and look up images, she looks gorgeous in every single one. She’s the total package: her face is just amazing, and her body is perfect, and when I say perfect, I really mean that. Forget about being in the top 20 hottest female athletes. Allison might be the hottest woman in the entire world. I know that’s a lot of pressure to live up to, but she can handle it. At 28 years old, she’s winding down a little bit on competing, but she’s working as a fitness model, so she isn’t going anywhere.

1. Ellen Hoog

Ellen is a Dutch field hockey player, who, like every other woman who’s on this list, is a total smoke show. This is the kind of thing that makes all guys all over the world come together. We might argue about a lot of other things like politics and the best way to open a beer bottle without an opener, but there’s one thing that we all appreciate, and that’s beautiful women. The fact that they’re athletes doesn’t even really have a lot to do with it. Ellen has had a lot of success over her career, and it isn’t over, so she may have a lot more. But either way, she’s gorgeous, which is why she makes this list.

Source: therichest

Famous Fitness Blogger Killed In Tragic Whipped Cream Accident

French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger has died after a tragic accident involving a whipped cream dispenser.

According to French media, Burger died of cardiac arrest after a defective whipped cream dispenser exploded hitting her in the chest and, despite medical attention, she sadly passed away.

Her death was announced by her grieving family on her Instagram page on Wednesday.

A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on


The post said:

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Rebecca, who died on June 18th, 2017 in an accident in the home.

The popular fitness blogger was well-known in France with 55,000 Facebook fans and 154,000 followers on Instagram.

A family member posted on Rebecca’s Instagram a picture of the dispenser with a warning that the public should not use it as thousands of the ‘defective devices’ remain in circulation.


The post warned:

Here is an example of a chantilly siphon that exploded and struck Rebecca’s thorax, resulting in her death.

The siphon that caused her death was sealed. Do not use this kind of utensil in your home! Several tens of thousands of defective devices are still in circulation.

The post did not name the brand of dispenser.

It is not the first time that a significant accident has occurred from the use of a whipped cream dispenser.

According to French consumer magazine, 60 millions injuries caused by the gadgets range from broken teeth and tinnitus to multiple fractures and, in one case, the loss of an eye.

Our thoughts are with Rebecca’s family and friends.

Kavita Devi, Follower of Great Khali is ready for WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament

Kavita Devi, Follower of Great Khali is ready for WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament

One of the followers of The Great Khali, Kavita Devi is set to end up plainly the main ever Indian lady ever to show up in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She has been selected for World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) 32-competitior Women’s tournament


Previous aggressive power lifter Kavita Devi will turn into the principal Indian lady to contend in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) when she participates in the organization’s first historically speaking competition for ladies one month from now.

kavita 1

Kavita said that “she is honored to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE’s first ever women’s tournament. She hopes to use this platform to inspire other Indian women with her performance and make India proud”

kavita 4

Kavita was a constable who later chosen to change to wrestling. The WWE is excited about expanding its fan base in India, which gives Kavita a brilliant chance to make it in the WWE. For fans in India, Kavita will speak to a new face that we would all be able to get behind. Who knows, she may even imitate the achievement that Khali accomplished.

kavita 3

Hailing from Haryana, Kavita has experienced preparing to be an expert wrestler under the direction of The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana) at his Punjab-based wrestling advancement and preparing institute.

kavita 5

Canyon Ceman, Vice President, WWE Talent Development, said, “Kavita Devi gave a strong performance at WWE’s 2017 Dubai tryout. She is an athletic and extremely strong woman who demonstrated a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment, and a passion for improving that will serve her well in WWE’s upcoming Mae Young Classic tournament.”

The Best Bollywood “Sing In The Car At The Top Of Your Lungs” Playlist For The Long Weekend

The holiday Gods have been kind enough to bless us with another long weekend, thanks to Eid which is on a Monday (26th June for everyone who didn’t already know this). While there are several hundreds of things you could do on a long weekend, ranging from a mini holiday to just lounging around in your cute PJs , we have an added bonus. Just in case you have nothing planned just yet, there is always music, some friends and a long drive to the rescue. And because we want you to simply sit back and enjoy, we’ve put our Bollywood crazy heads together and listed a playlist that is perfect to sing along, with the windows rolled down, and a bottle of sangria for company. (Ps: No drinking and driving, please


Here you go, the ultimate Bollywood travel playlist…

1. Dil Chahta Hai, because you need to celebrate your friends

2. Hum Jo Chalne Lage, the perfect song for that long, long drive

3. Ilahi, the song that makes us all want to quit our jobs and head out with our travel backpack

4. Khwabon Ke Parindey, to remind you that magic happens when you travel.

5. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana, because classics are always the best companions.

6. Aaj Kal Zindagi, to remind you that life is one big party. All you need are some great friends … and wine.

7. Patakha Guddi, to get all the sleepyheads at the back to wake up.

8. Oh Gujaria, hello, fun times

9. Dekha Hai Aisa Bhi, to bring back the 90s memories

10. Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh … to remind you of the good things in life … your friends.

11.Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale, the perfect sunset song

12. Aawara Bhawren Jo Hole Hole Gaaye Another treat for all the 90s souls

13. Main Nikla Gaddi Leke, because WHY NOT?

14. Bulleya, hello RK magic.

15. Hairat, continuing the RK magic formula.

8 Movie Marathons To Bond Over With Your New Roomies

It’s almost the end of June, an important time for students, for some are starting their new semester and others their first year of college. During this period, there are many people who shift to places far away from home, and live in hostels or as paying guests, to acquire better education and opportunities. Most of you may agree when I say living away from home can get difficult and lonely. A sigh of relief in this situation can be the company of your roommates. Of course, you will have each other’s minor issues and irritating habits to deal with, but they’ll be your first support in difficult times, remember that. Imagine living with someone you dislike? Nightmare, right? Hence, it is extremely important to bond with your roomies and we’ve got the perfect first step towards it: movie marathons.

We’ve rounded up on some of the best movie marathons your roomies and you can binge watch and connect via.

The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter Series

An all-time favourite, the Harry Potter series has everything you would want to be lost in: a parallel universe, friendship lessons, thrill, and mystery. And who knows, you both may even get some decor inspirations for your room too.

Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Franchise

Rohit Shetty

Comedy is one of the best to bond over. And when you think of this genre, what’s best than the Golmaal franchise to invest your valuable time in?

Disney Movie Marathon

Disney Movie Marathon

Stroll back to your childhood memories and give roomie a glimpse of how it was with a marathon of the Disney movies you love. Think the Lion King series, the beautiful princesses and handsome princes, fairies, and the comfort of how true love and truth never dies.

Karan Johar’s Classics

Karan Johars Classics

This movie marathon may be one of the longest with so many movies to choose from: Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and so on. And the time can be doubled if you are one of us who love to replay the favourite scenes over and over again.

High School Musical

High School Musical

For people who want to grow up (and get over Disney movies) but not step into the adult world right away, the High School Musical franchise is that perfect bridge between the two.

Scary Movie Series

Scary Movie Series

A successful parody series of the mainstream horror movies, this might creep you out but at the same time make you burst out laughing.

Bhai ki Movies

Bhai ki Movies

If you are one of those who needs no logical reasoning but plain entertainment, compile a list of Salman Khan movies and we bet, you won’t be disappointed. There’s Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, Hum Apke Hai Koun, Dabangg 1 & 2, Ready, and a long, long list of movies to binge watch.

Star Trek/Star Wars

Star Trek_Star Wars

If your roomies and you swing more on the nerd side, these science fiction movies are meant for you. They may increase your faith in the power of science.

She Had No Idea Why People Were Giving Her Flowers Until This Happened

A young woman was very confused by strangers who were giving her flowers at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee this past weekend. A crowd of people began gathering around her as her boyfriend, John Ferreira, who was behind her the entire time, got down on his knee to propose.

John had posted on Reddit that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend at the festival. Many of redditors who attended the concert helped out by handing her flowers. Scroll down to see the heartwarming video below.

John passed out flyers and flowers at the festival.

Strangers just kept coming up and handing her flowers.

A man played Dead Sea by The Lumineers.

She had no idea why all of this was happening.

Her boyfriend was waiting right behind her.

He’s shaking from nervousness.

She sees him and immediately tears start flowing.

She says yes!

I think it’s amazing that people who didn’t even know the couple took part to help out. This is so awesome! Congratulations to the happy couple! If this made you smile, Share it with your friends.

12 Celebrities That Are Unrecognizable After Aging

Everyone gets old, that’s a fact. But for Hollywood stars, the years pass by in front of millions of people. It is like in a blink of an eye that cute little actor is no longer so adorable, the muse of decades ago is no longer the same, and the heartthrob of the old days does not seem to care about appearance anymore.

We made a list of celebrities that are unrecognizable. The point is not to judge them, just to show that time passes for everyone… even for those who have already been on the top of the world. It’s just a joke, after all. What really matters is to be happy.

12) Kathleen Turner

Known for multiple successful film roles in the 1980s, Kathleen Turner was deemed a hot symbol by many during the height of her career. Now in her 60s, the hands of time have left Turner overweight and essentially unrecognizable compared to her glory years.

11) Val Kilmer

Rising to prominence in the mid 1980s, Val Kilmer quickly grew to fame courtesy of several notable film roles and his natural sex appeal. However, now in his mid 50s, Kilmer looks to be a shadow of his former self when it comes to his appearance. Courtesy of the natural aging process and significant instability in his weight, both gained and lost, Kilmer now appears to be a victim of time.

10) Kirstie Alley

Primarily known for her role on the hit television series “Cheers” in the late 1980s and early 90s, Kirstie Alley was a household name at the height of her fame. However, as the 2000s arrived, Alley begin to battle weight issues which have continued to this day. With massive fluctuations in her weight, coupled with an acting career in limbo, Kirstie Alley, now in her mid 60s, has entered the twilight of her career.

9) Matthew Perry

Cementing his fame on the television series “Friends,” Matthew Perry was considered by many to be one of the most well-known and most attractive actors on the planet during the pinnacle of his fame. However, in recent years, natural aging, increased weight gain, and various health issues created by substance abuse have caused Perry’s looks to fade. One quick glimpse of Perry these days serves as a reminder that we’re no longer in the year 2000.

8) Goldie Hawn

Known as a star of both television and film, Goldie Hawn was a hot topic of conversation in the 1970s and 80s. The perfect mixture of cuteness and sex appeal, Hawn maintained a spunky and lovable on-screen persona for many years. Now, approaching the age of 70, Hawn’s looks have faded but her dedication to motherhood and worthy charitable causes should be applauded.

7) Mark Hamill

Forever recognized and celebrated for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” films, Mark Hamill has had a very decorated film career both in front of the camera and as a voice actor. While Hamill is an icon to many within the Hollywood community and around the world, the aging process has gotten the best of him. While much heavier and less physically distinguished as he was during his prime, Hamill is still very much dedicated to his craft.

6) Lindsay Lohan

The once promising acting and signing career of Lindsay Lohan has taken quite a tumble over the course of the last decade. Mired by legal issues and substance abuse, the once adorable and sexy Lohan, now approaching the age of 30, looks almost 10 years older than her actual age. Having essentially vanished from the public conversation in recent years, Lohan is the definition of too much, too fast.

5) Madonna

As one of the most well-known pop music artists in history, Madonna became a household name in the 1980s courtesy of her catchy songs, physical appearance, and controversial public image. Due in large measure to MTV, Madonna was arguably the biggest female pop star in the world during the height of her fame. Approaching the age of 60, Madonna is starting to look more like a grandmother and less like the sexy 20-something of yesteryear.

4) Macaulay Culkin

Cast for the role of Kevin McCallister in the 1990 blockbuster film “Home Alone,” young Macaulay Culkin became an overnight sensation and one of the biggest celebrities in the world. However, after a stroke of good acting fortune and success, Culkin’s career all but came to an end during the mid to late 90s. Plagued by depression and substance abuse, Culkin has been the center of tabloid fodder for decades. In terms of appearance, the once cute kid is now a visibly tired and thin 30-something.

3) Pamela Anderson

Bursting onto the scene in the 1990s, Pamela Anderson was arguably the most sexy and sultry woman in the world during the highest point of her career. Gracing the small screen in the hit television show “Baywatch,” not to mention the pages of numerous magazines, Anderson was the definition of Hollywood beauty and sex appeal. Now in her late 40s, Anderson’s former life in the fast lane has taken a toll on her physical appearance.

2) Haley Joel Osment

After rising to superstardom essentially overnight courtesy of his role in the 1999 film “The Sixth Sense,” Haley Joel Osment was set to have a promising film career thanks in large measure to his boyish and cute appearance. While Osment does have an impressive resume, the now 27 year old has never been able to recapture the magic that made him famous so many years ago. Thanks to the hands of time, Osment is not only older but relatively overweight and virtually unrecognizable compared to the successful days of his youth.

1) Brigitte Bardot

At the age of 81, Brigitte Bardot has lived a wonderful life. Known as a fashion model, actress, singer, and animal rights activist, Bardot served as a role model for women for many years and likely still does to this day. While controversial in some regards due to her bold positions on worthy topics, Bardot is a trailblazer in many regards. As for her appearance, looking old at 81 certainly beats the unspoken alternative.

10 Secrets to Improve Your Self-Esteem

A person with adequate self-esteem isn’t someone who thinks he or she’s not good enough or, on the contrary, better than the rest. It’s someone who knows their merits and flaws.

Creative Idea 365 will help you understand which kind of self-esteem you have.


Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for BrightSide.me

9 Actors Who Surprised Us With Multiple Roles in One Movie

There are actors who are so talented and versatile that they’re able to play several roles in the same movie. And not just play but make us firmly believe we see a different person each time.

Creative Idea 365 gathered some of the brightest examples of actors doing their job brilliantly.

Cate Blanchett in Manifesto

There are 23 personalities inside Kevin Crumb’s body, and a 24th one is awakening right before our eyes. The viewers only see 7 of them: Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, Barry, Orwell, Jade, and Beast — all of them unique and totally unlike each other. McAvoy’s acting deserved the highest praise both from viewers and critics.

Preview photo credit Bayerischer Rundfunk

20 Selfies That Need To Be Stopped Before Someone Gets Hurt

Some of the most liked photos on Instagram are selfies, or photos taken by oneself. In summer 2016, Selena Gomez was named the queen of Instagram for generating over 4 million likes on a single selfie.

Taking a selfie seems simple enough. While you can snap one with any camera, most phones have two cameras, which means you don’t even have to stretch your arm out that far to get yourself in the shot. You can also use a selfie stick.

There are some of us who take the selfie game to new heights. Adventurers and daredevils, some risking their lives in their process, capture stunning scenes that many of us will never see in person while others redefine ridiculous by pulling out their camera at the wrong time (like in the middle of a fire).

Here are some of the best and worst selfies ever taken. How’s your selfie game?

All Of These Celebrities Were Homeless Before Becoming Famous… Number 5 Is Mind-Blowing!

When we see the luxurious mansions, cars and fancy dinners of the rich and famous we don’t stop to think about everything they’ve had to go through to achieve what they have. Just like everybody, they’ve had their ups and downs, and some were even living in poverty before becoming celebrities. Below we have a list of famous people who were practically living on the street before achieving fame and fortune.

Charles Chaplin

Before becoming a true legend, Charlie had a very difficult childhood. His father died when he was very young and his mother spent long periods of time in hospital. During these periods, Charlie was outside on his own, forced to sleep on the streets of London.

Daniel Craig

Before becoming James Bond, the British actor had to often sleep outside in London parks.

Halle Berry

When she was 20, the beautiful actress had to move to Chicago with her mom. Due to their lack of resources they spent several months living in shelters. Halle assures that this experience made her a more independent and compassionate person.

Sylvester Stallone

Our dear Rocky spent 3 weeks sleeping in a New York bus station. One day he saw an ad looking for actors and from that moment on, his life got much better.

Steve Jobs

While he was at college, Steve didn’t have money to pay his rent. Luckily, he had good friends who didn’t let him sleep in the street and he was able to sleep on the floor of their college dorm rooms.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer’s mom wasn’t pleased about the young lady’s choice of career, so she had to leave home on several occasions. Not having money to rent her own place, she was forced to sleep at her dance academy.

Jim Carrey

When the actor was 15, his dad lost his job and the family lost the apartment where they lived. For a time they were forced to live in a truck and Jim had to leave school to look for work and help his family.

25 Things No Woman Will Publicly Admit They’ve Done

Sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone, but we all do it.

1. Do you remember when you last washed the bra you’re wearing right now?

No? Me neither. 🙈

2. According to the instructions, you’re supposed to change your tampon every four to six hours…

But be honest, you’ve left it in for way longer than that before, haven’t you?

3. There have been times when, in an emergency, you’ve had to use toilet paper instead of a tampon or pad.


4. When it’s cold outside, you stop shaving.

Unless you need to wear a skirt or dress, but even then, you only shave the parts that can be seen.

5. And sure, you’ve peed in the shower. Who hasn’t?

There’s no helping it sometimes.

6. And yes, we have all picked our noses.

7. Sometimes we remove the dirt from under our nails with…well, our nails.

How else?

8. There is nothing more disgusting than sneezing when you’re on your period.

Not even Quentin Tarantino movies are that bloody.

9. You go days, and maybe even weeks, without washing your hair.

Thank god for dry shampoo and hats.

10. This includes after you’ve gone to the gym, or on a long walk, or on those warm days when your scalp gets all humid and gross.

11. Speaking of the gym…that outfit looks pretty familiar.

You’re not using the same sweaty clothes you wore yesterday? Are you?

12. You’ve taken great joy in peeling off your skin after a bad sunburn like some kind of serpent.

13. Be honest, do you remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

It’s probably been a while. And now that you’re thinking about it, you still have mascara, lipstick, rouge, and eyeshadow that you got for your 15th birthday that expired ages ago.

14. Instead of using nail polish remover like a decent human being, you pick it off with your teeth and spit it out after.


15. Nothing is more satisfying than removing your blackheads with a strip and then admiring it for hours.
Same goes for when you wax. It’s hypnotic.

16. The rumors you heard are true: We all smell our clothes and decide if it’s worth washing them or wearing them again.

Most of the time, you can wear them again.

17. You’ve spent hours picking off bits of mascara from your eyelashes with your fingers.

But you’ve spent even more time sleeping with your makeup on. And then you just put on more makeup over whatever you had on the day before.

18. You’ve gone fishing for bits of food that fell into your bra.

19. OK, OK, OK. Time to get real.

Few things are as weirdly satisfying as removing a strand of hair that got into your bits or your bum.

20. Accept it, you play with those little mustache and beard hairs that you have.

21. Nothing — NOTHING — is as satisfying as popping a zit.

22. Except for maybe the smell of your own farts.

Or your armpits. Sometimes you marvel at your smells.

23. And sometimes you don’t have a choice, and you have to apply deodorant on your sweaty armpits.

On top of the deodorant that you applied a few hours earlier.

24. And what about all those times where you turned the hair on the floor and walls of the shower into a work of art?

25. And nothing relaxes you more than lying down to watch TV and putting a hand down your pants.

And even playing around with the hair down there in the least sexual way possible.

KISS: Romance Photography Series by Maggie West

KISS is the debut art book from Los Angeles-based photographer Maggie West.

The book features 20 pairs of people kissing each other under colorful, surreal lighting.

KISS takes a unique, abstract approach to a subject that has depicted throughout centuries of art.

By placing a universal activity in such a dreamlike setting, the book causes readers to reexamine the energy and intimacy taking place with each embrace.

“By combining provocative colorations with intimate moments, the focus of the subjects became a richly surreal fantasy. This method visually separates the models from reality, allowing their feeling and energy to prevail” – Maggie West

Disney Princesses Reimagined Years Later As Queens By Daughters And Mothers

Disney Princesses Reimagined Years Later As Queens By Daughters And Mothers

If we could request who Oprah should do the next episode of Where Are They Now? on, it would definitely be the Disney princesses. What have they even been up to since riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after? LA-based photographer Tony Ross is helping us visualise it by depicting Disney’s most iconic maidens as majestic queens, and to make sure the portraits were extra-realistic, he had the princess models call in their moms to pose as the mythical matriarchs. The results were a royal success.

“…The main idea was to portray the relationship between a true mother and daughter as the same princesses a generation apart to show the similarities, the features that are alike,” Ross told A Plus. Indeed, the youthful glow of each princess juxtaposed with the dignified elegance of their mature counterparts creates a stunning contrast, but also a satisfying sense of continuity thanks to the physical traits shared by the models. The gorgeous costumes worn in the shoot were supplied by Nephi Garcia, a designer acclaimed for his collection of Disney-inspired children’s outfits.

The photo series powerfully reflects on the relationship between youth and ageing, as well as between mother and child. As the young woman is now, the older woman once was, and as the older woman is now, the young woman will become. Both generations are equally beautiful, and this fairytale photoshoot is proof. See each princess ‘then and now’ below, and vote for the most stunning transformations.

More info: Instagram

This Is What 13 of Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Could Look Like

We love our favorite animated film characters just the way we see them on the screen. But would we still adore them if they looked like the first sketches of their appearance?

Creative Idea 365 collected the original concept drawings of world-famous cartoon characters.

Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Preview photo credit disney.wikiadisney.wikia

20 Unforgettable Photographs That Have Hugely Impressed Us Lately

Sometimes, you see a photograph which summons a whole storm of emotions inside. Often this is down to a perfectly chosen angle or a shot taken at just the right moment. Sometimes, it’s a shot of a stunning landscape or an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. But in other cases, it can be something as simple as the chronicling of our everyday lives from all around the world.

Here, we’ve gathered together 20 of the most brilliant photographs we’ve seen lately. Some are amusing, some exciting, and others simply wonderful.

Some very ’attentive’ judges at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan

A woman quietly observes Johnny Depp’s arrival at a movie premier

When you don’t want your enemies to track your moves

A herd of sheep pass through a gate

The heavens open. Copenhagen, Denmark

My neighbour Totoro

I finally understand why American Bald Eagles are always photographed from the side

This guy dreamed of having two sons. His dreams came true — eventually!

Feeding the ’birds’ in Ecuador

A tornado in Genoa, Italy

So much emotion in just one photo!

Life is good

A cycling team from Rwanda sees snow for the first time

With mom

The photographer fell over when he was taking the shot and ended up with this masterpiece of a wedding photo

A cat: The view from below

Swans swim through the street after floods, UK

A walrus becomes embarrassed when it’s given a cake made of fish for its birthday, Norway

I really want to know what they’re looking at…

A typical rainy day in Chicago, USA

Police dogs in China queue for lunch

In the African wilderness

Marilyn hasn’t aged well…

Preview photo credit Mikael Grev

10 Movies Whose True Meaning You Never Even Guessed

From time to time, movie-watchers can’t understand why it is that a seemingly completely ordinary film leaves such a strong impression. The reason for this is that well-made movies are often built on a philosophical foundation that has an effect on your subconscious mind but which you can’t detect without thorough analysis.

Creative Idea 365 got to grips with 10 famous movies. Now try rewatching them having learned about their hidden meaning.

Mad Max: Fury Road

People often don’t see any deeper meaning behind impressive action movies. When considered from a psychological point of view, however, all the characters in Mad Max are a reflection of the composite parts of our own personalities. Their escape reflects our fears, the green Earth our dreams, and their journey the transformation of the personality. This is why watching this movie can leave you feeling revitalized and liberated from your inner emotional traps.

Schindler’s List

The little girl in the red dress that we see in Schindler’s List is a reflection of the main idea behind the movie. Steven Spielberg himself commented that “In the USA, the USSR, and in England, people knew about the Holocaust. But no one did anything. We didn’t expend any resources trying to stop this ruthless march of death. This was a huge catastrophe that everyone saw, but no one did anything about it.”


Attentive viewers may have noticed that there are two main colors in this movie: light blue (a symbol of eternity and of the sky) and a sandy color (symbolizing both earth and time). The characters change their appearances depending on their interpretation of these two symbols. The movie is, moreover, built around a mythological structure: a dream of paradise, ordinary people’s struggle with chaos, and ultimate salvation. Yet despite this epic mythology, the characters we see here are all ordinary people, which leaves you with such a strong impression.

Shutter Island

From the very beginning, the director of this movie lets us know that the main character is a mental patient: note the restraints in the detective’s room, the strained faces of the policemen, the nurses’ lack of seriousness when carrying out their questioning, the clumsiness of Miss Kearns. At the end, the main character realizes the truth, but because he can’t stand the pain it causes, he opts for a lobotomy.

Mr. Nobody

“Everything on Earth could be different, but it would have the same meaning,” says Nemo, because the essence of any one thing remains permanent regardless of how much the thing itself changes. Nemo is a unique individual who can concentrate on the point of no return and see all the possible variations of change that could befall him. Having learned that all the versions of life with his mother are grounded in emotion and all those with his father are based on reason, he opts for a third approach: individual choice (the symbol of an individual reaching maturity).

Black Swan

Many people think that Black Swan is a movie about schizophrenia, about the radiant Nina and her second personality, Lily (the name means “night“ or ”darkness” in ancient Hebrew). In fact, this movie is about art as a phenomenon. All art has two sides to it: the creative and the destructive. True perfection is born only when these two sides are unified. This is metaphorically depicted in the movie.

The Neon Demon

It’s essentially impossible to make sense of this movie without taking the time to analyze it at some level. The neon demon is the dark side of any object we desire. The main character is a metaphor for extreme beauty. It’s also worth noting the constant images of triangles in this film: a symbol of the Holy Trinity. This hints at the idea that the world of fashion and beauty has become a new religion, while the catwalk is the modern-day holy service.

The Walking Dead

Have you ever thought about why a TV show about zombies has retained the attention of viewers for so long? Because it doesn’t just depict the world of the living dead but also different forms of government seen throughout human history — from slave-owning to democracy. With each new season of The Living Dead, viewers are able to develop new impressions about different kinds of society humanity has or potentially could live in.


The last 20 seconds of this movie make reference to another film, Unbreakable, indicating that this is actually an “origin story“ in relation to the latter. The term ”origin story” is usually applied to depictions of how comic book superheroes come to be the way they are. In turn, it is revealed that the character in Split is not simply an individual with a mental disorder but a superhero whose story intertwines with that of the character in Unbreakable.

Fight Club

As for Fight Club, the crazy yet ingenious theory exists that Marla is also another character dreamed up by the Narrator. Note that Marla and Tyler are very similar: both smoke constantly, wear the same clothes and rings, and even retain the same hairstyles. Marla, moreover, is in many ways similar to the Narrator and has the same problems: they both live in hotels; they change their clothes at the same time; they attend the same self-help courses — and there are plenty of other similarities besides. Marla may well be the female principle contained within the Narrator’s personality, existing at a time when he struggles with the masculine one within himself — Tyler Durden. Now rewatch the film with this interpretation in mind. Not even the cars notice her!

Preview photo credit Fox 2000 Pictures

Bollywood Star Kids: On A Scale Of One To Kylie Jenner, Here’s How Instagram Extra These Celebrity Kids Are

These days, it seems the biggest celebrities ruling the internet are not Bollywood actors and actresses but their offspring. Of course, Instagram forms a huge part of this publicity, making the Instagram presence and following of these kids quite the hot topic. Now, while not all of them are on Instagram under official handles, they do definitely have their candid photos, selfies and whatnot plastered across the platform perennially. Hence, we have come up with a ranking of these celebrity children’s (who really aren’t kids anymore) social media viral potential, based on how extra they are on Instagram-one being not extra at all, and ten being full-blown Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian level extra.

Jhanvi Kapoor

Love my glittery gold dress 😘

A post shared by JHANVI KAPOOR 💙 (@jhanvi_kapoor_) on

The Kim K of Bollywood kids, Jhanvi Kapoor is a siren. Posing in her signature sexy yet demure way next to Khushi Kapoor, the Kylie to her Kim, Jhanvi is the big sis who started the starkid extra-ness on Instagram. While most are unaware what her actual Instagram handle is, Jhanvi’s pictures always take social media by storm, and the young, to-be starlet, loves the camera–especially the signature “candid” photo pose she seems to have mastered, much like Kim Kardashian West. Oh, and did we mention the grand fashion choices she is already making?

Aalia Ebrahim Furniturewalla

Baby, it's cold outside . . . . . Photo by📷: @shainastein

A post shared by Aalia Eff (@aaliaf) on

Score: 9.5!
Pooja Bedi’s beautiful daughter, Aalia, is a bona-fide Instagram KWEEN! The Gigi Hadid of Bollywood kids, she is a pretty-eyed stunner whose modelling photos are making the world eager to see her on the runway, or on screen. Body-confident and smart at a young age, and adept at shutting down haters, this young woman has an enviable Instagram profile. We mean, who looks this good in selfies AND candid photos?!

Khushi Kapoor

Score: A solid nine.
Jhanvi’s sister’s Instagram presence is a close third to her in this list of Instagram-perfect Bollywood kids, with her bold brows, bodycon dresses, and contoured cheekbones. No stranger to posting photos of herself with her buddies, Khushi also likes throwing in a philosophical caption or two, much like the very “inspiring” Kylie Jenner, who loves hanging out with her besties, too. Not only that, Khushi loves borrowing her sister Jhanvi’s style, quite exactly the way Kylie likes doing a Kim!

Aaliyah Kashyap

A post shared by Aaliyah Kashyap (@aaliyahk9) on

I hate frizzy hair 😊 #tb

A post shared by Aaliyah Kashyap (@aaliyahk9) on

Score: 8.5.

Anurag Kashyap’s daughter is an effortlessly-gorgeous young woman who seriously loves the hipster-chic fade filter on Instagram, keeping things cool and trendy. With brows like Kim K, a vibe like Kendall, and a low-key attitude like Taylor Swift, which makes people obsess over her even more, Aaliyah is a Bollywood star kid who rules Instagram with little to no effort, making it hard to categorise her!

Navya Naveli Nanda

Score: A decent eight.
Navya Nanda is like the Kourtney Kardashian of Bollywood star kids. She has her shit together, but she likes to let her hair down more often than not, and loves making risqué fashion choices-be it in teeny crop-tops, or in bodycon dresses with strategic cut-outs. Plus, much like Kourtney, she does like to party, and makes news every time she does. However, there is nothing silly or immature about her grown-up, and body-confident vibe!

Krishna Shroff


A post shared by Krishna Shroff (@kishushroff) on

Bali Series III 📷@divrikhyephotography

A post shared by Krishna Shroff (@kishushroff) on

Score: Seven.
Tiger Shroff’s younger sister and Jackie Shroff’s daughter lives to show off her crazy six-pack abs and bikini body on Instagram. Another beach bum, Krishna gives us major Bella Hadid vibes, always vacationing in various cool swimsuits, or giving the camera her haunting, poker-faced, stare. What a boss-much like her Dad!

Trishala Dutt

I like switching it up 🦎 #chameleonlife makeup by @glambyyaz hair by @marodrakopoulos

A post shared by Trishala Dutt (@trishaladutt) on

bad&boujee 🔥 #ponytailLife ✨✨makeup by @glambyyaz

A post shared by Trishala Dutt (@trishaladutt) on

Score: Six, like Khloe Kardashian.
Sanjay Dutt’s daughter, Trishala Dutt, looks eerily like Khloe Kardashian. In fact, her make-up, hair, skin, and facial features give us such major Khloe vibes, it is not even funny. Moreover, we’re guessing her psychology degree would make her an amazing agony aunt, just like Koko! Did we mention that she, too, had an inspiring fitness journey, just like Khloe? The similarities are uncanny!

Sara Ali Khan

This time last year

A post shared by Sara Ali Khan (@officialsaraalikhan) on

Score: A five.
Don’t get us wrong-we LOVE Saif’s daughter Sara. One of the most hot new debutants, Sara is a gorgeous, yet low-key girl. But, Sara does not seem to be on Instagram much, be it disguised as a fan account of herself (lol!), or otherwise, making it tough to call her Instagram-extra! Not as selfie-obsessed as they rest of the lot, she is like the Selena Gomez to all the Kylies and Kims on this list-busy with work, hardly ever on social media, yet has a huge social media following! That being said, the world always sees her as the sophisticated, focused, and sensible one, which we think is rather better than being on Instagram 24*7!

Suhana Khan

Such a beautiful picture 😻 @suhanakhan2 #suhanakhan 💕

A post shared by Suhana Khan FC (@suhana.khan) on

My beautiful angel #suhanakhan @suhanakhan2 😻😇💋

A post shared by Suhana Khan FC (@suhana.khan) on

Score: Four.
Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s seventeen-year-old daughter Suhana is hardly Instagram-obsessed enough to be ranked high on this list. Born to one of the industry’s most powerful man, she really doesn’t even need to be Instagram “extra”–her photos are everywhere, and everyone cares way too much about what she does, as it is. Low-key, cute, and still relatively less extra than everyone else on the list, Suhana is a chill four, unconcerned about posting hot selfies on Instagram, or showing off her designer clothes.

Picture credits: Instagram

Drop Everything Because Deepika Padukone Just Got Nominated For The BIGGEST Award Of Her Life

Deepika Padukone’s world domination continues and this award nomination is an indication that she is, basically, here to stay. Deepu made her big Hollywood debut opposite Vin Diesel with XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage, and totally won fans over as the next big action heroine giving Ruby Rose a run for her paycheck. Now she is nominated for a Teen *freaking* Choice Award alongside Gal Gadot, Nina Dobrev, and Michelle Rodriguez. So, what does this mean?

1) Deepika Padukone will most probably appear on the Teen Choice red carpet wearing some snatch outfit and an adventurous eye-shadow, and…

2) She will probably win giving the population of India and her fandom. So vote, bitchezzz. You better not let Deepu down.

Just. Can. Not. Wait(!!)

Guess Who Shraddha Kapoor Is Vacationing With In Italy?

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor, who we spotted on the Mumbai airport on Sunday night, is currently giving us some serious vacation and friendship goals, all the way from Italian shores. The actress, who knows her priorities quite well, set off on a vacation to Tuscany, Italy with best friend Eshanka Wahi taking some time off her busy schedule.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the actress had promised her recently-married girlfriend a holiday together and with this trip, she is fulfilling that commitment. The quote given to the leading tabloid goes, “Shraddha had promised Eshanka this trip long ago and now has taken some time off her hectic schedule to take off on a holiday with her. Her bestie moved to Delhi recently after she got married so Shraddha doesn’t get to meet her often but she makes it a point to spend time with her whenever possible. The girls will be travelling across the country.”

Watch these girls experience a trip-of-a-lifetime here:


16 hours, 2 flights, over continents, just to meet my babzie @eshankawahi ❤️

A post shared by Shraddha (@shraddhakapoor) on

Amidst the Tuscan alleys with my forever girl ❤👭 #Italy #soulsister @shraddhakapoor

A post shared by Eshanka Wahi (@eshankawahi) on

On the work front, Shraddha is working on director Amole Gupte’s Saina Nehwal, a biopic on Indian’s most popular badminton player.

Check out the pics of hot, sizzling & hard working female cricketers

Check out the pics of hot, sizzling & hard working female cricketers

Cricket craze has reached its peak all over the globe. People love their favorite cricket stars and follow them as mini-Gods. The female cricketer players never get their due in spite of giving remarkable performances on the turf and looking hot each time they performed. In this article, we are going to showcase the list of the hottest female cricketers –

Mithali Raj –

At just 19 years of age, Mithali Raj came forth as one of the nation’s most competent batswomen with an astounding 214 in opposition to England in the second and concluding Test at Taunton.

image source

Sana Mir –

She is a female Pakistani cricket player and skipper of the Pakistan female group who has headed Pakistan to two Gold awards in Asian Games during 2010 and 2014.

image source

Dane van Niekerk –

Born in Pretoria, Dane got her educated from Centurion High School and, after giving her performance at Highveld Women and Northerns Women, she got selected as part of the South Africa nationwide women’s cricket squad for the 2009 Women’s Cricket World Cup played in Australia.

image source

Trisha Chetty –

The 23 year old Chetty made her global debut during the year 2007. Since that time, she has given brilliant performances in 29 ODIs, seventeen T20s, and one Test for her national side.

image source

Aimee Watkins –

She belongs to New Zealand and has played ODIs and Tests for the country’s women’s cricket squad. She took birth in New Plymouth. She is a left-handed player and bowls right arm off spin.

image source

Sara McGlashan –

She is a well known cricket player from New Zealand. Sara is the sister of Peter McGlashan and showed her recital for Central Districts formerly, and recently got shifted to Auckland Hearts in the Domestic League.

image source

Sarah Taylor –

Sarah Taylor is an English cricketer. She is a wicketkeeper-batsman. She usually opens the batting in one day matches and bats in the middle order in Tests. She was an associate of the England squad that kept hold of the Ashes in Australia during the year 2008.

image source

Ellyse Perry –

Ellyse Perry is an Australian cricket player who entered the world of crocket for both the Australian cricket and football squads when she was just 16 years old. She played her initial cricket international during July 2007 before garnering her primary football cap for Australia just a month later.

image source

King Khan’s Pretty Daughter Suhana Looks Bollywood Ready

King Khan’s Pretty Daughter Suhana Looks Bollywood Ready; Check pics

Bollywood badshah Shahrukh Khan is a worldwide trend as much as his acting ability is linked, and right after SRK is his loving and caring life partner Gauri Khan, who has also garnered huge popularity as a well versed interior designing.

King Khan’s wifey recently used her special skills to design a modern Indian restaurant in the city of Mumbai and a number of Bollywood celebs attended the inaugural ceremony in Bandra.


image source

Talking on how she manages her work and her superstar huby and children, Gauri answered, “Actually, I’m selective about the projects that I take on, so there is that balance anyway. Also, Aryan and Suhana are both in boarding [schools] now and Shah Rukh is quite busy. So, it’s just AbRam [with me].”

As per reports, dashing actor Anil Kapoor was looking elegant in all blue formal wears. Gauri’s best pals including hot Jacqueline and cute faced Sonam Kapoor made entry to the bash in a special way as they’re walking on a red carpet.

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And amid all this, Gauri’s smart family made their way to the bash. Whilst King Khan looked relaxed, his gorgeous daughter Suhana Khan stunned all the people attending the special party.

Putting on a stunning orange bandage outfit, the actor’s cute princess was looking stylish, elegant and ready to be a part of film biz. The stunning Suhana looked spectacular and sizzling in her dress that she matched with special yellow heels and open hairstyle completed her look. Giving poses with her loving dad for the photographers, Suhana looked confident like never before.

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Ace film director Farah Khan was also there to attend the bash and viewing their talks, we are guessing if the film maker is considering SRK’s daughter for her upcoming movie. We have to confess, SRK and Gauri’s baby has experienced a major change.

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Ther Bollywood biggies present at the occasion comprised cutie Alia Bhatt, hot Sidharth Malhotra, chocolate boy Arjun Kapoor, dashing Sushant Singh Rajput, sexy Kriti Sanon, elegant Sussanne Khan, sizzling beauty Malaika Arora, cute Amrita Arora, well known personality Karan Johar, popular personality Manish Malhotra and lots others.

Suhana was not only the part of her mom’s success and job, however was also witnessed greeting and welcoming Bollywood biggies together with her ‘Pa’ Shah Rukh Khan.