15 mind-expanding movies

The view is sometimes expressed that you can measure a movie’s contribution to cinema by the amount of times you can watch it. At Think About Network, we’re convinced that even if you watch each of the films in the list below multiple times, with each viewing you’ll have the pleasure of picking out new, interesting subtexts and details which you didn’t notice before.

Another Earth

’Another Earth’ isn’t really about planets, identical selves or broken mirrors at all. Instead, it reminds us that there are certain people out there who spend their lives trying to become someone else, sometimes in order to forget a terrible past. But they can never quite manage it.

A Beautiful Mind

A candid story based on real life events, ’A Beautiful Mind’ boasts some exceptionally stirring performances. It is a tale of agonising choices, broken spirits and personal sacrifice for the sake of a chance at an ordinary life. At the same time, it reminds us that, without love, we have nothing.


A mysterious arrival from the planet K-PAX suddenly appears at a busy train station: a seemingly unremarkable man, whose dark glasses and easy smile surely wouldn’t set him apart from the crowd. Soon we learn that his name is Prot, and he can travel through the universe with the help of the energy contained in rays of light. Unsurprisingly, he takes up permanent residence in a New York psychiatric hospital.


Shot from the film ’Dogville’
A great movie about human nature. Or rather, about the impossibility of changing humankind’s dubious moral makeup. This brutal film from director Lars von Trier will leave you with little hope that the world can change for the better.
A high-quality, intriguing and thoroughly unusual film, which masterfullly leads the viewer along by the nose for the whole duration. You’ll enjoy the fantastic acting, captivating visuals, and mesmerising atmosphere.
’Inception’ blurs the delicate boundary between dreams and reality, submerging you in its confusing alternate world without letting you go for a second. A movie which — perhaps more than any other — pushes your imagination to the limit.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Going over that rickety bridge to the next village won’t help either. How do you escape from a doomed planet? You can’t — you only have one choice, and that’s to make peace with the world and enjoy it while it lasts. We all die someday, and everyone goes alone. So let’s go hand in hand if we can.

Peaceful Warrior

A film which will inspire you to strive for more and to be a better person. Occasionally, having become caught up in our own petty concerns, we forget how infinitely wonderful the world is. We forget that every second has meaning, and every moment in and of itself is a reflection of a unique and amazing phenomenon we call ’life’.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
A sparkling romantic tragicomedy, which builds to an atmospheric and thrilling finale. With ’Eternal Sunshine’, you have a masterpiece on your hands. Highly recommended.


A film by Andrey Tarkovsky. It’s not, in fact, about outer space, but about people. The planet Solaris is not the subject of the narrative, but merely a way to make you look at yourself and at your conscience — to think about your life, the mistakes you’ve made, and ultimately, repent for your sins. As the protagonist says, ’shame is the one feeling which will save humanity’.


A student called Henry, finding himself on the edge of a nervous breakdown, visits a psychologist to declare that he will kill himself in three days’ time, on Saturday at midnight. This is where the movie begins. One of the saddest and at the same time most beautiful films made in any language.

Vanilla Sky

’Vanilla Sky’ depicts the meaning of real love — the kind which flares up suddenly out of nowhere, becoming the most powerful feeling you’ve ever experienced. But this isn’t the kind of love you’re expecting. It should be remembered that this film is a treacherous, mind-bending puzzle from the very start.


An unbelievably powerful, but also deeply sad film. This is precisely the kind of older piece of cinema which should be watched in these times when vampires, miracles, magic and action dominate the silver screen. ’Awakenings’ depicts real people, with real problems and concerns.
Dead Man
An allegorical movie full of hidden images and symbols. It’s not a western, nor a drama, but in fact a real philosophical parable about life and death. The film has magnificent performances in every scene, as well as a fantastic soundtrack from Neil Young, which along with the black and white cinematography, creates a truly unique atmosphere.

The Man from Earth

This is one of those movies which few people have heard of, but sticks in the brain of every person who sees it. It’s not the kind of film which you can watch in the cinema. Instead, you should watch it at home, if possible in the evening after work or study. You won’t see any special effects, or even a change of scenery; the entire story plays out in one house, and more or less in one room.


Release Date : Apr 14,2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 6 Minutes Censor Rating : U

Image result for PA. PAANDI

Production: Dhanush – Wunderbar Films Cast: Baba Baskar, Chaya Singh Madonna Sebastian, Master Raghavan, Prasanna, Rajkiran, Revathi, Robo Shankar, Vidyullekha Raman Direction: Dhanush Screenplay: Dhanush Story: Dhanush Music: Sean Roldan Background score: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Velraj Dialogues: Dhanush Editing: Prasanna GK Singers: Ananthu, Dhanush, Sean Roldan, Shweta Mohan Lyrics: Dhanush, Rajumurgan, Selvaraghavan PRO: Riaz K Ahmed Distribution: K Productions Rajarajan

Dhanush can do anything with regard to cinema – act, dance or write; he does them all in admirable standards too. With Pa Paandi, Dhanush tries to put a firm foot into direction for the very first time.

Pa Paandi is about a popular retired stunt master who goes on a road trip in search of his first love. There have been very few films in Tamil that has dealt with the life of old man. Even if there are any, they would mostly talk about their struggles. But where Pa Paandi scores is the tight and light manner it talks about a very intense topic. That’s where Dhanush really proves his mettle as a director.

The entire experience you get from watching a family drama often comes down to the small emotional moments. There are 4 to 5 moments in Pa Paandi, which may not be fresh to all but still would make everyone wear a smile on their face.

With age, not just our perspectives change but also how others look at us. How children who once look upon their elders as heroes, think of them as burden after they age. Our hero Pa Paandi is different, even at his mid-sixties, he is physically and mentally strong. The society calls him an old man, wants him to be locked inside a room and think nothing but his past and die someday. But he has other plans; he wants to live every moment of his life for himself and not for the society or for his children who have their own life to live. Dhanush has shown that a script like this could be given a typical commercial treatment.

Rajkiran is brilliant from the word go, he has played his part so well. Have we seen him speak in English? Here he does. Pa Paandi shows Rajkiran in a completely different form that we have never seen before. Revathi is back in a romantic role after ages and she has carried it with a matured performance. Dhanush too has a meaty role to play in the film. He comes for around 30 minutes. We have seen Dhanush play similar characters in the past and it is a cake walk kind of performance from him. Sean Roldan’s music was a delight and it complemented the script so well.

Simple things like the build-up to Rajkiran or fight scenes could have been composed with little more perfection or more natural to be precise. In fact, the last fight looks a little force-fitted and could have been avoided. You might take some time to relate to the character but once that’s done, you are all in for an enjoyable ride. The first half largely is about establishment of Rajkiran’s character, while the second half talks about his past and also soul-searching experience. A nicely knit plot, in fact!

Pa Paandi is packed with some realistic dialogues and emotions that many could relate to. It has something for everyone. Fathers would like it and so would kids. So it’s a film for family audience who might leave the theatre with some degree of satisfaction.

Verdict: Pa Paandi could be your perfect family summer treat



( 3.0 / 5.0 )



Production: Lakeshore Entertainment, Sketch Films Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James Direction: Anna Foerster Screenplay: Cory Goodman Story: Cory Goodman Music: Michael Wandmacher Cinematography: Karl Walter Lindenlaub Editing: Peter Amundson Distribution: Screen Gems

The latest installment in the popular Underworld franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars talks about Kate Beckinsale defending herself from both the Lycans and the Vampires.

The film starts of in an interesting fashion and you keep hoping that you will find something exciting for your money but till the very end you are not offered anything new. You could predict what is going to happen and the audiences are ahead of the film all the time.

With so much gone into the making of the film, considering the number of hours taken to render a VFX shot and hectares of land being destroyed, this edition of Underworld lacks detailing in CG department compared to its peers.

The film will have its takers too. If you are an ardent Underworld fan, if you do not expect to have a proper beginning or ending and if you are happy with a few well-made fight scenes in between and a never ending war between Lycans and Vampires, then you might like this film.

This edition could be termed as one of the least engaging Underworld series. In spite of being just one and a half hour film, since the story is filled with clichéd sequences that don’t deliver, it looks a little longer or very longer than its runtime. The rush one would demand from a vampire film is missing. And the fact that the makers didn’t intend to surprise the audience with something different in the script is disappointing.

Michael and Wandmacher’s score, Karl Walter and Lindenlaub’s cinematography create a good mood. Kate as usual does her job perfectly well. There is hardly anything to complain about other supporting cast as well.

Underworld: Blood War is a no-brainer that is lazily constructed. It has too many loose ends in the plot. The emphasis is on an unending war. Even the action sequences don’t work on most occasions, which is an essential factor in films like these. It is nothing more than a rehash of few yesteryear Vampire movies and has absolutely nothing new to offer.

Verdict: A never ending war!



( 2.0 / 5.0 )



Hucksaw Ridge talks about a committed American peace-monger combat medic who refuses to carry a weapon as he feels it is against his ethics. But he still wants to help his nation at the battlefield as a medic. Yes, it is a biography and we are talking about the heroic combat medic Desmond T. Doss. He became the 1st man to be awarded the Medal of Honor without even firing a single bullet or killing a person.

It is a period film which talks about one historical episode that took place during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), a youngster who is very much in love with a girl, takes a decision to serve his nation on the battlefield. Using a weapon or killing people is against his ethics, so how do you win a battle without killing? Desmond shows that it is not always about killing your opponent, but you could also become unassailable by protecting your ally during the toughest situations.

People were against his ideas but he never gave up and always stood for what he believed. When the going gets tough the tough get going. True to this statement, he had proved his worth during a crunch situation that not many could have done.

The initial half talks about his moral values and his struggles in the military camp while the latter half occurs mostly on the war field that offers some of the brutal and intense battle scenes ever made.

The images that you are shown are riveting and frightening at times. It makes you feel that you are under siege with the combatants. It is savagely beautiful, thanks to shocking and unforgettable visuals from Simon Duggan’s camera that evokes the claustrophobia and clamor.

Stunt team deserves as much credit as anyone else; the fights are gripping and spectacular. Rupert Gregson-Williams is the man in charge of the music department which looks fitting and to the point. It travels with the film and never looks to hinder the narration.

Director Mel Gibson is a master when portraying the emotions. He does no less here and gives us an emotional yet riveting experience. But on the downside, the film gets a little cheesy and overdramatic towards the end. His heroic transition could have been less cinematic.

Moreover, Desmond stands for peace but the film largely glorifies violence. Apart from one scene where he treats ailing opponent soldier, the real peaceful side of him has not been shown much. The latter part only has violence which may be crowd pleasing and also helps to establish the gutsy and fearless side of Desmond but it mellows down the principle that he stood for.

On the whole, it is an emotionally gripping and unsettling film. It will be an overwhelming experience if you are a fan of war films that are made in cinematic style.

Verdict: Hacksaw Ridge will be an overwhelming experience if you are a war film fan!



( 3.25 / 5.0 )



Hugh Jackman’s most cherished role Wolverine aka Logan is back for one last time. Wolverine is a superhero to the mutant community, but he is no hero to the human community. This episode is more of an emotional ride that shows the world where being a Mutant is at best a double-edged sword and no triumph is likely to be anything but short-lived.

The premise takes place in 2029 where mutants are considered to be an endangered breed. Logan, in an attempt to hide from the world, spends his days working as a chauffeur on the Mexican border. Logan considers that he along with the ailing professor X are the last Mutants left alive but that’s not the case, Logan’s legacy will continue, and you will know how when you watch the film.

Hugh Jackman for once plays an ageing Wolverine who is getting to lose his self-healing ability. So he is not indestructible anymore which makes this movie more real and exciting to watch compared to the earlier versions of Wolverine. It gives you a more realistic and ‘human’ feel to it as it is about an ageing Logan in the future where the mutants are dying off.

Hugh brilliantly personifies the emotions and tells us what it takes to be an ageing Mutant who is expecting his death. “Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long”. This dialogue of Wolverine from the film best explains what goes on in the mind of an old mutant superhero. This is Hugh Jackman’s 10th Wolverine avatar, and it sure is a fitting finale.

Dafne Keen as Laura was equally impressive. Her scenes with Hugh Jackman were dealt with care by not overdoing the dad-daughter bonding drama. Boyd Holbrook as the antagonist does a neat job too, but he gets to play the usual villain.

The film takes place in an alternate timeline established by X-Men: Days of Future Past, so it’s not like a proper sequel to the earlier Wolverine series. It is more like a reboot so even if Logan is your first mutant film, you wouldn’t have any difficulties in following the story.

Logan is a more performance-driven film. It does have its share of action scenes, but they are too far in between. That to us is the major positive of the movie, but if you are expecting a Wolverine part 1 kind of action, there is a chance that you could be mildly disappointed. It has plenty of blood oozing moment like other parts, but this episode is just not about that.

The story does not deviate one bit and travels at a steady pace too. It creates characters we come to care about. That’s because of the performances and the depth in the writing department. For once the makers knew when to retire a superhero.

[Reviewed after a special preview show on Wednesday, March 01st. Movie releases on Friday, March 03rd.]

Verdict: People’s favourite mutant superhero sets out for one last adventure! A fitting finale indeed!



( 3.25 / 5.0 )


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